Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to Become in Life

 How to get out of unproductive life?

Let’s face it, you want to grow and be successful. Yet, a lot of us feel that after so many years have gone by, you will have a feeling of being stagnant in your life.  
So what is wrong?

Four Reasons why you feel being stagnant in your life;

1.) You do not set yearly goals in your life.

Importance: Setting yearly goals helps to achieve something after a year. These are very important for success, moving ahead and help you to become focused in your daily activities.

Now that year 2010 is about to end, why not tried to set goals to achieve in 2011. These goals must be very interesting and cover the following important aspects:

a.) Financial goal – how much do you plan to save in 2011? Any cost cutting initiatives? Anything you would like to invest?

b.) Career goals – if you are employed maybe you work hard to get an “excellent” work rating and possibly a promotion. Or if you are a student, be an honor student or if you are writer/blogger why not accomplished writing 300+ quality articles?

c.) Family and personal goals- if you are married, maybe both of you can go to somewhere else you like for a vacation. Or if you are still single, you may set a goal of knowing someone you can trust as a close friend.

You can read these tips in formulating realistic goals and objectives

2) You do not appreciate simple things in life

Other reasons why you feel being stagnant is that you will not appreciate simple things. You love to get more than life. The only problem is that no matter how hard you will try, there are chances you cannot get entirely what you need.

The key is to work hard, get results and be satisfied. As long as you give your best to anything you do, if something goes back as a reward, appreciate it, love it and thanks God for it. No matter how small.

3.) You compare yourself to others

The problem with comparing yourself to others is that you fail to appreciate your mission in this life. If you believe in God, He created you for a reason. This means that you do not need to compare yourself to them because you have your own mission in this world. Accept for what you really are, the key is to work hard, work smart, give your best and try to be the as best as you can be.

Remember that “success” is relative. What you think are successful may not be accepted as really “successful” to others. There is no definite standard so you do not need to compare yourself for success or whatsoever. Define your own success and get it!

4.) You are NOT working smart and hard

It is why it’s so important to set goals. Goals help you to work hard, focused and get results in life. If you are setting goals and not getting results, then you are not working hard.

Sometimes in life, you need to push harder in order to get results. Think and be like a rat. It is because a rat moves fast and when he finds a place that has no food, he will not get stuck at that place, instead the rat moves to another place until it finds food. 

This means that problems in life are normal, the key is to work hard to get past that barrier and move on to the next step. Do not let life problems control you, you control and finds way to solve that problem by working smart and hard.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pollution can Kill the Planet Earth

Bottles, plastic, old batteries, dead mobiles computers television radio, junk cars and etc. where are these things to be place on earth that no one else are affected. Factories in the world are uncontrollable. 

Abortion is everywhere. Abandoned children are homeless they live in the streets no food to eat. Corruption is in the blood of the people who are in the position but not all. 

Low minimum wages of salaries like production worker, sales clerk, baker, construction worker and maid or servant. Lack of jobs opportunities to all High School graduates. High tuition fees in College Education.
What is really important in life is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Neighbor can also possibly mean by loving our mother earth. 

Where is the love of the people that the place where we live in now is not safe? 

The mind and heart of the people has polluted feeling of self-centered and selfish. Everyone knows to change is constant and it is almost the end of the year 2010 and still there are no changes of attitudes of the people. Every non living and living things are temporary in this world and that make the people stubborn by loving their useless things. The most dangerous pollution of the world is the greedy mind of the people. 

There are many rich people are riding their fancy cars that they know nothing how polluted the world. It is better to be a wise man than a rich man. Money will kill your soul if you don’t know how to use it in a right way. All the poor will suffer the natural and human disasters of the world but their souls will last forever.
Try to listen to the song“Heal The World” by Michael Jackson listen to every word he sung and analyze how he really meant to heal the world and try to compare how to heal the polluted world. 

Through giving and sharing is one of the best solutions how to fight pollution. Pollution is like hunger, lack of opportunities and no proper give fairly treatment to the poor. 

 What is the image the world be look like if all the people are selfish and unfaithful of themselves?
It is really true that curiosity makes to be a wise person and to learn many things and it has possibly to change a better world?
Try to ask yourself are you happy if you hurt someone? 
Is like are you happy if you throw a candy wrapper in the streets? 

Are you happy that you sit in an expensive chair and you’ll see many homeless families? 

Are you happy watching your different kinds of expensive cars parked at your garage and you know nothing that all the poor can not afford to buy slippers?

All these questions, make sense especially to greed rich people don't have the love to their neighbors. Who suffers disease and hunger.

If we all care our nature every one is happy and there will be crime that could ever happen.
The world is a place to live freely, take good care of natural resources, sharing and giving of material wealth.

Let us all save the world for the a better place to live for the future generation.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Words of Inspirations and Affirmations

1. I am not afraid when I feel alone; God is always with me in every ticking of a clock.

2. I will not worry of today and tomorrow because God will provide everything I need.

3. Talk to God and he will listen, Ask God and he will answer, Seek God and you will find him in your heart, mind and soul.

4. There is no impossible with God if you surrender everything with him.

5. God knows everything about you and whatever happens to you either you feel it difficult, you have to be happy because in times of suffering the more he is at your side.

6. Try to say thank you to God about the little things to big things in your life.

 7. Always be proud of what you're doing because he is proud of you too and happy for you. God is like your parents or loved ones. He needs your love and care.

8. God don't like secrets. He always wants to listen of everything about you stories. And every word that you write and say are all words of God.

9. I am empty without God. He owns everything in me. My body is temporary but my soul is forever.

10. Happiness can't reciprocate money but if you work with full of love you will have both money and happiness.

11. Success only measures on how you are close to God.

12. The reasons of always getting into trouble and have no confident is the lack of trust of God.

13. Every man has weakness and strength God designed us like this because he wanted us to understand each other in this world.

14. Word of rejection is a word of man. Remember God will always appreciate of being humble person.

15. God never ever reject you. He loves you forever and eternally.

16. God will control you mind and heart to do what he is intended you to do. Life is like all types of flowers because of its wonderful colors.

17. God always want your consistent communication 

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