Saturday, June 9, 2012

The importance of to love one another and set example

God always reminds us with these words of saying; love your neighbors, family and friends as you love yourself. God didn’t say love your money as you love yourself. 

It is quite difficult to spend some of your time to talk with your family member because you are too busy to work and sometimes you forgot to eat meals together with your family.

Reasons why a person is hard to give love and to be love;

Live in modern world technology

In today’s generation we live in a modern technology. Unlike before people were so happy to work at their farm and helping each other to harvest the food. During at night, neighbors were playing guitars and drinking native drink from coconut tree. It is so much fun to remember an old time.

Compared today, people are too busy with their iPAD, cell phones, play online games and watch television shows. Even during, meal time iPad and cell phones is in the left or the right hand. It has negative effects especially to teenagers with those modern things. It affects and eliminates to have good relationships with the family. Spending time is an act of giving love.

Always feel Insecure and jealousy

Every one wants to be secure with financial status, education status, and family status.
If too much ambitions without knowing the right thing to do, problem rises and it is not easy to get out of the maze if you force to enter or do the things at first you don’t know where the exit is.

Here is an example; there’s a family who lives in a remote province of Philippines, they have simple way of life can eat three times a day having their healthy 4 children. In other words, as an individuals each posses strengths and weaknesses, these couple have the same ambitions like other families have and just to acquire simple materials thing like to buy motorcycle but the problem is a husband’s work is a farmer and a wife is part time vendor. In short, their income is enough for their daily needs.

And because of eagerness to have motorcycle, the wife was being forced to lend money from the lending company to install a motorcycle. Luckily but not true they were successfully get a motorcycle and they still has to pay the monthly installment with interest.  

So bad happening, when the due date comes there were no more money to give. Until the motorcycle was sent back to the company and they still have debts pending with interest per month. The company gave noticed if they can not pay the remaining amount, one of the couple will go to the prison.

Starting the time they fight and hurt each other physically and blaming each other’s mess. And that was all the source of their broke up. And their children were so affected.
Currently, the wife is leaving her children and looking for a job while the husband is staying at the province and work in a farm for the survival of his 4 children.

I hope this couple will stay together again and forgive and love each other. Do you feel insecure by your currently status? Are you not contented of what you have today? Are you jealous with your neighbor’s status? Do you compare yourself with others?

Love is accepting of who you are. My advice is to try to smile and talk to your parents or your brothers and sisters, ness and nephews. And if possible, organize small celebrations once a week for your family gatherings. And save money for your birthday or fiesta and invite your neighbors to come to your house to eat together and spend your time to talk to them on any positive thing. 


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Friday, June 8, 2012

My amazing experienced at El Nido Palawan and Puerto Princesa City

It is more fun in the Philippines if you choose to go for a vacation at El Nido and Puerto Princesa City. You see many beautiful spots, since it starts from Puerto Princesa. 

And when you ride a van, within 20minutes you can see the view of live rocks and it is called limestone. I did not expect that form of rocks still exist in Philippines I thought it is only in other countries.

That was my first time in my entire 26 years of my life, to go that far in that Island of Palawan. And that experienced encourage me to go more far and explore the beauty of nature in my own country Philippines

Puerto Princesa is so Clean City. It is called simply the best. I am so happy and proud to say that there is still hope of cleanliness in Philippines. And it starts with you.

I was born in remote province of Cebu City, and almost every day I see garbage any where and when I ride a jeepney to go to school, I always smell stinky when I pass the bridge where water flows so dirty. In my mind, I thought the entire Island of the Philippines is polluted.

And that changed my negative point of view when I went to El Nido Palawan. And the reason why I don’t usually agree to spend money for vacation it is because I thought it was a waste of time, stressful and a waste of money. Nevertheless, it is so not true because my mind transform into a positive one.

I affirmed myself before I sleep that I have great vacation here at El Nido. I am so lucky to come here because I see new views and I met new people. 

All of my affirmations granted because I made friends where we stayed and we met new people during our Island tours. And it is so blessed even I talk to strangers but it was fun.

During Island tours I went to 10 Islands these took for two days tours. The first one called Tour A and the next day was tour C.

I enjoyed a lot and the money I paid for the Island tour deserved. In tour A I paid 700 pesos including food while tour C 900pesos including food it was more expensive because the Islands were far away to go.

And I am very thankful to God, for giving my husband as an instrument to make me happy by sharing his blessings and planning well to come at El Nido and Puerto Princesa Palawan very successful. We are all having happy vacation experienced.

El Nido Island

El Nido Island

El Nido Island

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Life is not perfect but needs balance

In life there’s nothing to be perfect of but doing the right duties. Rich and poor have the same experienced in sorrow and in joy though its approaches is quite different. 

Say I’m rich because I can buy all I want in life. I can eat in an expensive restaurant and buy prestigious clothes; I can go to high in universities and live in a big house. Do you think that’s all enough in life?

Besides of earthly and worldly satisfaction, there is always limitation because of the word life is proportional. Life without balance is no meaning. You can not achieve true happiness without experiencing sadness.

Is it true that problems are keys to know God?
Or do you believe that problems are God’s purpose to remind you that you are not alone?
How strong or weak are you when problems attacking you?

Here are the common problems to face real life;

Health problems

Body is the most important asset to have perfect life so it needs to take good care of. The first one is the inner parts of the body especially the brain and heart. Second are the physical parts of the body the five senses. If all these body parts are not functioning well, health problems occurs.

Every one knows that food is important for the body to functions. It is like a car with gasoline. But too much food intake creates health problem turns out to obesity. No one experience happiness to have fat body.

If you eat carelessly, your body expands, your blood is not properly circulating and it results to heart attack. Life is all about balance, too much food makes you fat and too much knowledge leads you to become crazy.


Some people define success in doing goals perfectly. You have to realize that you are God’s servant. He made you for his purpose. God knows when you can make mistakes and the right time to attain your success.

Forget your personal needs and focus on God’s purpose for you because this is the only way to get perfect through God’s will. And example for this; is a parent you might realize that they have their own dreams in life, but instead of having you as their children, their focus is to satisfy your needs. If a parent doing God’s purpose, they achieve 100% happiness and success through having peaceful family. To have a balance, as a children rules you give respect and love your parent.

Forgetting yourself is a key to happiness. To live a happy life is a means of sacrificing by forgetting yourself and to fulfill other’s needs. And yet to be a perfectionist is a way to darkness because only made 1 mistake it is a huge frustrations and it leads to suicide.
Perfectionist is a dangerous practice to all.


It is a mortal sin because it creates self centeredness and greed. All resources that we see, touch, smell, and eat are God’s creation. There is no way to be selfish. Life for instance, rich people owned a land hectare which is unfair and because of the pride they can not surrender to give their land to the poor.

This event really happen in the Philippines, majority of Filipino families only lives in a small house and in squatter’s area. They don’t have land to own because of greed to the rich Filipino people but actually they are not rich at all because those lands were from their ancestors.
There is no proportional happening of third world countries like Philippines. If all the people are willing to sacrifice by sharing their wealth in fact it is not their true wealth it’s from God, this country Philippines is more fun to live because every body is happy.

Do you believe that Philippines is more fun to live? And see many poor Filipinos dying? And kill each other for food? And fight each other for their shelter?  If you have lack of education, not enough food and no shelter, what would you do? Do you think life is fair?
The answers of these questions are taking away pride of you and start to share.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instant Treatment of Hair Removal with Pure Coconut Milk| Oil

Coconut trees are rich to grow in tropical countries. Lots of coconut milk can be produce and there’s no worry of hair conditioners because coconut milk is the best oil and natural of hair treatment.

The causes of Hair fall or hair removal and how to prevent it;

Lack hair vitamins

If it is possible don’t always use commercial shampoos every bathe because shampoos contains lots of chemicals like for instance, the anti-dandruff shampoo it takes away dandruff from your scalp and there’s tendency vitamins and minerals are also wash away.  

And so, the best way to maintain healthy hair is to use natural way of hair treatment.
Do you believe that coconut milk can also be a dandruff removal? Yes it is definitely true because it is been proven; I treat my hair with coconut milk at least 2 times in a month. The first benefit of using coconut milk is to clear out dandruff and second is to control hair fall.

Do you know that coconut milk maintain the younger looking hair? It is 100% true my aunt is 60’s now, she lived in our province and lived simply and in general she belongs in a poor family. She doesn’t have money to buy commercial shampoos and conditioners.

What she did was every day she treat coconut milk on her hair to become smooth. And luckily she doesn’t have white hair until now. Coconut milk is super natural and effective treatment for hair. And the advantage it is so cheap to buy.

Stress can cause hair fall

Over fatigue is not an excuse for everyone if you have lots of work, especially if you like to work over time. Stress occurs if you don’t have time management at all. Every thing has its own time to do for completion. So, why not sleep at least 7-8 hours a day? The rest of 16 hours are for work.

On the other hand, if it is your habit to sleep less and you must stop thinking about hair fall, start treats your hair in coconut milk at least 2-4 times in a month. Treat your hair in weekends because sometimes coconut milk smells stinky for others.

Too much application of hair blower

There are many kinds of hair; there is wavy, naturally straight, and curly hair. There is no need to straight your hair or curl hair just accept it and find a way how to look your hair healthy. You look fantastic if your hair is healthy.

The secret to have natural hair is to treat with coconut milk. That is so simple tips. No matter how fat you are but if you have natural looks with your hair, every body admires your beauty.

Hair blower is so hot and it causes dryness to the scalp. Also, if too much apply of heat through hair it also causes split ends. Furthermore, if it is your habit to use hair blower, you must treat coconut milk before applying heat.

Combing wet hair

It is excited to comb wet hair because it feels soft and smooth but in reality every touch comb to the hair it creates damage. However, there is a solution to this before combing wet hair put coconut milk to ensure no damage hair.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Failures give meaning to success: Failures and success is the product of the same process

Are you afraid to fail? 

Only few people want to accept failures because they believe that it is the end of their dreams. In reality, every one whether like it or not will experience to fail. God formulate failures in every life because it is failures that give meaning to success.

You must be happy if you encounter failures in your life because you can make other plans to make it better. Do not counts on failures instead count the knowledge you earn. With your positive thinking, your impossible dreams will transform into possible.

Practice to say; I can do more great things now than before. Failures it is a symbol of new beginning and new hope because new ideas will form. The secret to success is to have acceptance and learn to make another way through success. Start walking today and sometimes you stumble and fall, always keep in mind to stand and go.

Do you believe that failure and success are opposite?

In the little book of success it was Roger Von Oech said; that failure and success is product of the same process. It is not opposite.
Here is an example; A 4 years old kid who doesn’t have any idea to write lines or circle. At first work he will make countless erasures of his mistakes. The luckiest part of being a kid it is because of his positive behavior to have always the courage to learn.

The problem, when a kid is getting older he had many bad influence of other people it is especially his parents who controlled him and get punish if he made mistakes. Until he learned to get angry and feel disappointed and turn failure into negative and so it is the beginning of forgetting the importance of failures in life.

Is failure and success permanent or final?

A failure is permanent if you tell to yourself that it is final. And also to success, right now if you decide that you are already successful then it is final. But the thing is you thought yourself to be irrational and stubborn. Failures and success is not permanent and is not final. Failure and success will finally end if you are dead.

Since, you are still alive don’t stop working don’t stop learning and don’t stop dreaming. Be happy to live your life. Don’t be affected on bad influences instead of live your life to the fullest and make more friends and share them what you learned and experienced.

Love your family by means of communicating them with inspiring words. Help them to keep going on to live life happily beside of bitterness and give time especially with your parents; they need your liveliness and big smile.

Who make your failure and your success?

It is you who made every thing what your life would be. Failure is part of its form. Failure is an important ingredient to make your food become delicious. Don’t make your life miserable for the reason of failure; you must be thankful that you experienced failure because after that you get the success.   

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unique ways to make money with little capital

Every body’s main objectives are to make money to pay for food, mortgage, clothing, pay bills, education and other luxuries like watching movies and vacations.

In today’s competition of expertise is high because of the increase of population. It is a big challenge for every one to make big money to support for their family, especially in the Philippines or those countries that is high in population.

How to make money in a right way?

To think practically all people need to eat 3 times a day. They find a place to buy their basic needs like rice, vegetables, fruits, meat such as pork, beef, chicken and fish.

Once you knew the people’s need, be a business minded to make a plan to sell good and services that satisfy the needs of the people and that way you will earn more money.

Where to get money as your capital?

You can borrow money from the close family members, neighbors and friends. Make sure you can pay your debt and set a monthly payment.

For example: Capital money is 10,000

Food Business entitled “Mary’s Ngohiong”

Location rental worth: 1000pesos/month
Utensils worth: 500 pesos
Food:  1000 pesos
Total costs: 2500 pesos

You still have remaining 7,500pesos keep for your other expenses. Expect to get profit during the first of selling your food but if it doesn’t because you’re still new, just be patient and keep on innovating your taste if it is needed.
Or you can make promotions, to gather many people to eat your food like, free Ice tea for every 50.00 worth of food. Your purpose is to experiment your food if it’s really clicks to the customers.

If it is successful make it every day and do not change the taste because the customers are aware and the tendency they will not come back.

When you closed, you must make inventory to know if you gain profit or not and make sure that you keep amount of money for your monthly debt. And the rest is for another investment for the next day selling.  

And always remember that every customer is money. So, take good care of your customer no matter what happen.

Tips on how to give excellent customer services

1. You store must be clean no more flies at all. To prevent flies after the customer eat, you must wipe with soap.

2. You must wear clean dress. And always wear a smile every second of your life.

3. be respectful to your customers, say good day sir/mam what is your order? Introduce your recipe and always listen to customers and answer all their questions.

4. There are customers who want to complain, like the taste of food. Take a deep breath to keep calm and say I will make it more delicious when come back sir with a smile.

5.  When the customers are leaving, you always say thank you for coming please come again sir.

6.  Always wear a smile!!!

Good luck every one!

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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Importance of Trees in Life and Benefits of Trees in Nature

Trees in relations to People and Nature;

There’s a company that advertise every year billion of trees are cut for paper production. Like, newspaper that you buy the paper bills every month, receipts, notebooks and books, bond papers, package cartons and etc. these are all made of trees.

Another thing, there are countries are prone of land slides due to the rains. And this tragedy is one of the most scared to happen because people can be buried while still alive.

And there’s solution to prevent this problem, just simply to plant more trees in a land slide area. And the quality of trees to plant must be very strong and it has the capability to hold the soft weak soils. Big trees like, Mango, Jack fruits, Narra, Acacia, Sampalok, Star apple, Chicos trees, Mahogany, Gemilina trees and etc.

 There are also fruit bearing trees like, Guava, Mango, Sampalok, Star Apple, Chicos, Jack fruits, Camachile, Tambis, Guyabano,  Avocado, Lanzones, Lomboy, Pomelo, Santol, Orange, Coconut, Longan, Garnet , Tisa,  Star fruit, Cacao, Sineguelas and etc. it has double purpose first is you can eat and sell the fruits and second aside for its fruits  it also helps prevent landslide.

Every one must be aware that all natural resources are the most important to treasure in life and one of this is the trees. Trees are part of the lives of everybody if it has no care, there will be no balance of life at all.  Life would be no meaning without the balance of nature. 

So, each of every individual must have the responsibility to plant trees all the time so that, the quantity of trees have balance in nature and those to billions of trees that are being cut every year for paper production are being substituted.

 Let’s help our nature keep on green and while birds are free to fly and eat the fruits of the tree. People can walk and breath fresh air while leaves of the trees protecting from the heat of the sun. Cows, Carabao, and Goat eat the leaves of the trees and sleep under a big Acasia tree. Let’s go to plant trees and save our nature.

                                                                       Acacia Tree
 Narra tree

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Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Save Time and why people waste time

 Life is useless if you waste time!

Are you aware of your time each day?

Life is like yourself! And time is like your brain!
Life and time is a perfect partner because life always depends on time because you don't know when to die and what time God take away our spirit from your body.

Since, we are still breathing it means there’s more chance to make things right and organize. Never waste time! Do something that everyone is happy! To be a self centered is the most distraction and controls of your   success. In fact, it is your attitude that drives you to do things right or wrong.

How do you spend your time?
How do you feel after you spend time of the things that you chose to do in a particular time?
Is it worthy?

Everyday right then when you wake up in the morning you already spending your time. And to have a very effective to consume time, and ask questions to yourself before you begin your works.
These are examples of people who use their time in different approach;

In a situation of being a college student, the most critical and important to have focus with is the time for studies and to make assignments. Lazy students can't get high scores during exam because they don't have time to open their notes to study instead they spend their time in television, internet games, chatting with friends and hanging out with friends.

That is why, out of 50 students only 5 of them who got high scores and it is reality. So, what happened to the 45 students? It is because all of them have poor time management.

Whatever happens either good or bad result, you can only blame yourself. Make a change now, so that you can contribute for the better future of your community someday!

To be a full time wife and a mother this rule is complicated because it has lots of temptations like; at home you can talk to your neighbor the whole day, you can do your hobbies anytime you want, you can go to the mall as long as you have money.

But the facts that, the most important job you need to do is to take good care of your husband and children, cook for meal, from breakfast, lunch until dinner, clean your house and wash clothes.

Like for instance, if you miss to wash clothes there will be more clothes to wash. And by time will come you’ll feel lazy and tired.

So, all your household chores are affected and in the end you have nothing to do and wait until the next day for you to make up those works that you left behind. You always have to expect that tomorrow there will be another task to do like, buying groceries instead of washing clothes.

And this is really a huge problem because every day your task is increasing, as a result if you are trying to finish all the work in one day, you're over fatigue. And you must realize for your children’s care and your husband’s needs. They are paralyze without you in fact every one in the family is affected.

Bad condition is equivalent to bad results of work. So, to stay away those useless distractions and to make all the duties are done, make plans for the entire day and write everything in a piece of paper and each work must have time schedule that when to do it and how much time it needs to finish the work. And at the end of the day, all things are perfectly smooth if time is well managed.

To have an online day job, your employer cannot see you working in physical or in actual. You know that you can do all things as you like because nobody supervising you.

You can do like playing online games, or watching television anytime you want, but ask yourself if you do nothing, are you still responsible and trust worthy person?
Your answer depends how you perform your work is it either sucks or excellent.

Think thrice that your employer pays you the exact amount of your salary but you didn’t put your best into your work!
You must meditate and always ask question to yourself how to be an effective worker. And that problem is the key to time management.

When you plan your day, give priority to the most difficult and a very important work so that your time is not wasted.

To be an athlete, you are not elite if you don’t spend time to practice. On the other side, some athletes underestimate the academic aspects because they only focus on their sports. In reality not at all times we play our roles as an athlete but, we have to learn and get some information about other things.

What can you do with yourself if you’re not capable to handle some other problems? 

Not all times, you face on your sports but there are many things to look for that would benefit your life.
Over practice is a waste of time so, there must have proper time management. Always have control of your time.

Finally, no matter how busy you are during the day but if you are still lazy to monitor your working hours and the status of your work, you still miss something that you want to do today. Most importantly, practice to write your plans to do and make a schedule.

Focus is an attitude of a success person yet, in life, there are lots of things to be focus of. So, be very smart and flexible at all times.

If you master this technique, your goals and your dreams will always be in a right direction and while you’re doing it that signifies closer to success.

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