Monday, November 28, 2011

Listening to Music can Heal Stress

 Enya Music is Useful  for Meditation

Regular and proper meditation can heal and restore the mind from confusion.

 Enya is a soul and classical type of singer. Her music can arrange the trouble thoughts because there are times that I can not think of the rights ideas what to write.

Her music helps me a lot of constructing deep and sound words and it came from the bottom of my heart. I’m meditating through put it into writing, bunch of words that will came up in my mind.

When I hear her music because it is really soft, full of feelings and mysterious sounds of music it is unexplainable by words but it can be express through it’s emotions.
Here are the magnificent songs from Enya;

Only Time

As you listen to the intro instrumental here’s the staccato style of cello and the drop of the water and then the enya’s voice it has the combination of lots reverbs and full of blending in a form of her voices.

Imagine how arranged the song was? And while you listen to it, your mind is working that is why, you write productively.   


This is an upbeat song, if you feel the lazy days, just listen this song and you’ll awake.  Feel the percussion beat it’s like you carry a heavy metal and you walk without complaining, and the twitter of the violin and imagine you’re at the top of the mountain and breath fresh air.

On my way home

Intro it is a pipe organ then surrounded by harmonious sounds that makes your eyes circulate it is because it’s so beautiful. And then the tempo changes like you walk happily going through to your homeland.

Caribbean Blue

Wow! First sounds it is like an alarm clock. It feels like I’m going to drink my coffee and then later cook my breakfast. An inspiring melody and it does really can forget bad dreams. It refreshes to a new memory. It creates a new beginning. Just focus on listening to the Bass Sound so cool.

Orinoco Flow

The harp rules this song. Listen to the picking of the harp and hit of the percussions so wonderful try to feel it and you will dance. Then later the melody change into slow but it’s only a while its back to upbeat and you’ll to dance again.

These are top 5 songs that I can recommend but Enya has lots of songs you can listen to. To be more productive in your external work while listening of Enya songs it is better to buy speakers and hang it in the corner of your room or in your Sala so that the sound will surround more.

But if you work on your computer just use the headphone so that you can listen very well yet don’t put more volume because it can damage to your ear.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

What is perseverance? Stories and Examples

In life there is what we called change and it is the only constant in this universe. Not all things that can be control but still it has the considerations of others that surround you.

You are the only one compare to billions of populations that influence with any kinds of controls and directions of others.

And all I wanted to express is that even if you choose to live in peaceful and happy life, there are human beings who are actually destroying and want to stop your beautiful desires and here this is the time, your perseverance will measure your dreams where it goes.

Here is an inspiring story of a mother with two healthy children; she is really responsible wife and a mother as functions in the family, but she was frustrated with her husband.

Her husband is drunkard, abusive and irresponsible father yet, she is still persists despite of bitterness of the relationship with his husband and she did it because of their children and she protect the sacred of marriage in the church an in God and she is in loved with her husband and promised not to leave him for better or for worse.

She keeps on praying for her husband’s change, until their marriage reached at 70 years, to estimate if this couple got married at 20’s to calculate the difference between 20 and 70 is equal to 50 years of sacrificing the husband’s bad character.
And their age is in 70’s and their children are already married too. It is really incredible and mysterious love story of married couple.

If I ask you what comes in your mind if this happen in your married life?

Can you survive to live in 50 years of marriage with thorns?

Or you will give up and married again and find someone to whom will love you back?

And whatever decisions you have made there is always consequences. If you want to get married again, there will be chance that your new partner is different as your former one, but he/she has weaknesses also that sometimes you don’t like it to happen.

And if you choose to stick to your old marriage life, at first you encounter misery but if you expect and believe in change someday, there’s miracle happen to you and that is a big reward of your sorrows.
The story that I shared above, measures the true power of perseverance.

 If you can still persists, just hold and use that strength to move unto another step of your life to go for a great true happiness that awaits for you. And that is PERSEVERANCE.

Here is an example: You start to make your own business; you risk your life and money, 1 year of your business you stop operating it because you think you’re not gaining profit.

But before you quit on the important things, ask yourself many times and write every problem you feel that you encountered within that year.

And make some countermeasure to overcome and eliminate those problem. Identify the problem first then take actions.

There are trials that can not be solved alone, rather with many heads. If  you start a thing, you may better finish it until the end of your time because true happiness is always at the end of the game.

And what you get in the middle are those wonderful experiences and amazing lessons in life to keep your more stronger ever. 
God Bless everyone!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Distinction of Civil and Church Marriage

The Benefits of Civil Marriage and the Importance of Church Marriage


Is an agreement of between the man and woman as husband and wife that requires proper commitment of each individual. 

Marriage is also a contract between persons that is distinguished by religious tradition and cultural practice.

Nowadays marriage is easy to make it happen because actually anyone with the position in the community especially in the government has the right to be engaged in civil marriage. 

Like for instance, town mayor he/she implement civil marriage. It is usual for judges to do this activity and this is really their job. It has a lot of beneficiaries or advantages in choosing civil marriage.

Costs are cheap

If you are a type of a person who has priorities instead of spending only in marriage but you divert it to much more important like buying lots for instance. 

More of the case if you engage in civil marriage only the important people can attend like the witnesses, parents of the wife and husband so costs is less. 

Whereas church or when held in crowded celebration you will pay the costs in venues or the reception where your visitors can eat, the food, drinks, wedding dress, souvenirs, cakes and many more extra costs.

 In addition to costs, like paying church fees ( priest, lights, choir and etc.), decoration at church, decorations in the reception venue, the documents that requires in the church are too many and it is very costly, Seminars too many in church wedding.

After the marriage instead of being happy the condition will be different it turns to frustration due to huge costs that you bear will pull you down. 

On the other side, before deciding to spend enormous amount it is better to plan ahead of time and save a lot of money that will not affect your income. And set percentage savings for the marriage. This will be more light way to prevent depression.

Process of paper requirements is abrupt and manageable

If both parties of the individuals are single, you get married one week before the completion of the requirements. 

Unlike, those who experienced marriage before it is a little bit complicated because it’s need to settle the previous union before entering the new marriage. Further to that complication, still civil marriage is recommended to prefer. 

No seminars at all

This is an advantage to those who engage in day job. In seminars demand time and if the event happens on working days the work will behind. Time is wasted and the income of the day will perish.

In the church marriage it is mysterious but special ceremony and a very conservative and it is cherished by old generation/creation. This way of marriage is based on formalities but it is actually depends on what is the person’s point of view. 

In other way of concept, every individual can hold formal ceremonies because they also measure their comfort zone, the special place and how it blends the style of the ceremony. 

In church marriage, some people might say there is a big blessing because the priest is the instrument of God the father’s consecration. 

Another is, Self Pride- the church is a large place to walk down the aisle so; it is in the mind and the perception of a person that church wedding is great. It satisfies the total self individual happiness and fulfillment. 

To choose in church marriage, it manifests the religion and to furnish high value to more religious people and them appreciate it because they believe from the bottom of their hearts.

Lastly, it is very important to give high gratitude of culture and tradition and of what tribe you belong to maintain the group or the members of the family’s peacefulness and satisfaction, but still it’s always have the balance in implementing to those traditions in choosing what is right and wrong. 

Marriage is an important instrument, to measure faithfulness, commitment, responsibility and leadership in building a new family in the community as a wife and a husband rule.
Good luck! Thank you.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Stay Focused on your Goals on your way to Success

If there is one trait that I should have, I would choose the ability to stay “focused”. This is very important to attain success and happiness in your life. Without focus, the road to success will be as blurred as the fog and as dark as the mud. Lack of focus makes you become an inefficient team player, a slow problem solver and a weak person playing in the field.
Attaining focus is NOT simple; it requires a lot of things that involves sacrifice, commitment, patience and work endurance. Below are some tips that you can try (I personally tried this myself and they are indeed very effective):

Tip#1: STRICTLY Do ONLY ONE thing at a TIME – if someone advises you to do multi-tasking; they are just wasting your time. Don’t believe in them. A human person can only execute one job at a time at its best effort. Yes a multi-tasking can make you do many things at the same time BUT YOU CAN ONLY EXAMINE, ANALYZE, INVESTIGATE AND STUDY ONE ASPECT OF THE TASKONE AT A TIME.
If you do not believe me, try to do many things at once, and you will see that you can only examine them one at a time (it is because you have one pair of eyes, one pair of hands and one brain).
So in reality- multi-tasking is an enemy of focus, it distracts you from examining a certain task with details. Examining task in details are key ingredients to quality, faster work and outstanding job.

how to stay on focus

Tip#2: Write your tasks in a piece of paper and TRACK the progress on a daily basis- Why? It is very hard to focus when you are not tracking your progress. You should know the answers to the following questions:
a.) What work or tasks that are needed to complete this project?
b.) What tasks that is already completed?
c.) What are my scheduled tasks for today, tomorrow and for the coming days/weeks?
d.) Am I behind on schedule or on-target for this project?
If you cannot answer the above questions because you are not listing your tasks, you are not scheduling your work or not tracking progress; then it is impossible to stay on focus.

Tip#3: Motivate yourself – Motivation plays a strong role in focus. For example, a student who is not motivated in his/her studies will also find it very hard to focus on studying the lessons. Find something that can motivate you in doing the work. May it be inspiration, reason to live, challenge, happiness, etc. As long as it is positive, it will keep you motivating and help you to stay o focus. You can read my tips on how to stay motivated on accomplishing your goals.

Tip#4: Stay away from distractions – have you tried working on a very special, difficult and time-consuming project one night and then the neighbor is playing their very loud music? Situations like this can be VERY hard to stay focused, because the noise itself is very distracting to your concentration when working the project. Look for some quite place where you can concentrate working.

Tip#5: Drink coffee or tea before starting a work – these beverages contain caffeine which helps you to become mentally and physically active when working. This will take out the sluggishness and a little sleepiness (if you are too sleepy; you need to sleep before you should work). If you are concerned about the amount of caffeine, then drink green tea because it has lower amount of caffeine.

Tip#6: Know your attention span carefully – some people can work for 8 straight hours without stopping or resting. But some people can only work for as long as one hour and then feel exhausted. Attention span to your work varies with different people. You should know your attention span and take breaks between it (like coffee breaks). It is ok to have that short attention span as long as you have diverted 100% of your effort in completing the work (of course also following the other tips mentioned above such as doing one task at a time). 

For example my attention span is only 3 hours. So after working 3 straight hours, I should take a break. Then go back to work after one hour (as long as you feel you are re-energized to back to work) to work for another 3 hours non-stop 100% concentration. If you break your attention span and continue working non-stop, you will become bored and exhausted. Then it will be very hard to stay on focused.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My personal success and motivation quotations that I would like to share

Most of us rely on quotes from legends and great persons just to get inspired. But the most inspiring quotations come actually from you. Below are my personal quotes that I have formulated, feel free to share it to anyone but attribute my name:

Photo credits: Caroline Espejon

A successful person knows how it feels to become a person of success because he already knows what it feels like to be a person of failure”.

-This quotation is related to happiness. This is actually a secret to become a truly successful person. The secret is to try failing. It is because failure is always associated with sadness and disappointments but by growing strong and learning from these failures can actually transform you into a successful person. Not only successful but happy as well.

The hardest solution to a problem is doing nothing at all

-It is why the moment you bravely took the steps to eliminate the problem and solve it, you are actually making it easier because the moment it does not work; you actually learn something from it. So if you are not doing anything at all to solve your problems, the solution will remain to be very difficult.

Do not complain why you are feeling bored and not motivated if you did not bother creating a plan

Plan is what keeps you motivated. It is the day to day basis of your work. If you are not creating a plan in the first place, expect your work routine to be very boring. The primary reason is that doing work without a plan is like shooting your gun in all directions, you cannot hit your target – hence you accomplish nothing. Without a feeling of accomplishment, you will feel bored and de-motivated.

The race to success in life is like racing in a marathon- those who are slow and consistent will always beat the fast and the lazy."

The lazy persons in this world attempts to do as many shortcuts as they can think to become successful. Only to know that this will lead to frustration, suffering, disappointments and even crime! But those who are patient, no matter how slow is their progress in life as long as they are consistent - will have its place in the throne of success.

It’s hard to get motivated if you have a lack of sleep

Do you feel de-motivated? It maybe because you do not have rest; try sleeping and then you feel more refreshed and more active to work.

"In a contest, true winners figure out how to win and how they can do better next time while losers are always complaining that they have been cheated."

Do you know that in a contest, there are always winners and losers? Yet the true winners are busy figuring out how to win next time. But true losers are never satisfied with anything and always complaining about how the weaknesses of the contest and even complaining that they have been cheated.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Stay Motivated in Accomplishing Your Goal

There can be times when you feel bored pursuing any goals in life. This is where it's hard to get motivated to get things going. Below are useful tips that you can re-ignite your motivational energy so that you will not get lost on your path to success:

how to stay motivated

1.) Make a plan and write it down – writing your daily task and schedule helps you keep guided and motivated because it means:

a.) You have something to do.
b.) You are responsible for those task and it should be done.
c.) Accomplishing those task gives you a sense of accomplishment that boost motivational energy.

Without a written plan, its hard to get motivated in the long run. You can easily distracted with other things in life. Your plan should be something very relevant to your goals. Do not include task which are not helpful in accomplishing your goals.

2.) Work Slowly but surely – pressure in life can add stress significantly to the point that it slowly creeps into your subconscious mind. The result is that it affects your motivation simply because you will become tired of your life. The secret is to work slowly but surely. It's more acceptable to be delayed in your work schedule than to be DE-MOTIVATED because of stress.

By working slowly in those task, it gives you a sense of freedom from pressure, time and concentration which can result to better quality work output. Jobs well done can again increase your motivational energy to keep you going. You might be working slow but adding all those little things you have done on a daily basis can mean BIG in the future.

3.) Pause for coffee break when concentration seems slow – there are times when you can work for so many hours non-stop. There are also times when you feel sluggish and slow. Its natural, you are a human not a machine. So it make sense you might stop when concentration seems so slow. You can drink coffee or tea and do anything interesting to get out of boredom. The maximum time depends on how you feel about your concentration, sometimes one hour break is enough.

4.) Reward yourself – this depends on the individual but the key is to reward yourself for getting the job done. A good strategy is to look at your task list. Supposing there are 30 tasks to be done, now you need a lot of motivational energy to complete those tasks. A good technique is to reward yourself for every 5 accomplished tasks. After completing five tasks; you can take a day off, watch a movie, drink at a bar or anything that can re-charge your motivational energy. Then get back to work, you will continually feel a sense of motivation.

5.) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day- this is one of the biggest secrets in motivation. Exercising can increase your heart beat, release those endorphins which keeps the bad energy (“boring” energy) out of your system. You can run, swim, bike for 30 minutes a day. Doing this can also contribute to a healthy lifestyle, burn fats and keeps you motivated.

Tip: Exercise can be tiring and most beginners will push to their limits which is not OK. The recommendation is to limit your heart rate at 75% of your maximum heart rate so that you will enjoy your exercise and never get tired.

Your maximum heart rate is 220- age. If your age is 30, then your maximum heart rate is 190. Thus do not exercise more than 75% x 190 = 143 beats per minute. You can use a heart rate monitor for this.

6.) Sleep Well – sleep can re-charge lost energy. This includes re-charging your motivational energy. If you sleep enough, you feel fresh and energetic.Six to eight hours a day is recommended for most adults.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to be Proud of Yourself

Are you always alone? Does anybody appreciate of what you do?

There are two kinds of person an extrovert and an introvert;

An extrovert is a social or outgoing person while introvert is contented and happy to do his work alone. Before you find ways on how to be proud of yourself, it needs to know what type of person you are because, every individual has different qualities.

To be proud of yourself as an extrovert person;

1. Express your achievements by humbly sharing your blessings. Like for example, you are promoted as supervisor and you want to tell your friends about the news, by inviting them to eat outside or having dinner at home is a good sign that your friends ask you what the occasion is.

So, it is time for you to tell your promotion and they say to you congratulations it means that they’re proud of you and so you are proud of yourself too.

2. Always communicate the good news. Make your friend always laugh. It is hard to tell a funny story but if you try to do it and it works, your friends will always find you.

3. Be Generous and Helpful. It is very exciting and blessing for you to help others because you make them happy. You can not experience and feel that you are proud of yourself if you are always thinking of your own advantages. Don’t be selfish so that you will know and achieve the true success in your life of being proud of yourself.
As an introvert Person;
4. Keep on developing your talent. Each one of us has a gift. Yet, it really needs a development. Like for example, you really like photography, painting, farming, teaching, police, music and etc. take one step at a time to enhance your talent and the more you have focus to develop your skills it means that you are proud of yourself because you give value to your talent.

5. Always keep neat and fit. Health is very important it is priceless. Love yourself by eating nutritious food especially vegetables and fruits. If you’re over weight or fats your confidence and health is not good so, as a result you are lonely.

To be proud of yourself is Happiness and it is FREE it means is not FOR SALE! Always remember in your mind is the most important and precious here on EARTH is LIFE. So, start to define what is really the meaning of life? And then you will live free like a bird flies up to the sky.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Control Anger and transform into Peace

Do you feel angry everyday?
To get angry is a good sign as a normal person because you know how to react the things or an event that you don’t really like. However, if you can’t control this feeling, there is an enormous problem ahead of you. To over express your anger it will make you stressful person, you can make trouble, and you will hurt the people around you, and lost a lot of good friends.

Can you bear the bad effects of extremely getting anger?
These tips are so simple but are difficult to follow in the middle of the fire of emotion;

1. Take a deep breath through the nose. It is a way of relaxing and to be calm technique, if when somebody says bad words you can reply in a positive response. So, the person who hates you will realize how awful her words and then she regrets of being high tempered person. So, because of breathing technique you change it in a better way.

2. Low tone your voice. Most mothers have strong and loud voice because they thought that the children will have discipline through their voice command. It is really a wrong ways to let your children hear the scary voices. Parents, you made your children more rebellious.

So, please stop using your voice always in angry style because when times you’re really angry the children will not believe in you because they thought that it is your style. Practice the soft voice with harmony in the house so that you will live in a peaceful and friendly family.

3. Stay away from useless fight. It is all started from comparing personalities, family class, job and career. This is not important and is not helpful to the situation in a family because if you always compare yourself to others achievement, it means you envy and get jealous and once you have the bad behavior you will try to level up to the one you compare with.

So, when your partner doesn’t approve your ridiculous decision, you will create a big trouble. Prevention is better than cure. So, if you want to stop the topic then try to say excuse me may I go to the comfort room and don’t go back quickly until your partner will forget it.

4. Say Sorry. One of the reasons why anger will always prevail because of the lack of being humble. It is really hard to say the word sorry, but if you do it for the betterment of all then you save your day.

5. Keep smiling always make the negative thoughts into positive. Like for example, in school you got low score, instead of looking yourself down that makes your day lousy, how about ask yourself a question, How to get a high score? If your mind can’t answer it, then search in you’ll know everything.
Don’t ever get angry because it is like you destroys your body or kill yourself. Everyone knows this, HAPPINESS IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Leave the Past and Live for Today to have a Happy Life

How to transform the past experienced into a better life;

1. Fail in marriage relationship. Lots of married couple got divorced because of personal problem like third party relationship, overtime of hanging with friends and etc. It is really hard to move on but there is always a way to live and start a new life because CHANGE IS CONSTANT.

Here are tips to let it go of the past first, examine yourself what are the cause why marriage failed and promise you never do it again. Second, lists all the things that you make people happy and keep on doing it. Third, escape your old friends, family, and relatives much better you go to another place that is new for you and start from beginning. Fourth, always keep on energetic by doing everyday exercise like jogging and whatever as long as your thirst will flow. And finally, keep on telling yourself that there is always second chance and you are worthy to live a happy life because there is always a beginning and an ending, like morning and night and back to another day of morning.


2. No opportunity to Study College. Many countries in Asia are longing for clothes of knowledge because the only primary needs they provide are the food, clothing and shelter. With the poverty life, education is only the secondary of their needs. 

Can you help those children who have a chance to live into a better life? Yes, first, we can help through teaching for free to the kids one to two kids are good start. Second, the poor parents need knowledge too like techniques on how to make good money from their asset like farm, educate the parents the importance of saving, and teach them how to give proper hygiene and discipline of their children. Third, remember that wisdom and knowledge is always FREE all you have to do is find it and learn from what you have gain and College education is only for getting your diploma for an employment opportunity because the true fight never end after college. Finally, keep on reading lots of books that is informative and meaningful because it is will answer you on how to live a better life.


3. No chance to burn body fat. Hey wake up! Can you write all the possible work you plan to do for today? Please write it down now! Do it now. Do you work at the company? How far is that from your home? Is it walking distance? Please walk. Do you have a car? Don’t drive commute is great. If you are not working at Saturdays and Sundays, can you do exercise? Jogging is best for you and your family. Please buy tape measure, and weighing scale to monitor your weight. And you will surprise you get sexy, fit, mentally and physically healthy! 


We all know that billions of people have different pasts, the best thing todo is to make your day happy and be strong all the time! Thank you.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Use the Time in Effective Ways

  Let us eat and Drink for Tomorrow we will Die

Have you try to waste your time?
Have you experienced to be thrifty?
Do you believe that life is so short?
Are you the one controlled your life on earth? Who made this world?
What are the things that you think you contribute to the world?
Are you satisfied of your life today? 
These questions will wake up in your mind how important is your life, in every blink and beat of your heart!

There’s nothing you can do only if you just prepare whatever happens now, later and tomorrow. Many times I’ve always repeated how valuable the time, it is because if you don’t value the time, in every tick of the clock, you miss the important thing that needs you to do.

How to avoid wasting Time;

1.Time is your competitor. Time is Free and it doesn’t ruin your life but you are taking advantage of the time. You already knew that we only have 24 hours in one day, but you’d never use it in effective way. A person can sleep 6-8 hours a day but sometimes it depends of the age. If you are in 30’s above, your sleeping hours is decreasing because it is an instinct. So, if you sleep 8 hours a day, you will have the remaining of time 24hrs.-8hrs. =16hours. It all up to you how will you use the 16hours remaining.
I have shown the sample time management as a Full Time House Wife.

2. Don’t fail to commit your Time Schedule. Especially if you are a student there are many disturbances like, invitations of friends to go to party, Watch Movie in Theater, Watch useless television shows, surfing on the Internet without purpose and chat with friends. If you have no focus and commitment of your schedule, then it is better not to plan. 

So, if you are not planning you are among of the people who waste their time. And you are loser. Do you like to hear a loser? Of course not! So, what are you thinking and waiting for, break your doubt into reality! Common do it now!

3. Review and Recheck your tasks. It is very simple to get a pen and a paper then write the task of the day but, it is quite hard to check the list of what are the things that is already done. The reason why is it vital to always look at your list is that to make it sure and to remind yourself that you are following the task.

4. Be Thankful to God of what you have finished. Try to be realistic when you make a schedule, because if you are out of control to write lists of works then at the end you will regret because you think you’ve never completed your work. Even the easiest task to do you must be proud to put it on your list because everything is important. 

5. Keep on doing the good job and keep on improving it. Tomorrow is a new day but the time is always the same 24 hours. If there are things that need to develop on how to use your time effectively, apply it on the next schedule. So, are you ready? This will make you happier to use your time very well.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is a Role of the Husband in the Family

Why do people get married? Because they need a partner when get old, and have children. What about yours?
If a person finds a partner, how about he/she choose the parents to live forever?
Are you a type of this person to be happy, live and serve with parents?
What are the reasons why some of the married couple love quarrel and get divorced?

Because of lack of communications through the busy days, and forced marriage.
Some other said don’t get married because if you enter the marriage life it is like struggling a problem without a solution.

Do you believe with this?
If you say yes, you are fearful and lack of confidence. Don’t be afraid to accept the challenge if you think that marriage is a test. “Marriage is a game that if you put the hard work, commitment, determination, passion and hope in it, during at the final day you will take the trophy of success”.

 So, for those who are planning to get marry someday, you must be knowledgeable to know the role of the husband’s and wives in the family which enables to achieve the trophy of success.  

If an interviewer ask a wife what is your husband’s work?
The wife replies he is at home taking good care of our children; he works in the company, public teacher and a business man.  

What’s your husband’s job? Is he working or not?
Wherever and whatever is your husband’s position, the wife must be proud of it. Because the real role of the husband in the family is giving the unconditional love of his wife and children, and that is why he is responsible of all the financial and moral needs of the family. 

The husband is always meant through actions not to express by words. Wives must think twice and understand your husbands if they are not good in household chores like gardening, washing plates, cooking and cleaning the house

These duties are so easy for them; they don’t like to do a work that is so easy and light. Most of the wives will feel disappoint of their husband because wives think their husband are not cooperating the wives. We all know that we can not serve two jobs at a time. So, wives try to do your responsibility and don’t blame to your husband of the job that is meant for you.

Wives, are you happy that you will let your husband to take good care of your children because you think you have the capability to earn more money than your husband? 
Don’t you know that you underestimated and feel like you step and take his rights? 
What happen to a person if he/she feels no freedom? 
It might be a huge trouble coming. There’s a big mistakes if you let your husband stays at home and you will find money for the family. Except if he is paralyzed or he is a disable and that is considerable.

Put all the trust to your husband if you think that you are more skillful wife, try to help your husband in another way and don’t ever forget your responsibility as a wife so that your husband will always be inspire to do everything for his family. 

This is very important for husband’s role; 

1. Don’t work overtime get back home early.

2. Always express your love to your wife through eating together during meals. 

3. Hug your wife and smile, you must be happy.

4. And say thank you for the food she prepares and for taking care of the children.

5. Put all the trust to let your wife make all the money budgeting.

6. Constant communications in everyday life is as important as millions that you have. 

7. Constant communications=Forever relationship.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Handle Criticism

 Don’t Judge a Person with regards to Image, of what he chose and Words he Said;

Do you have opinions?
Are you a good listener?
Why do people hate people?
What are the things you like the most and you hate the most?
Most people aim of perfection like having perfect physical personality with shiny hair, long nose, and smooth skin, tall and sexy but, is it really important to be like this?  

If you think you are one of being perfectionist you will like this, afraid to face with many people, you always encounter trouble and not contented of things that you are doing although these opinions produces a lot of problems in our lives, but there are types of people like this a perfectionist so the important things to do is accept them and try to help these people to wake up of what is right. We are all here to think about others not for your own self.

On the other way, a person made a wrong decision it is because of the influence of his/her relationship to other with the family and friends. You have to do something good for those who are misguided in their way. 
Don’t make it a habit to make gossip, make negative comments and looking down. If you do this, you are loser because you are one of that person to whom you judged, it means those words you said to others that’s defines about who you are too!

"God made us two ears the left side is for meaning and the other side is for feeling".
Be a good listener to someone who express about what they feel. Use your all senses the touch, smell, sight and taste because these will be the best way to understand well the opinions and feelings of others.  

Touch is the most powerful means of communication even though you will not speak and you just touch the person who felt sad, he/she will feel delightful. 

People hate each other because of insecurities and ranking of class. Materials things are the temptation and evil that had poisoned the minds of everyone like to wish of having their own Cars, House and Lot, Money, Television, Computers, Cell phones and etc. If you force yourself to have all these things due to jealousy, you will be suffering a lot debt in your entire life. 

However, if you have analyzed of what you only need so chose the simple life and live peacefully. That does all depend of your decision either you live with lot of debt or live simple and peaceful. We all know in the world that debt is a big problem but why do people chose to be like that? Well in fairness to those who owe money with a good purpose there’s no problem with that. But how about today there’s high percentage today that they’re happy to owe money but when it’s time to pay they escape. 

So, for those who do business in lending or any kinds of debts opportunity please be careful to lend your money with a good purpose like to use for spending of looking for job going abroad, make small and big business. The lending company or banks must be watchful, aware and thoughtful to give an important advice of what is right and wrong for the people who wish to owe money.

There are things you like the most and hate the most write down all the things that you always do in everyday life and you can’t feel bored with it. Like cooking, gardening, blogging, singing, jogging, reading, spend time with families and watch television.  

Try to ask yourself if these things that you like are important to you?
Sometimes you hate to do a thing that is actually a very important to your life like, responsibility in household chores, develop your talents to the fullest, have regular study, refuse to cooperate and help your parents. It advisable to give value to those things that you hate for because these things might be the way through your success. And it is true that it is difficult to love what you hate and also it’s not easy to forgive and forget. But if you try to change the way you think before, you will change everything inside and out. 

So, in relations to don’t judge a person with regards to image, of what he chose and the words he said the most important in life is how real are you as a person?  
Always follow and obey the truth because the truth will lead you the way for a perfect life by live simply and peaceful. Try to feel perfect in good moral values.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Give Value of Things

How to value life?

Why are you afraid to die?
What are the things that you value most and you can’t live without it?

There are two types of values the OBJECTIVES AND SUBJECTIVES;

1. The value of job. It is not simple to have a stable job. There are many things to do to achieve the job that you aim. You have a lot of sacrifices to go to the office every day from 7am-4pm or until 10pm to have overtime. There’s circumstances will come like, if you are married it is very difficult to handle the time management for your wife and children. Although, you have no problem with regards to financial needs because you chose your job as your priority and it is right that you gain that stability of your job coz you put your hard work into it.

2. The value of money. Money is an instrument to buy our basic needs and wants. It is the primary concern of all the people to find job and business to make money also you will not survive without money.

The reason why some people do illegal job just to make money because of its need. The advantage of valuing the money is that you can control your money not the money will control you like for instance, you tempt to steal in the bank, stores and in the government however, if your money will work for you, your life will be is easy, feel comfortable and peaceful.

3. The value of career. What is your career? Career is a profession or job that you are really an expert of that field. A profession to be a full time wife and a mother, this is only a career that sometimes wives are underestimated this because they don’t give more importance, improve and develop to become good rule model as a wife, this career is the most vital to give 100% focus because if you fail to become a good leader in the family, you bring forever failure. 

Therefore, if you value your career, first come to your mind must be your profession as a good rule model in a family. 

4. The value of time. There are lots of quotes about time. Time is like a diamond. Do you value your time? 
Are you a passive type of person? 
Do you believe that to wake up early is a way to value time? 
How do you use your time in effective way? 
Are you happy when you finish your work on time? 
Do you have time to be with your family most of the time?  
Do you and your family eat every meal all the time? 
Do you usually work overtime? 

Many questions to ask about time because time is the number one reason of everything, trouble and peace, good and bad, happy and sad, win and lose failure and success. The relationship of trouble and peace in time like if you follow your time schedule about your work to do everyday you will not encounter trouble.

If you sleep in a right time you will not feel bad, you are happy if you achieve your goals time by time, if you practice your career everyday you will never lose the fight lastly, you will absolutely fail if you will not give the right value of time. 

5. The value of having good moral of inside and out. You will meet a lot of good friends, having good relationship in a family, in a company, schools and or any kinds of organizations. To have a good moral values, is a key to success especially if you have the ability to have self discipline, patience, self determination, self confidence, faith, hope and love not only for yourself but most especially to others.

Note: Practice to break your thought not to worry in materials things, because these are all worthless. The most important you need to practice and have it is your relationship to others. Always say yes anybody will need your help. Volunteer to help!.
God speed to all!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Overcome Challenges In Life

True Colors of Personality Prevails when Challenges Comes

What do you think what is the meaning of colors?

True Colors of Personality Prevail when Challenges will Come If your answer is your favorite color, then you are exactly right because colors has its own personality, like for instance you chose the color red, as you knew it the red symbolizes bravery, aggressive and love so what colors of personality do you belong?

Every individual has its own personality, that is why it is very important to develop excellent personality traits because our personality will affects our everyday life decisions that it will guides us to do the right and to choose the good nor bad.

As a good example to measure true colors of your personality is when you encounter challenges in your life. Every time you face the challenges, you have to be thankful because this is the only way to develop your personality into a better one.

This is the moment that you can measure and know your weaknesses and strength just to face the challenges and solve it without fear.

There a lots of lessons you get once you’re in trouble or in challenge; first is you are being able to force yourself to think the way so you develop your Intelligent quotient, second is you know how to control the anger inside and to be cool and relax you develop here the emotional Intelligence, third you practice how to do the way in step by step and fourth, you realize that challenges makes you more stronger than before so you had mold better personality.

Do you think to have lots of wealth; being professionals or highly educated people with regards to their expertise had already attained better personality?

A lot of people confirmed that money and gaining master’s degree is not the way of attaining to develop better personality because as you all knew that money without getting it by hard work is evil. Except if you work hard and have a lots of money and you give love of what you are doing, you have passion and you have freedom to do all your works and that’s good personality is. In fact, you can not buy reputation, love, respect, wisdom and freedom in money.

Why is it that when a rich family will go to the house of a poor family, it is very welcome to come inside without hesitation and the poor will offer to their best food for the rich while, the poor will go into the house of the rich is not treated well? 

In fact, the rich are very capable to give to the poor the high quality food or everything they can give. This is very wrong practiced of personality for the rich family because this means of being unfair and if you treat unequally to each individual, you are about to lose your dignity as a result to have low personality. True colors of personality prevail when challenges will come.

Do you ever feel that a challenge makes you more become mature? 

Mature means of thinking of others not of yourself. Can you possibly change your bad personality into good? 
Do you know what colors of personality you have? 

This is your time to think and analyze well if you are did aware of your personality. So, whatever challenge will come to you, face it, fight for it, solve it, feel it and learn from it. Always remember that God never wanted your material success indeed he wants you to be more mature in achieving to have good behavior because this is the only thing you can bring to his kingdom! 

That is why, you are very thankful to him for every challenge you are facing because God wants you to be with him forever! “Many are invited, but only a few are chosen”. Once you pass the challenge so, you are one the chosen.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Importance to have a Goals In a Family

Family: Kinds of Family; Objectives of a Family; Different Problems and the solution of family problems.

1. What is the meaning of family?

A family is a basic unit of a society. And it contains a Father, Mother, Children, Grandparents and relatives.

2. Identify the different kinds of family.

a. The nuclear family that consist of both parents and children.
b. The extended family that consists of parents, children, and other relatives of the parents, for example grand parents, aunts and uncles.
c. The single parent family that consists of only one parent and children.
d. The sibling family that consist of an older or older siblings and smaller siblings.

3. Explain the nature of objectives of a family.

The nature of objectives of a family is to help each other to provide the basic needs which are the food, clothing and shelter. The father and mother are the one who initiate how to make money to buy all the needs. While the children support the parents to do household chores.

Furthermore, a family must also need love and time because it is the root to have a successful and peaceful family and also there must have a strong foundation about religion like to know God because he is the only one who protects the family from all temptations and obstacles. A family is the most important to all human beings.

4. Identify the different problems of Filipino family.

For me the number problem that I know is that being over dependent to a family. Like for example, you have a son and is married, he is still living with you because he depends on you. Second, no family planning a lot of Filipinos has 6 children but their income is only 1000 per month.

How can they provide enough food?
Third, don't know how to save if the Filipinos realize the importance of money saving their situation might be good. If you start save 1.00 per day and your age now is 25 until you get 70 years old, your money will be 16,200.00.  
How much more if you save early and you save more than 1.00? 
Fourth, Filipino family are materialistic even if you cant afford to buy a car in order to have it you loan from a bank, sss or any agency and you knew how much interest they get from you until your car will disappear you still pay your debt forever. I do really hope God bless me and guide to have a happy family.

5. Give five suggestions on how to solve the problems.

My five suggestions on how to solve the problems is first, being an independent is a key to have a progressive nation. Second, to have a family planning will make a family organized and have an enough food to eat. Third, Filipinos must be able to know how to save for the preparations of tomorrow. 

Fourth, being practical like for example in our country you don't have to buy car for your go come to the other place, there are jeepneys you can ride and it has affordable fares. Fifth, a family must have constant communication in order to make their goals achieve.

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Tips on How to Stay Away from Major Destructions

 Steps to Solve a Problem Solving and make Decisions About Earthquake 

Problem: Earthquakes

1. Lack of high quality technology that can also affect of giving exact information about the disaster when it will occur.

2. Buildings are not standards in terms of materials used. Especially those school buildings in public elementary and high school.

3. People are not properly well informed to drill and prepare of what to do when earthquakes occurs.

4. Lack of evacuation centers for the Filipinos who are homeless and lack of giving proper food nutrition.

Solutions: Earthquakes

1. The government must give priorities to invest the high quality of technology for the sake of the Filipino people to avoid the natural disaster and to minimize the calamities.
2. The government is responsible to review in details and be honest to
buy standard materials when constructing a building and they have to check up the buildings regularly and if they detect weak buildings so, the government is always prepare and alert to order for evacuation.

3. To be able to attain and well informed community, it must have a consistency of regular drill so that it will always be remembered of the people.

4. The government will design an evacuation center for each barangays just in case the natural disaster arises. There should always have enough money for food and for the basic needs of the people on time.

E. Decision Making (Do’s and Don’ts): About when earthquakes occur.

1. If indoors, stay inside and hide below on your study table.

2. Be careful of aftershocks it will probably the strongest quake.

3. If you live in a sea area, leave your place because there’s probably tsunami will follow go to the mountain place, but make it sure to care while you’re on your way.

4. If you are on the road stop and park in a safety place.

5. If you’re in school go out from your room and stay in your playground.

6. Watch out of falling trees, electricity wiring, and landslide.


1. Don’t shout just stay inside your house.

2. Don’t go outside if the quake will stop because aftershock is the worst scenario.

3. Don’t bring heavy things when you leave the house, bring with you yourself confidence and faith.

4. Don’t try to run fast because your safety is in danger.

5. Don’t be panic when you got out.

6. Don’t make careless moves be watchful and alert.

My Insight: About Problem Solving and Decision Making.

I know how to solve problem by this technique, the problem is very easy for me to solve because the solutions are in step by step. It is very effective way. And while in decision making I can decide right because I always follow what I write. This is very important tips in everyday life because when times of difficulties I use this technique to be able for me to decide well.

I think if you follow what you are planning, it leads you to the right path in your life and you are in always in a safety place. I think there’s always solution to every problem and this problem will make you stronger person. I think I am not here to be happy I am here to be strong.

I feel the fear, tension and pressure when I saw the news in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. But, I learned that there’s hope after the disaster. I appreciate their techniques of solving problem and decision making that they are fearless, confident and teamwork. Even though Japanese people, are not religious they have the values of being honest and thoughtful. I don’t know what and whom they believe, God knows everything. I pray that they will survive in this calamity.

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Why Is Communication Important Skills to Develop

My Insight: About Effective Communication (Verbal and Nonverbal)

I know that to have an effective communication it makes an interaction more interesting. And it is important to be aware when doing of nonverbal communication because some forms of nonverbal have negative symbolic interaction while verbal communication it has to be aware of controlling the voice because sometimes I am not aware that I talked very loud and with anger tone.

I think I prefer to use and appreciate more in nonverbal communication because it’s easy to understand and it’s more meaningful when I see someone use to communicate to me non verbally. I feel so over informative in effective communication because it feels like I repeatedly write what I knew. As a matter of fact, it is an advantage to keep on reading and writing the same words because it will stay forever in my mind.

My Insight: About Effective Listening (Emphatic and Active)

I know how easy on how to be an effective listener. By the use of emphatic listening which is when a speaker talks, I form and always create a question in my mind because for me it is a way to develop and improve my understanding from what the speaker’s trying to say. Through asking question, it also develops my intelligent quotient and emotional intelligence.

And while in active listening it helps me to give much importance to have focused when somebody is talking. To be able to more effective in active listening, I have to repeat by my own words to what is the speaker’s said. I think it is the time to realize and change my bad techniques in listening because some instructors discussed the topic and I pretend to understand what is being said but the fact that my mind is empty I don’t understand.

As a result, my grade is low and that’s make me sad of having low grades. I hope I can be an emphatic and active listener. I feel thankful because the truth is I learn new things from this topic. On the other hand, I sometimes denying and keep telling myself that it is boring to search these thing on the net and it is always copy and paste, but my prediction was wrong because even if I copy and paste from others opinions at the same time I learned. And with this insight, it is helpful for the student to enhance our writing skills.

My Insight: About Family Relations (Filipino families and Filipino Family Values)

I know how important my presence when my family needs me. And I now realized that it is better to start the close family ties at early age of the children and to have a strong and memorable family relations, I should have build customs and tradition of my family that enable us to enjoy our family bonding that with this tradition, it will inherit from generations to generations. Like for instance, fiesta celebration if my parents didn’t introduced us this customs how can we appreciate fiesta today?

I think the most powerful values that makes to have a consistent and strong relationship within a family are the family bonding like going to church together, eat together every meals and treat to eat outside during special occasions, have keep in touch and cooperate each others needs at the same time be an independent.

I feel so sad if I observed families are having quarrels in front of their children. I feel hurt because they are not giving value of the importance of a family in a society. Even if they already knew that it is a bad influence for their children but they’re still doing it so stupidly bad values.

My Insight: About The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.

I know that if I practice the 7 habits of Highly Effective people I attain the satisfaction, contentment and success in my life. Also the importance of having teamwork and cooperation is vital to success. I can not attain my goals if my intention is only for myself. Self centered is not number cause of failure.

I think life is empty without having good relationship with people. Being alone and solitary is worthless. But when you make goals with the involvement of the community, you belong to a highly effective people.

I feel guilty because sometimes I am not being very cooperative; I usually make decisions for the benefits of myself.


Therefore I conclude that every little thing that I encounter in everyday life, it is either a happy type, lonely type there is always a lesson that needs to learn. These lessons are vital to develop your mental, emotional and physical personality. I will always keep on reminding myself in the saying “I am not here to be happy; I am here to be strong”.

To have a strong personality it will enable us to be very flexible in handling different types of problem and being capable to decide in difficult situations.
To have an Effective communication and Effective Listening skills it is a way through life of success. Being successful to have good relationship with your family, problem solving techniques and decision making is the result of effective communication and high effective people.

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Use of Communication to Interact People

What is the use of Effective Communication Skills; Effective Listening Skills; Family Relations;

The topics which I presented here are tips to develop the ability of interpersonal skills.  

What is an interpersonal skill all about?
Why is it important and needs to have these skills?

We all know that it is an instinct to us to seek for partners, friends and family to be able to express our emotions. That’s why we are meant to practice socializing with people around us in order to achieve our own interests and needs.

So, for the people who aim to have successful partners, friends and families, each one of us needs to develop the characteristics of effective communications, effective listening, family relations, problem solving and decision making.

 These are all the preparations to achieve high skills in an interpersonal skill. To gain an effective communication you must be very good speaker and a good listener. Through effective communication both of the parties can form nice ideas from which what topics they are talking about because the interaction is consistent and is always in a right direction.

 It is also that when you communicate you have to use gestures like for instance; raising a right hand for proper salute so, you are telling to the listeners that it is military sign of respect to high rank in position. You don’t need explain to them because they all understand by the way you act.

Second, the Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans cultures if they meet Filipino friends before they leave it has a customs to bow to a person whom they meet. And it is symbolized for them a sign of respect and be thankful, they don’t need to say Thank you. And that’s how important non verbal communication is.
In effective listening you must know what the speaker feels about the message that is being shared to you because that person is expecting your opinion and feedback.

Why do people share their problems with you?

You are blessed when there’s some of your friend tells about his/her problems because it is a sign that you are an honest person and you are a good listener. So try to be a good listener, always think about his/her problem and feel that you are the one had that problem before because to be able to have consistent conversation.

You can’t feel bored if you are trying to imagine you had already experienced those problems and is easy for you to give back your opinions and advices.

 About the family relations, problem solving, decision making and habits of highly effective people as long as you learn effective communications and listening skills it is not a big struggle for you to solve problems because you already have the skills on how to fight.

In this topic you are developing your EQ. Your Emotional Intelligence/Quotient is high because your personal characteristics are so strong. EQ is more powerful and IQ.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Get Self Confidence

 What is the difference between confident and shy and how does it affects to you?
 What makes you confident?

 Read more books to gather information is a way to gain confidence because the more knowledgeable you are the better you interact with so many people.

Assertive means to be confident, certain, assured and positive while shy means no confidence, pessimistic, self-doubt and uncertainty. The value of being assertive is vital to all people because to have confident you can acquire highest gratitude, fulfillment, enjoyment and success.

 In order to attain confidence it starts through socialization by practicing interacting people. Parents are number one instruments that they are responsible to teach their children how to socialize with the other children.

 In today’s generation most of the kids are relying on television in fact, it is good influence though because some shows in television are educational like Dora, Diego, artzooka and etc. kids can acquire creativity regarding the contents of the show. However, the confidence of a kid is not well attained because television shows belongs to intrapersonal that has no interaction between you and the characters although television influence your personality, values and beliefs system. 

Like for instance, I have a nephew who always enjoys watching television shows because her mother don’t let him go outside to play with our neighbor’s kid due to his own safety. Based of my observation from my nephew’s behavior or actions at home, he is talkative but in school, he is quite and polite.

In other words he is careful of his actions in school because he is not often socializing with people. In relations to have confident, the more you interact with different kinds of people, the better your confident will boost. 

The tips to boost confidence are as follows;

1. A proper manner is vital to confidence. Practice to learn good moral character or good manners and right conduct. You will feel comfort if you are in a good and proper way as a child or a person. It all starts at home. 

2. Interaction is vital to confidence. Try to socialize and interact with many people either in school, neighbors, church and company. If you are a student, find ways to interact with your classmates, teachers and friends. On the other way, being alone is good when you study but it is better to give time to be with everybody. 

3. Expertise is vital to confidence. Talking about professions and careers like musicians, teachers, lawyer, priests and sales manager and etc. it is very important that you have 100% percent confidence because you are facing with many people. You can not deliver the message well if you are uncertain, right there you will feel nervous your body will shake and you can’t control your gestures so, your performance will low. You will gain confidence only if you master your skills with regards to your profession or careers. 

4. Positive is vital to confidence.
Once you have the skills you are automatic positive thinker. To always think positive, imagine that you are at the top of the Mount Everest. This mountain is the most high so you set your mind always in high mode.
It is necessary with kids to start build confidence because when you get old you will find never find it difficult.

 Confident is what makes you stand in a good posture!
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips to Be a Successful College Student

 My husband graduated as Cum Laude in Electronics Engineering way back year 2002 in one of the most popular university in Cebu, Philippines. Actually as of the time I wrote this tips, I am still studying Bachelor of Arts in Music. I am currently at the second semester in my first year as a university student.

The first semester is of course a success, I manage to included as one of the College of Arts Dean List honors. The following list of tips is for everyone looking for success in their college/university studies. And I do believe that all of these tips can be applied regardless of age, course and school where you are currently studying.

Be warned that there is no easy path to success in college education, its all about hard work, perseverance, commitment and patience. And that what's I learned from my husband with those years of experiences he shared to me many times about how he manage to reach honors at end of his college studies. So let's get started...

Tip#1: Always bring an assignment notebook and write EVERYTHING what the instructor needs you to do for tomorrow or coming days/weeks.

Reason: One of the common mistakes student commits when studying college is carelessness and lack of responsibility/focus as a student. Too many times they are too shy to write an assignment notebook because they think everyone else is not doing it. In fact, writing what the instructor needs you to do is a smart way to keep you updated with all the assignments, quiz schedules, reading assignments and examination tips that are vital for your success until the end of the semester.

Tip#2: Buy or secure all books, handbooks and reading materials the instructor “wants” you to have  

Reason:  This includes the main course textbook,manuals and other references that instructor is using. Sometimes the references (which are books that the instructor does not require) are where most of the examinations are taken, so if you do not have any of these resources you will be having a hard time studying and passing every exams.

Tip#3: The consistent number of hours dedicated to STUDYING everyday

Reason: This does not only apply to school days but the entire days of the week. The main difference between successful and unsuccessful students, is that those successful ones are studying everyday at least 6 hours. While those problematic students only care about studies when they are at school.

Tip#4: Study and understand the topic in ADVANCE before a formal instructor discussion

Reason: Successful students tend to be curious about the the course topic that all of them care to study in advance. It is why it is very useful to have those study materials/references with you. Ask the instructor what are the complete course outline so that you can study it in advance. Of course, since you are new to the topic, confusion is normal. This is where you can write those questions so that the time when the instructor discusses that topic, you can ask that question and have it answered.

Tip#5: Don't be absent even a single session IF possible

Reason: It is because if you are always absent, you miss a lot of scoring opportunities not counting those discussions that are important during the exams.

Tip#6: Participate ACTIVELY in any oral discussion opportunities

Reason: Instructor loves active and participative students. In return, they will give them a good grade for active participation, so make sure you are always raising your hands wheneven a instructor ask the class about a certain question. Passive students doesn't care about the instructor questions, in return instructor doesn't care about their grades. You need to be active during class discussion.

Tip#7. Difficult instructors care beyond grades

In every college studies, there are difficult instructors. These are the instructors or instructors nicknamed as “terror” by students. The truth is that these instructors are just “perfectionist” in any way that they demand the students “respect”, “attention”, “participation”, “time” and most importantly your grades and your smiles. The trick is to study harder if your instructor is difficult and try the best to get good grades during exam. Then you need to be nice to your instructor and don't behave in a way you hate the instructor. Sometimes even academic performances are not enough for these type of instructors. You also need to be behave well in class and show outmost respect to that instructor.

Tip#8: Aim 100% in every exam.

Sounds impossible, but its not. Actually this is a great technique applied by honor students. I mean they always targeting to be perfect in every exam. If they do not actually hit 100% but at least they got 90% or even 95% at least which is still a very good grade. In the end, their average can be very high that they will qualify for honors. Some students will just dream to reach passing grade, and if they miss out that passing mark just a little; they will surely fail.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Divide and Conquer Strategy to Solve a Difficult Problem Technique

“Divide and conquer” strategy is a great and proven technique in solving problems and completing a difficult project. The following are the five essential tips you can apply the divide and conquer strategy to turn life obstacles into a pathway to success.

1. Define the problem with details

The first step is clearly defining the problem. For example, you are having financial problems in your marriage that results to unpaid debt, etc.

You can address the problem with setting a goal to solve it. You might say as a new year resolution, “I hope next year, I will pay all debts and save 60%of my income.”.

2. Break the giant problem into small manageable pieces

Of course, it may sound so difficult and impossible if you hear someone saying “In the next 5 years, I will become a millionaire”. If you do that, you find yourself lost in the process and more likely you will never be able to attain your goal.

This is where the divide and conquer strategy comes to play. The key is to break down the major goals into small manageable goals. Supposing you plan to become a millionaire in the next 5 years; a realistic goal breakdown would be in terms of yearly goals. An even more manageable approach is to even break it down into monthly goals, for example:

a.) Save x% from your income each month.
b.) Control the overall %cost to x percent per month.
c.) Contribute x amount of dollars to stocks portfolio per month.

Saving, controlling cost and investing a little each month seems to be easy and manageable goals. This little step you are doing each month is what it takes to be a millionaire within years to come.

3.) Persistence, Discipline, Hard work and Focus

Now you have successfully broken down the difficult goal into small manageable goals, the next thing you will do is to work on it. Nothing will be accomplished with your goal if you are not willing to exert an effort.

Not only hard work but a combination of persistence discipline and focus. Let’s go back to the million dollar goal example. To be persistent means you should be able to continue your contributions to your stock portfolio investment each month or doing things to reduce cost per month as well as saving money.

“Focus” is important to keep you track with your goals on a daily basis. This focus gives you the reason to live for the day and work. Take small steps daily, you will be amazed how these small steps can become an integral part of success in the future to come.

Final Lesson: When you encounter a big problem, define the problem into small pieces by breaking it down into small manageable goals. You can then act on these small manageable goals that will slowly solve the big problem in the long run.

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