Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Do You Spend and Celebrate Christmas Day

Is Christmas a costs?

Christmas traditions are very costly. But happiness is unmeasurable especially to children.

To expects Christmas Gifts from their parents, sisters, brothers and grand parents.

For me, this is the most lucky day of all the people rich or poor. Once every year, I watched Christmas movies as for my own traditions.

And I always dream to go to the place in the movie, that there is snow lots of gifts around the Christmas tree, all families eat together during noche buena.
All people must require buying gifts for their families.

Christmas is not complete without exchanging gifts and parties. Christmas tree, lights and lantern must be decorated at home and anywhere.

Are you happy and contented if you have all the gifts, parties and decorations?

Well, the most important thing for you to know is that peaceful in mind. Do not worry if you have no gift to give or you can not attend parties because all of that is non-sense or a waste of time if only the trouble in mind will prevail and you have enemy.

Celebrate Christmas simply by saying greetings to your loved ones, husband, parents, brother, sisters, relatives and friends. Eat together with your family.

Do not spend too much money because it is not the real meaning of Christmas. Give love on Christmas day it is not all about gift giving, spending your entire bonus however, it is all about how you spend time with your family.

On the other hand, sometimes some of your family is not coming home at Christmas day, all you have to do is pray for them that they have wonderful Christmas like yours and spend the rest of your time of who are presents with you now.
Everybody is affected if you are lonely or sad if you wish to celebrate a wonderful Christmas day, be happy  to

say MERRY CHRISTMAS! The spirit of Christmas is in your good heart!



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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Choosing the Right Way to find and make Money

1. Every one has the right to study to prepare for the better future to find real and decent job.

2. Farming job is stressful but when it is time to harvest your goods or products, your stress is gone.

3.  To be professionals like doctor, lawyer, nurse, dentist, teacher, police and engineer is the best way to find money easily.
4. To be a businessman is the most difficult way to do but if you have the guts to make business you'll earn lots of money than with professionals. And to be a businessman is so interesting.

5. To be a housemaids, sales clerk and drivers must be physically fit as your capital to make more money.

6. To be an entertainer is quite a cool. But first, you must develop your skills before going to do this kind of job. Skills to play the instruments and have the talent to sing well and knows how to entertain the crowd. Yu make more money from this.


Tips and Advices;

You can choose good or bad and right or wrong methods to find money. There are ways to find money in illegal methods like gambling, illegal drugs, stealing and etc.

We all know that we have freedom in choosing and doing all things. If you choose these illegal methods, you have miserable life forever.

God provides you for all your needs

Do not worry. Money only measures your materials satisfaction and not true happiness.

The important is whatever your job likes servant, janitor, construction worker, salesclerk, farmer, gardener, dish washer, vendor, fisherman, barber, and etc these are simple but respectful and honest jobs.

If you belong with these types of jobs you must be proud, enjoy and keep working in Gods will. There are times trials will come to you but keep on doing right and be happy of what you have and what you have done.

Some people define that money can buy everything even life of a human. But the fact is money can not give you true meaning of success and happiness. It is better to live in simple life, be healthy, have great relationship with your family and work with balance of time.

To become rich is not a sin but do not love money anymore, because money can cause a lot of troubles. It is better to give more than to have and get more. Enough is enough it means contentment.

God Bless Every one!
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A True Measure of Family Success- Stays Together both in Happy and Sad Times

Filipina in a family

There are occasions that families, relatives and friends are having reunited again like birthdays, weddings, an and fiesta.

 It is called “happy moments”. Being reunited with families allows you to share your feelings with them, to say “you are not alone”.

Here are the examples of a true measure of family that stays together;

 I am 100% Filipino and I love my country Philippines I am proud to be Pinoy because no matter how poor the Filipinos are; we are always being together both in happy and sad times.

Not at all occasions can make you feel happy because there are times when sadness comes to you. A good current example is when we are hit by a typhoon called ONDOY “Ketsana”. Filipinos are helping one another to survive the calamities.

Typhoon ketsana It is really wonderful to feel that in times of tragedy; Filipino families stay together all the times especially in difficult moments.  

This is a true meaning of family that everyone has responsibility to each one of us because in God’s eye we are all brothers and sisters.

And also I would like to say my personal thanks to all the country around the whole world for helping Philippines in times of tragedies. God speed to all of you! We are a big one family and let us make a peaceful world!

In summary, below are some strong traits that you can implement to strengthen the family ties;

Pray together

If possible all the members of the family should go to church together to make the bonding so strong because God is always as the center in the family.

Eat together

It is very nice to eat together because this is the time to share your experiences, achievements and tell your loved ones what makes them proud of.

Play to get together

If there is a vacation, bring the whole family. You can spend less on vacations by simply
going to local beaches than going to expensive places like in Palawan.

This place is one of the most wonderful spots to see in the Philippines. If you lived in Palawan then you are so lucky to have your wonderful place.

Have time to talk together Share thoughts like problems 

Ttalking and discussion is very important. It has been observed that the more time the family members are talking with each other they became close and understand their needs better.

The secret word to family success is to stay and act "TOGETHER".
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Friday, August 21, 2009

How do you Define True Success in Life

To be contented with what you have is the end measurement of success in life. Even if you are poor you must be happy, life must go on and dream.

You must count on your blessings and never count all the insecurities. To feel insecure is a weakness and if you use it, life will become miserable.

To prevent this bad feeling, you must not compare yourself to others, not get jealous and don’t fight. Some others say that, to have a lot of money and power is what you will become successful; well it is 50% true and 50% lie it means that there must a balance.

If you want to have the 100% true success with your money, you must share your blessings to those who are in need.

If you’re just hiding your wealth in the bank, this is not at all good instead giving it to your family and buys some important things for your own that makes you happy. And remember, Contentment, Sharing and Happiness is how you define true success in life.

However keep in mind that success is relative. Success for a specific person does not translate to success to another.

It is why to be contented with what you have is essential if you want attaining success to be as easy as breathing.

Some persons are defining success as different from happiness. While this is true, the ultimate goal is to associate your happiness with success.

Success is nothing if you are not happy, or happiness is nothing without success. These two should go together. How to do this is very simple:

Plan your life

Make you want to accomplish things that will make you happy. Do not include in your goals those things that won't make you happy.

Start working for these plans

You noticed that once you have accomplished something in your goal, you have an intense feeling of success and happiness.

Once all your objectives are accomplished, repeat the planning phase

And then you have unlimited supply of happiness and success, accomplishing these things will give you a strong sense of purpose in your life.

Lastly sharing is the most important element in success and happiness. If you have seen the movie "Into the Wild" which is true story of a loner man that lives in the deep jungle away from all distractions and people.

Before he died due to accidental food poisoning from eating a wild vegetable, he wrote something in his notes: "Happiness is not real unless it is shared.." It is why you need to share your blessings, then you have real success and happiness.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be a Full Time House Wife is a Great Honor

I am a wife but not yet a mother and planning to have children someday; for now we focus on stabilizing our financial asset to give our children a bright future and for it’s also the good of the nation.

In today’s modern generation; the responsibility of a wife is not really as important as before. Husband and wife can easily work either in private or in public company because they’re both capable to work. We have all freedom.

But if when you are married, husband and wife have different roles in the family.  

Wife as a “house wife”, takes care of husband and children while the husband is the bread winner, head of the family and role model for their children.

It’s good for a wife to help husband’s livelihood but not making a full time job...

Make your Husband proud of you:

1. Take proper good cares for your husband and children.

2. Always give your 100% full support to your husband.

3. Appreciate him of all his doings and projects either small or big.

4. Show all the respect to your husband rights how he leads as a head of the family.

5. Always tell him I love you, hug and give your sweetest smile.

6. Make him always feels that you need him all the time.

7. Show him that being a full time wife is a great honor.

8. Always remind your husband that prayer is big power to every trial encountered.

9. Always give thanks for all the blessing you have received.

10. Always reminds that God is the center of the family.

I hope I can touch one’s heart of every woman and become a proud wife in the world. I gathered all of these from my experiences to my families, relatives, friends and reading a book. See to be a housewife is a great honor. And it’s time for a challenge…

God Bless Every one!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Find True Happiness in Many Ways

There is no such thing poor or rich in this world if we care and think of other’s need. God commands us to love one another and share blessings. 

It is he who makes and provides every thing for our daily needs and there are no excuses for us to reason out, that each one of us has no responsibility to help others.

It is quite difficult to give other’s food even to feed with your dogs; it is conflict to your decisions to give. Yet, the more you give the more happiness will come into your life. 

It is the bad side of your mind and feelings to affirm not to give, those negative wants to fight the positive attitude. And so, to achieve true happiness you must do the right thing.

Here are do’s and don’ts tips and ways on how to find true happiness;


Always think of your own needs. If you experience financial problems you blame others for your own advantages. 
Example; You work in a company crisis comes then the company need to implement costs cutting and need to terminate some of the employees. And the cause of the costs cutting is because of your scam. You stole money from the company. Do you think it is equal?

Pessimistic mind
Always expect worst and hopeless in every thing he/she do. Example; you are looking for a job hunting. Unfortunately many times you tried but you still didn’t find a job, in your situation you feel disappointed and failure and in that negative affirmation in your mind can cause stress and therefore you surrender. Do you think this choice of yours is the best answer?

Jealousy| Envy
Comparing the way of living to your neighbors, friends and family is the worst decision ever made. Discontented can cause all the troubles. It is because no matter what happen you do every thing to level up yourself from others. 

Example; One of your sister bought a motorcycle, and because of envy you want to buy also even though you can not afford. And so, you do your best as you can to have like what your sister has. You are going to lend money, but the problem is how can you pay the money back? Your income is still not enough for your children’s basic needs. Is it fair to run away your debt?

Doing something that can hurt a person’s feelings especially when can him/her cry. You are laughing when you bully, but the truth is your heart is full of anger and hatred. If somebody tells you that you are so fat and black? Are you hurt?

Losing of trust in one’s self and to others is a sign of worry.


Allow your neighbors and the rest of your family members to borrow and use your things.

Offer your extra blessings to someone’s in need especially the basic needs the food, clothing and shelter.

Express concerns of other’s need. Understand the needs of others and help to solve their problems.

Give smile
Always do things that can make people happy just to give your smile.

Give love and respect to your parents
Spend your time with them. Cook for them and eat your meals with your parents.

Love your husband and wife
Marriage is divine and it needs to give value. For better or worse till death do they part and though there are times couple fights each others decisions and rights but that doesn’t mean they have no love at all.

Fear God
He is the only over all master. Every event that will happen in our lives is God’s purpose. And so, you must spend time to report what is going to do and ask for forgiveness for the job you missed.

Last updated June 04, 2012

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to make your Parents proud of you

Help your parent's livelihood everyday

This is one of the best parts of your experience in life especially when you are at minor ages from 6-17years old. The past cannot be changed but we call it history.

So, my advice does not ever give problems to your parents. Make them proud and happy parents.

Stay away from scary, unhealthy and dangerous vices

Like DRUG ADDICTION, SMOKING & OVER DRINK LIQUOR these will lead you to have miserable life forever. Always remember your parents are always there to support you emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Do you believe that YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF THE NATION? So, please always be a good child and make your parents proud of you no matter what happen.

Give your 100% respect and 100% love to your parents at all times

Parents are bad leaders sometimes but this is not the reason why you don't give them respect and love. Please accept their weaknesses; parents are worthy to give 100% full of respect and to give 100% full of love.
Believe in me your parents are so special a very special because only parents can give unconditional love. Parents are ready to sacrifice for the good of their children.

Give your big hug and show your big smile

Your happiness is your parent’s happiness. Parents want to see their children always happy.

I love my Mama Teresa and Tatay Isidro... I am very proud of my parents!!!

I hope I can hear someone who shares their family life experiences.

Thank you my dear readers!!!
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