Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Transform Yourself into a Better Person?

One of the important things you need to compete in life is to transform yourself into a better person. “Better person” is to define as follows:

a.) A person that is fully equipped with skills needed to succeed.
b.) A person that understands the unfair things in life.
c.) A person that can find ways to reach his/her goal.

Of course, if you are not a better person, you are far from achieving success. Better person not only will be useful for attaining success but can be applicable to any events in your life.

Events such as applying and winning for a job title, participating in a race, winning a girlfriend or boyfriend or even winning in a local elections takes you to be a better person.

The secret sauce in unlocking the recipe of transformation is knowing yourself. So here are my steps to transform you into a better person:

Step1. Understand yourself. Write down your top 3 talent.


Step2. In those 3, select your strongest talent. The one you are sure you will be able to compete in life.

Step3. Write down your top 3 ambitions relating to your top 3 strongest talent. The ambitions needs to be strongly related to your talent.

Example: These are my top 3 talent and my strongest talent is singing:
a.) Singing = I would like to become a singer/songwriter, composing a lot of songs and a performing artists.

b.) Cooking = I would like to become a home based professional cook, being able to cook for my husband and children.

c.) Dancing = I would like to dance at home, maybe become a home based dancing instructor soon.

Step4.) Now write down the skills needed to succeed for your strongest talent for the other 2 talents.
I assume that at this moment in time, you are not yet an “expert” , so you have to list down all the skills that you need to acquire in order to be considered as an expert.

You need to plan ahead, how you are going to acquire these skills. Is it studying in college? Applying as an intern? Etc.

Step5.) Write down the uncertainties in your selected ambition. Life is unfair, so you need to achieve it. For example:

a.) Not all persons dreaming of becoming an artist can get a recording label.
b.) Not all persons will like your cooking.
c.) Not all persons will be impressed by your dancing.

Asked yourself whether you have the guts to accept the unfairness that comes along the way. Are you happy to accept rejections? Are you willing to accept you will not become an artist signed to a recording label?

Step7.) Implement a recovery plan in case your main ambition turns out not according to your plan. So if you won't become a singer for example, can you find some money earning from your cooking career? Etc.

Conclusion: A better person understands himself/herself, understands the cruelness and unfairness of this world and willing to move forward in a positive direction in case anything not good will happen.

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