Sunday, November 28, 2010

What to Become in Life

 How to get out of unproductive life?

Let’s face it, you want to grow and be successful. Yet, a lot of us feel that after so many years have gone by, you will have a feeling of being stagnant in your life.  
So what is wrong?

Four Reasons why you feel being stagnant in your life;

1.) You do not set yearly goals in your life.

Importance: Setting yearly goals helps to achieve something after a year. These are very important for success, moving ahead and help you to become focused in your daily activities.

Now that year 2010 is about to end, why not tried to set goals to achieve in 2011. These goals must be very interesting and cover the following important aspects:

a.) Financial goal – how much do you plan to save in 2011? Any cost cutting initiatives? Anything you would like to invest?

b.) Career goals – if you are employed maybe you work hard to get an “excellent” work rating and possibly a promotion. Or if you are a student, be an honor student or if you are writer/blogger why not accomplished writing 300+ quality articles?

c.) Family and personal goals- if you are married, maybe both of you can go to somewhere else you like for a vacation. Or if you are still single, you may set a goal of knowing someone you can trust as a close friend.

You can read these tips in formulating realistic goals and objectives

2) You do not appreciate simple things in life

Other reasons why you feel being stagnant is that you will not appreciate simple things. You love to get more than life. The only problem is that no matter how hard you will try, there are chances you cannot get entirely what you need.

The key is to work hard, get results and be satisfied. As long as you give your best to anything you do, if something goes back as a reward, appreciate it, love it and thanks God for it. No matter how small.

3.) You compare yourself to others

The problem with comparing yourself to others is that you fail to appreciate your mission in this life. If you believe in God, He created you for a reason. This means that you do not need to compare yourself to them because you have your own mission in this world. Accept for what you really are, the key is to work hard, work smart, give your best and try to be the as best as you can be.

Remember that “success” is relative. What you think are successful may not be accepted as really “successful” to others. There is no definite standard so you do not need to compare yourself for success or whatsoever. Define your own success and get it!

4.) You are NOT working smart and hard

It is why it’s so important to set goals. Goals help you to work hard, focused and get results in life. If you are setting goals and not getting results, then you are not working hard.

Sometimes in life, you need to push harder in order to get results. Think and be like a rat. It is because a rat moves fast and when he finds a place that has no food, he will not get stuck at that place, instead the rat moves to another place until it finds food. 

This means that problems in life are normal, the key is to work hard to get past that barrier and move on to the next step. Do not let life problems control you, you control and finds way to solve that problem by working smart and hard.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pollution can Kill the Planet Earth

Bottles, plastic, old batteries, dead mobiles computers television radio, junk cars and etc. where are these things to be place on earth that no one else are affected. Factories in the world are uncontrollable. 

Abortion is everywhere. Abandoned children are homeless they live in the streets no food to eat. Corruption is in the blood of the people who are in the position but not all. 

Low minimum wages of salaries like production worker, sales clerk, baker, construction worker and maid or servant. Lack of jobs opportunities to all High School graduates. High tuition fees in College Education.
What is really important in life is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Neighbor can also possibly mean by loving our mother earth. 

Where is the love of the people that the place where we live in now is not safe? 

The mind and heart of the people has polluted feeling of self-centered and selfish. Everyone knows to change is constant and it is almost the end of the year 2010 and still there are no changes of attitudes of the people. Every non living and living things are temporary in this world and that make the people stubborn by loving their useless things. The most dangerous pollution of the world is the greedy mind of the people. 

There are many rich people are riding their fancy cars that they know nothing how polluted the world. It is better to be a wise man than a rich man. Money will kill your soul if you don’t know how to use it in a right way. All the poor will suffer the natural and human disasters of the world but their souls will last forever.
Try to listen to the song“Heal The World” by Michael Jackson listen to every word he sung and analyze how he really meant to heal the world and try to compare how to heal the polluted world. 

Through giving and sharing is one of the best solutions how to fight pollution. Pollution is like hunger, lack of opportunities and no proper give fairly treatment to the poor. 

 What is the image the world be look like if all the people are selfish and unfaithful of themselves?
It is really true that curiosity makes to be a wise person and to learn many things and it has possibly to change a better world?
Try to ask yourself are you happy if you hurt someone? 
Is like are you happy if you throw a candy wrapper in the streets? 

Are you happy that you sit in an expensive chair and you’ll see many homeless families? 

Are you happy watching your different kinds of expensive cars parked at your garage and you know nothing that all the poor can not afford to buy slippers?

All these questions, make sense especially to greed rich people don't have the love to their neighbors. Who suffers disease and hunger.

If we all care our nature every one is happy and there will be crime that could ever happen.
The world is a place to live freely, take good care of natural resources, sharing and giving of material wealth.

Let us all save the world for the a better place to live for the future generation.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Words of Inspirations and Affirmations

1. I am not afraid when I feel alone; God is always with me in every ticking of a clock.

2. I will not worry of today and tomorrow because God will provide everything I need.

3. Talk to God and he will listen, Ask God and he will answer, Seek God and you will find him in your heart, mind and soul.

4. There is no impossible with God if you surrender everything with him.

5. God knows everything about you and whatever happens to you either you feel it difficult, you have to be happy because in times of suffering the more he is at your side.

6. Try to say thank you to God about the little things to big things in your life.

 7. Always be proud of what you're doing because he is proud of you too and happy for you. God is like your parents or loved ones. He needs your love and care.

8. God don't like secrets. He always wants to listen of everything about you stories. And every word that you write and say are all words of God.

9. I am empty without God. He owns everything in me. My body is temporary but my soul is forever.

10. Happiness can't reciprocate money but if you work with full of love you will have both money and happiness.

11. Success only measures on how you are close to God.

12. The reasons of always getting into trouble and have no confident is the lack of trust of God.

13. Every man has weakness and strength God designed us like this because he wanted us to understand each other in this world.

14. Word of rejection is a word of man. Remember God will always appreciate of being humble person.

15. God never ever reject you. He loves you forever and eternally.

16. God will control you mind and heart to do what he is intended you to do. Life is like all types of flowers because of its wonderful colors.

17. God always want your consistent communication 

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Transform Yourself into a Better Person?

One of the important things you need to compete in life is to transform yourself into a better person. “Better person” is to define as follows:

a.) A person that is fully equipped with skills needed to succeed.
b.) A person that understands the unfair things in life.
c.) A person that can find ways to reach his/her goal.

Of course, if you are not a better person, you are far from achieving success. Better person not only will be useful for attaining success but can be applicable to any events in your life.

Events such as applying and winning for a job title, participating in a race, winning a girlfriend or boyfriend or even winning in a local elections takes you to be a better person.

The secret sauce in unlocking the recipe of transformation is knowing yourself. So here are my steps to transform you into a better person:

Step1. Understand yourself. Write down your top 3 talent.


Step2. In those 3, select your strongest talent. The one you are sure you will be able to compete in life.

Step3. Write down your top 3 ambitions relating to your top 3 strongest talent. The ambitions needs to be strongly related to your talent.

Example: These are my top 3 talent and my strongest talent is singing:
a.) Singing = I would like to become a singer/songwriter, composing a lot of songs and a performing artists.

b.) Cooking = I would like to become a home based professional cook, being able to cook for my husband and children.

c.) Dancing = I would like to dance at home, maybe become a home based dancing instructor soon.

Step4.) Now write down the skills needed to succeed for your strongest talent for the other 2 talents.
I assume that at this moment in time, you are not yet an “expert” , so you have to list down all the skills that you need to acquire in order to be considered as an expert.

You need to plan ahead, how you are going to acquire these skills. Is it studying in college? Applying as an intern? Etc.

Step5.) Write down the uncertainties in your selected ambition. Life is unfair, so you need to achieve it. For example:

a.) Not all persons dreaming of becoming an artist can get a recording label.
b.) Not all persons will like your cooking.
c.) Not all persons will be impressed by your dancing.

Asked yourself whether you have the guts to accept the unfairness that comes along the way. Are you happy to accept rejections? Are you willing to accept you will not become an artist signed to a recording label?

Step7.) Implement a recovery plan in case your main ambition turns out not according to your plan. So if you won't become a singer for example, can you find some money earning from your cooking career? Etc.

Conclusion: A better person understands himself/herself, understands the cruelness and unfairness of this world and willing to move forward in a positive direction in case anything not good will happen.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Five year business plan template for Success-Long term planning guide

This is a complete and easy to use five year business plan template. While other templates are complicated, the check list below are made as simple as possible.

While there are different types of business that needs different types of actions to succeed, I have generalized the check items to make it more convenient and applicable in all types of business planning scenarios.

The main concept of this planning stems from the widely accepted principle in quality and business process improvement called as the PDCA (Plan – Do- Check – Act) cycle or Deming circle.

Generally, the main objective of the planning is to plan the requirements of the business – that includes the capital, tools, machines, people, etc to successfully launching your product or business to your customers.

Therefore your five year business plan should consists as follows (you can easily incorporate the check items below in an Excel based template for easier tracking):

First Year: Planning Stage

Check lists:
1.) Design your process or product.
2.) Create a your prototype process or product.
3.) Do a feasibility study of your business focusing on your product.
4.) Identify your target customers.
5.) Identify how you are going to deliver your product to your customer (it is via online store, physical store, face to face selling? ,etc).
6.) Identify the pricing of the product.
7.) Identify the steps to reproduce the product, list down the machines, human resources needed, process/methods needs to be setup, materials needed, location of your factory.
8.) Identify the cost of doing business – identify the fixed costs and variable costs.
9.) Identify ways how you are going to raise capital. It is using banks, donations, etc.
10.) Analyze your pricing strategy vs your cost of doing business – will it be profitable in the long run?
11.) Finally secure the capital you need to start doing business.
12.) Establish your first manufacturing line (single line is recommended as your business is still in the pilot stage).

Second Year: “Do” Stage
Check lists:


1.) Create your first product that you can sell to the public.
2.) Do you some kind of “early” marketing strategy of reaching your customers? This includes offering your product for free or sample so that your customers can actually taste it.
3.) Do a year round marketing strategy – this strategy basically emphasizes of reaching your customers and earning reputation in your selected business niche.
4.) Execute some advertisements, get some early customer testimonials.
5.) Get product feedbacks, establish your customer support team.
6.) Take note of positive feedbacks and have them included in your customer testimonial lists.
7.) But take more seriously the negative feedbacks of your product, as this will let you further improve the quality of your product. Have them recorded by your quality assurance team.

Third Year: “Check” Stage

1.) Does your expected profits turn out to be comparable as your original plan?
2.) Does your expected product quality turns to have more positive results than negative feedbacks?
3.) Does your operating cost (fixed cost and variable costs) turns out to be comparable to the original plan?
4.) Are you coping up with the competition or still needs to do more to grab a bigger market share?
5.) What are the “quality” related issues of your product as reported by your customer?
6.) What are the recommended actions to further improve the quality of your product?
7.) What are the ways you can cut cost to your business to further increase profits?
8.) Are you paying up the debts on time or out of schedule?

Fourth Year: “Act” Stage

1.) Implement the recommended actions to further improve product quality.
2.) Implement the cost cutting actions.
3.) Implement actions to increase market share.
4.) Implement actions to further improve customer service.

Fifth Year: “Review” Stage

1.) What are the measurable effects of your business process and product quality improvement?
2.) What are the measurable effects of your cost cutting actions to your overall profit?
3.) What are the measurable effects of your customer service improvement?
4.) Are your start to grab a bigger portion of the market share?

Take note this is a cycle, review stage will then become a planning stage, so basically your business plan is a continuous improvement process. This is the key to long term business success.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Machine, Material & Environment can cause stress

 How to manage this?
3.) Machine – Do you know what is the “machine” that relates to stress? It is your own body. Your body needs exercise and substantial amount of physical activity in a daily basis in order to stay active.

It is why if you are always in the bed the whole day or sitting in front of the television the whole day. Your body feels inactive/unresponsive and then can cause a lot of stress.

Try to take care of your body. You might be surprised that if you fail to take care of this body, it can either result you to:

a. Overweight
b. Sluggish type of person
c. Slow type of person
d. Unattractive to look at.

The problems above can result to a more severe form of “machine” related stress known as “mental stress”, which is a problem deeply rooted in your mind and subconscious.

Overall recommendation: You simply need to exercise. This is not actually going to the gym, but at least either (you can select any of these depending on the applicability to your own scenario):

1.) 30 minutes daily walking (speed walking)
2.) 30 minutes of biking/cycling (high speed)
3.) 30 minutes of strenuous in-house activity like cleaning

As long as you sweat too much, it is now OK. If you do not sweat anything at all, it is a bad exercise.

4.) Material – what is this material? It is your food. If you are not wise enough in selecting appropriate foods for your body, then it can surely contribute to stress.

Why? It is because:
a. If you consistently eat high cholesterol. This can have side effects which slow down your body and increases risk of heart disease. If you reach in this stage, I am sure you are pretty stressed out.

b. If you always drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. It might feel good and advertised as stressed reliever. NO- because if you reach at the old age, you are still the same person but you might be suffering from lung related ailments that can surely be so stressing to think.

Overall recommendation: Eat a balance diet. Eat well but not eating too much. Eat as what is required for your body. You need to drink water, eat some vegetables, and drink some milk. As long as it is healthy, it is good for your body and won’t contribute to stress.

5.) Environment – this is self-explanatory. It is why a lot of persons will go on a vacation far away from their noisy, polluted and dirty work environment.

If you are living in peaceful, clean and calm surroundings, your mind is relaxed and stress free. This is very different with polluted, traffic and dirty surroundings, even as going outside for 1 hour; you feel you are getting stressed too much.

Overall Recommendations: Select your ideal home and working environment. Something which can relax you for quite a long time even you are working.

Remember this equation: Stress free = happiness.

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Simple ways for managing stress in your life- Man and Method

"Stress" is an undesirable result of working too hard or worrying too much. Even more surprising is that; even you do not work or worry too much, you still get stressed. Stress is also a result of having no work at all, as boredom might worry you much as well as periods of inactivity can make your body feel very sluggish.

So how can we manage stress? For around 5 years, I have experimented deeply on the topics of stress in actual, personal and home life. I found that stress is a result of the 4M’s and one E known as:

1.) Man
2.) Method
3.) Machine
4.) Material
5.) Environment

In each of those five factors above causing stress, also needs some sort of different approach in managing stress. Ok let’s get started:

1.) Man – your interaction with normal people can cause stress because of:

a.) Severe mismatch in personality – you might wonder why there are just some people who will simply argue or disapproved the way you handle things. This is normal because there is a severe personality mismatch. One good for another, may not be good for anyone else.

b.) Different backgrounds/work status – it is why it is hard to get along with bosses. It is because of different work status, if you hang-out or talks to your boss, every instructions or disapproval from him/her can cause a lot of stress.

c.) Different marital status – a married person behaves differently from a single. So if a married person hangs-out with a single, like in bars. Things can be difficult to handle and if forced; can cause a lot of stress.

d.) Different cultures – if it is OK for an American to just watch anything in the television. Things are different for a Muslim. So if you hang-out with persons with different cultures, it can cause a lot of stress.

Overall recommendation: You need to limit your exposure to people, it seems that in my 5 year observation, those people who are used to hangout with everyone else are often more stressed/unhappy than those persons that are simply selective in interacting with people and focusing more on quality relationships rather than “forced” relationships. You define that “relationship” not anyone else.

2.) Method – your interaction with the processes in your life

This is very complex; even as simple as how you are sitting in a chair can contribute to stress. In this case, you might change your method on how you are sitting right now, or else strain can accumulate on your backs can cause some stress.

If you are used to wash a massive amount of clothes manually, then this is stressful. So in this case, you might save some cash to buy a washing machine.

Overall recommendation: Do not just ignore of what makes you uncomfortable. What makes you uncomfortable are already causing you stress. You need to find a way to change it as early as possible before it can cause a lot of damage.

The rest of the causes and recommendations will be discussed on the next essay.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Inspirational Quotes about Living Life to the Fullest

For me I can say that “Life is govern by people quotations and failure to understand these quotations can mean a miserable life”.

Some successful people that lives on Earth leaves some of the most important quotations particularly dealing with living life to the fullest.

We only have one life to live on this Earth, it is our duty to bring out the best in it. So if you relate a specifications to a product quality, or a musical notes to a music; quotations can relate to people.

Below are some of the best quotes I learned in life, in which principles are based upon:

1.) The ultimate of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do- Leontyne Price


Freedom is a universal right and luxury. By doing the things you love not dictated by anyone is already an indication that you MIGHT be successful. But if you are HAPPY with the things you do , not told by anyone (not only “love” to do) then you are really successful.

2.) There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet." William F. Halsey

Some people say they are limited, actually NOT; if you are forced by circumstances of which you REALLY NEED TO DO, then you will become a great person. If you want to live life to the fullest, accept some challenges in your life, it can transform you to an invincible person.

3.) He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still - Lao Tzu

Just like in a movie which relates to reality, how many times have you seen a master boss villain being successful in slaying the hero? Only RARE, so it means if you want again to live your life to the fullest extent, master your own sets of skills to the fullest and no one can defeat you except God. Be humble before Him.

4.) Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. - Lao Tzu

Limit your needs to ACTUALLY WHAT YOU NEED. Plain and simple, if you do not need anything; it's like the whole world now belongs to you. Living life to the fullest again does not mean you need to acquire anything, mansions, cars, fame, luxurious vacations, expensive blah....NO..NO....NO NO... Just get what you REALLY need. You do not need to have anything to own everything. If you find this UNTRUE, dream yourself to be a philosopher also and see if you will become more successful and unforgettable than Lao Tzu.. NOT!

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Acquire Excellent Time Management Skills in a Work Place

Time management is one of the most difficult forms of management in the workplace. Not anyone likes or skilful in managing their time.

As a result, time lost will never comeback and these employees are either forced to work overtime or has a decreased work productivity output. The end result is high employment cost (cost due to overtime), quality is affected (tired workers doing overtime will never produce quality results), employee moral is degraded (especially if the guilt feelings due to unaccomplished or delayed tasks will accumulate over the period of time in addition to frequent nagging by the boss).

Aside from “office politics” and meetings which are the number one time wasters, any employees can carefully manage their time by following a simple, easy and universal approach to time management.

By reading this short guide, you do not need to attend time management seminars which last more than hour (again wasting your time), or any type of boring time management conferences. As simple as having PC and an Excel spreadsheet (even a notebook or any piece of paper will do), one can skillfully manage their time like a professional (not only managers are required but even a cigarette vendor in the streets can benefit in time management).

These are the steps:

Step1: Open an Excel spreadsheet or get a piece of paper (notebook is recommended).

Step2: Make a column and in that first column, write down ALL your tasks assigned to you as well as other tasks that you think you need to do. Do not limit the list according to what has been said by your boss , or to yourself or co-workers, write down ALL tasks even it includes “Checking my facebook account for updates”.
Name this first column as “Task name”.

Step3: Make 3 columns besides task name, name it as “IMPORTANCE”, “URGENCY”, “JOB PERFORMANCE RELEVANCE”.

It should look like below:

Step4: Assign ratings to IMPORTANCE, URGENCY AND JOB PERFORMANCE RELEVANCE columns according to this rule:

Importance column rating;
1- No importance (no relation to company goals)
2- Moderate importance (attainment of other department goals but not your own department)
3- High Importance (attainment of your own department goals)

Urgency column rating:
1 – Deadline is set next month or no deadline
2 – With deadlines set tomorrow or next week
3 – Deadline is today

Job performance relevance rating:
1 – Not related at all to your job description.
2 – Job description and responsibilties assigned to you but not stated in your original employment contract.
3 – Direct job description and responsibilities stated in your employment contract.

Step5: Multiply them altogether like the one shown in the above screenshot. The result total is the overall score.

Step6. Do things first with the highest score and in the decreasing order.

So this means that in the above screenshot, a person should be making yield reports first, followed by defect analysis, attending meetings and finally checking facebook updates when all important/urgent/high related jobs are done already. But if you asked; how come QA meetings deadline is today but the person is doing defect analysis which is next months deadline?

Answer: The fact that you can say NO to any meetings. Just say NO and tell them you have other important tasks to do first. Not a partly yes or no answer.

Sadly, if you are a manager reading this guide, you will observed that not even one of your employees are doing this. Bear in mind that low productivity can also reflect managers performance so teach this guide to your employees and implement strictly as possible.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Training needs Analysis methodology–Successful job performance

If you have a lot of new and old employees and you are expecting the best performance from them, one of the answers is TRAINING. Do not expect them to perform well if you have not trained them COMPLETELY by your department pertaining to the job she/he needs to do.

Training is not always the answer for better job and productivity performances as well as helping employees attain company goals/objectives. In this case, you need to do training need analysis. In this analysis you need to do some sort of interviews, surveys and examination on your employees pertaining to these following core areas:

1.) Job performance problem
2.) Level of technology used by your company preventing them to be efficient and productive on their job.
3.) Issues on company policies affecting their work and needs.

Training needs analysis is an important step that you should do before conducting any types of training methods effective for your employees. The following illustrates the methodology and analysis result summary of sample training needs analysis:

Job Performance Problem:

Job Title: Manufacturing Engineers
Average number of years working in the company: 2
Number of engineers examined: 6
Job performance problem – According to series of test conducted, the company engineers appears to be seriously lacking in knowledge pertaining to this key areas:

1.) Mastery in MS Excel.
2.) Lacking mastery in statistical analysis.
3.) Problems managing his time on a daily basis.
4.) Slow in creating yield reports using MS PowerPoint.

Level of Technology used:

It is also revealed that:
1.) The company purchased advanced software for engineering analysis and statistical computation but the engineer does not know how to use it properly.
2.) The engineers supposed to be working closely with manufacturing technicians. However, since they do not know how to operate the machines, they can hardly suggest for better ways to improve operator/technician performance.

Issues on company policies affecting their work and needs

Company policies are also affecting manufacturing engineers to perform their job properly such as:

1.) Frequent work overtimes and even engineers are force to work overtime on a daily basis.
2.) Several reported violations on company policies by the engineers; it means that they have not completely understood the company handbook.

The above are sample summary of the overall training needs and result analysis. By having this set of data are important because it can help your employees to be successful in their job. Now determine if those problems can be answered by training the employees or suggest other ways to resolve their issues (such as a company policy change).

Important note on the above methods: Instead of providing questionnaire and letting them answer the training needs analysis, it would be much better if you spend time actually evaluating their job performance rather than providing a questionnaire. Sometimes employees will not tell the truth and may not be willing to be trained. It is management responsibility to find the most accurate method in assessing a training needs analysis that actually reflects job performance.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tips in formulating realistic Goals and Objectives

Correctly setting realistic goals and objectives are your FIRST step to success. If this is not correctly done, it seriously affects how you are defining or measuring the level of success you might attained; in the implementation phase of the goal or objective.

One of the best guides in formulating a goal is to implement the SMART technique. It is an acronym that stands for:

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Realistic
T – Time Bounded

So lets examine the real world goals and objectives set by common persons and examine possible flaws in the formulation of these:

1.) My goal is to become a millionaire before age of 30.

Potential Flaw: Although the goal is specific and measurable; one problem could be that it is not either: attainable or realistic. You should be very careful of setting goals like this, so the best way to know if a goal is attainable to make some rough calculations based on real data available (not estimates).

Say for example, you are on the age of 23 at the time you formulated the goal. Then you have yearly salary of $300,000. You actually spend 80% of those, so what is left is 20%. So the savings will be:

Savings each year = 20% x $300,000 = $60,000
Total savings at the age of 30 (7 years from age of 23) = $60,000 x 7 = $420,000

So it means that having a goal of achieving a one million at the age of 30 is not realistic because according to facts, you can only save up to $400,000 at the age of 30; however if you set your goal to $400,000 that would now be considered as realistic and attainable.

Revised goal formulation: My goal to reach $400,000 at the age of 30.

2.) My objective is to finish the entire job completely by the end of the day.

Potential Flaw: The objective is not specific. It is because the amount of task that you need to do is not being included in the objective. Thus because it is not specific; it is not measurable.

Since there are no specific details in the objective, you cannot tell whether the objective is both realistic and attainable.

Say for example, you are planning to accomplish 4 sets of important tasks in a day and the 1st task and 2nd tasks needs 2 hours each to complete and the 3rd/4th tasks need 1 hour each. So the total amount of hours you need to work in a day:

2 hours x 2 + 1 hour x 2 = 6 hours

So if you have 8 hours to work in a day, this objective is somewhat attainable and realistic.

Revised objective formulation: My objective is to complete my job consisting of four tasks at the end of the day.

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How to recover from failure all the way to real success?

I once felt that everything is over and there is no way to recover back and attain success. But something wakes me up to become a stronger person; not the person I used to be before. This “strength” in me helps to attain success for the rest of this life. Here is how I do it:

1.) Reflect what you have done wrong – an honest evaluation about the mistakes you have made is very important. It is because a problem well defined is a problem half solved.

You need to verify that the problem is the exactly causing your failures, below are some ways you can verify it:

a.) Feedbacks from your parents, brother/sisters as well as other relatives.
b.) Feedbacks from your friends, teachers and mentors.

If only one person is always complaining the mistake you have done; this is not verifiable cause. But if two or more persons are suggesting to change your attitude, then you have is a problem. Take note of their comments very carefully.

2.) Plan what you are going to do with your mistakes – for example if you failed your studies miserably then it is a sign that something is causing it such as:

a. No or poor study habits.
b. Lack of determination.
c. Lack of discipline in implementing strict study habits.

If you have verified the causes above as the one causing you to fail as a student, then, just reverse the problem and it will become a solution:

a.) Implement daily study habits.
b.) Be determined to succeed in your studies. It is best you set a goal which you can achieve, in order to create some challenges in your life. These challenges can keep you busy and lets you have a fulfilling life.
c. Be rigid in disciplining yourself to follow through your study habits. This is the hardest part as self-discipline is almost everybody weakness.

3.) Challenge yourself to be the WINNER – if you see yourself positively as a “WINNER” then you will. Aspect #1 and #2 above will not work if you do not have positive attitude when it comes to winning. The truth is that if you:

a.) Know what is your mistake.
b.) Know what to with your mistake
c.) Believe that you can win in your way to success.

Then you have 80% chances of becoming successful. The rest of the 20% will be:

4.) To closely monitor your performance and apply real time tweaks for improvement.

This is another important aspect, the “monitoring” aspect helps you aware if you are making any progress in your life at solving your problems. As simple as a “task to do” list can be a very powerful monitoring tool.

Final tip: The above comprises 100% of the tips to recover from failures and turn it to a success. If you need to achieve 200% of your success level, then the best way you can do this is to further “pray” and “believe in God”.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Life Checklist: How healthy, happy and fulfilling is your life?

Life is a process, and like other processes ; the quality needs to be checked. If you have experienced working in a manufacturing environment, IT sector, financial and most high demand sectors, they do audit their process through a checklist to make sure everthing is right and the business will continue to be more profitable.

Life is like that. It can be audited also, with this; it is highly possible to know what is wrong with your existing life and how can you improve it further to lived in a more enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling life. This checklist only applies to married couples although if you are still not married you can still answer provided that is your honest answer if you are married person.

Let's start the checklist (answer honestly only “Yes” or “No”):

1.) Does accomplishing tasks that you plan defines success to you?
2.) Do you ever consider your wife or husband as your “best friend”?
3.) Do you believe that failure is normal?
4.) Do you think that accomplishing tasks in the office is more important than establishing connections in the office?
5.) Do you congratulate yourself or you congratulate your team?
6.) Do you exercise at least one to two hours per week?
7.) Are you still learning on a daily basis by reading tutorials on the internet?
8.) Are you not used to be working very far from your husband or wife (such as seeing only one a year or months)?
9.) Do you save at least 20 to 25% of your income?
10.)Do you think your office mates are not important to your success and happiness?
11.)Do you believe in God and go to church at least twice a month?
12.)Do you set 5 year goals? Or leave everything to God.


1.) If you answered those 12 questions all “YES”. Then you are on your way to eternal happiness. You have correctly set priorities in your life according to what is right , moral and good.

2.) If you have 1 to 3 NO answers, then there are chances that your life may mislead a LITTLE into a wrong direction by putting unimportant priorities to work. This unimportant priorities can collide with a more important one.

In this case, you have one unhappy year for every 5 years that comes to your life. However, you can start to be more happy if you change that answer to YES .

3.) If you answered more than 3 NO answers, then you will be lucky to be happy for only once in every 10 yers, and most of those years will be a struggle to you. It is because you are putting wrong priorities in your life and that takes you all the energy, pleasure and fulfillment that you need to experience.

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Rare Tips for Happiness: Congratulate yourself

Happiness is everybody's goal. There is no sense for success in career, business, love and everything without a feeling of happiness.

Let me share you some rare secret to be happy: “Congratulating Yourself”.

Human is always in need to be recognized for his or her achievements and what is good is that you won't even need someone you can celebrate your success with. You can do it yourself.


First, you need to create challenge in your life. For example, say you are an internet blogger and you are aiming for at least $2 a day passive income from your blogs.

Or if you are student, you can create challenge by having all your exams with ratings above 90% as well as no late submissions on assignments and projects.

If you are an employee, you can make sure that all deadlines and projects are meet on time. Also you can even make it as a challenge that you will never received a single customer complaint for the entire month.

As long you have job to do, you can create challenge in your life.

Second, manage your way to success on a daily basis, checked your schedules and daily tasks to make sure you attended and remembered it well. You need to make sure that you are a person of action , not just good in planning and doing nothing.

Third, once you reach the end of the month, assess your challenge if you have achieved it. If yes, then spend one whole day celebrating by the following suggestions:

1.) Do things that you really love. For example, if you are movie geek and Toy Story 3 just came out, watch the movie alone. Or if you have someone you can bring with, it is fine, but make sure that this celebration is for you not for someone else. If you are afraid that someone might destroy your day, do not bring them or else it will just waste your celebration.

2.) Do not ever open your computer for work on that day. This is supposed to be a day of celebration as you are congratulating yourself for the job well done.

3.) Eat well. Go to your most favorite restaurant and spend your money on good foods. This will remove your stresses for the entire month and helps you recharged.

4.) Buy something very important to your job. Now you are on shopping, it is your time you can think of something that will be very useful to you. For example, if you are a musician, maybe you can buy new sets of guitar strings for your old guitar.

5.) Go home early for the day, buy some beers for you and sleep a lot.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Positive Mindset Quotes that can change your life

Here are my own positive quotes that I would like to share with you. Maybe this might change how you look at your own life:

1.) There is no such thing as “difficult” when you THINK and re-THINK and then write all possible actions.

Example: If you are working on a very difficult project that is limited with your own sets of skills. You then say it was difficult. But have you really think, how you can accomplish it by writing all possible solutions?

If you hired me to construct a building and I am not an civil engineer, then I will just say NO and it solves the problem. Sometimes NO is a possible solution. Watch the movie “Yes Man” and you will learn why.

2.) Happy face always starts with a happy mind.

How many times someone needs to pretend they are happy when their mind is NOT. How many times someone needs to buy lots of luxurious to stay happy? I think if you can be able to control your mind and control what you will need to “picture” out in there; then you can be happy by just thinking you will be happy.

3.) Intelligence may distinguish a person from each other BUT all of them can work HARD

You might feel de-motivated if you feel you are not intelligent enough to do the tasks and you will never succeed. WRONG - in reality; everyone can work HARD. And by working hard everything can be accomplished with patience.

An average minded person that will dedicate his life to a certain work SHOULD appear successful in the long run than an intelligent person with no dedication in life.

4.) A failure is the best opportunity for improvement

Be happy with failures and upsets in life, you are just very LUCKY to know how you will be able to do something else better next time soon without even receiving bias feedbacks from friends, co-employees or even your boss!

5.) To accomplish a lot of work is to think that time is LIMITED

How many persons might say, “Yeah I will just postpone this work tomorrow”? Then after the end of the month, just accomplished a few sets of tasks.

What if someone thinks time is limited? Then you can do many. It is why a common boss technique in employment is to “pressure” their employees to work fast and hard because they KNOW that they can accomplish a lot of tasks in a limited amount of time.

If you are a working in your own, then you can do this without getting harmed (as opposed to boss yelling at you in the office asking for urgent work outputs).

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Productivity and Motivation Improvement Techniques: Working at Home

It is becoming more popular to work at home than to work at the office. This trend is common for those that are making a living out of the internet, example for the following careers below:

a.) independent musician promoting websites
b.) e-commerce website owner
c.) writers/authors
d.) bloggers
e.) web developers
f.) internet marketers

This list will grow in the future, but currently these are the most common professions that make a living out of the online business world. But the main issues of working at home are pertaining to low productivity and lack of motivation.

If you are working at home, you will be easily distracted by any means (example, tempting to check for Facebook updates, talk with other persons at home, playing games or even watch YouTube) because there is NO boss looking at you. You might take this advantage and a privilege but too much of this habit can seriously affect your productivity.

So how you might be able to deal with this issue other than implementing “strict discipline” in behalf of yourself?

The following are my most effective techniques and habits that can substantially improve home office productivity and working motivation in the long run:

1.) Spend at least one day in each month to draft the entire monthly working schedule.

If you are a blogger, you might list down all your blogs and write how many posts you need to write each day. Then put it in MS Excel to list it down from Day 1 to Day 30 (at the end of the month). The same thing you will do, if you are a web developer, internet marketer, etc.

Plan this in advance (for example if you are drafting the June 2010 schedule, do that in the last days of May 2010). Be realistic with your schedules and goals. Remember the S.M.A.R.T goal setting techniques when it comes to effective planning.

Note: In the planning of schedules, do not include Facebook profile updates and Youtube schedules.

Why should you do this? It is because “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

2.) Monitor those goals in a daily basis.

Before you will start to work in each of the day, make sure to review what work has been done on those previous days and marked them “completed”! This will motivate you to work harder in case something has been lagged behind.

You can add new set of tasks provided these are the ones that will make you money and relevant to your work.

Why should you do this? It is because “failing to monitor your work is planning to fail your plan”

3.) Work straight and stop for breaks around 15 minutes depending on your endurance.

So if I have this long list of tasks for the day, what I will do is eat first, drink coffee and then start WORKING! Do not look at those lists of tasks, just start working. Work straight! You will notice how many sets of tasks you will accomplish in just a period of 5 to 8 hours working straight.

I usually work at the earliest hours of the day (early morning). This will provide me longer hours to work on difficult while enjoying the rest day.

Why you need to this? A journey of million miles must begin with a single step.

4.) If your work has been completed, “CONGRATULATE” yourself by taking long breaks for the rest of the day. You can now do anything you want (watch Youtube, update Facebook), go out and take your bike, etc.

The lesson is: DO ANYTHING IMPORTANT FIRST, and enjoy the rest.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

General Tips when Travelling to Cebu City Philippines

If you are not very familiar when travelling to Cebu City, Philippines- then this guide is definitely helpful. I assume that you are travelling to cebu for either:

a. Vacation – there are lot of vacation spots in the Cebu islands.
b. Study – some schools and universities in Cebu are accepting foreign students.
c. Work – Cebu has lots of job opportunities particularly in the manufacturing and IT sector.
d. Important business matters – if you need to travel cebu for business matters, there are lot of conventions done here almost in a montly basis.

General tips ( applicable for any of the above)
1.) Your obvious stop is either Mactan Cebu International Airport or the Cebu seaports. Now this is what will happen:

a. I suggest to board a taxi to Cebu City and find some cheap hotels or accomodations there, it is way to expensive to stay in Mactan based on my experience. The foods there are very expensive also.

Here are the complete list of Cebu city hotels offering cheap accomodation

If you are staying for longer term (more than one month), then hotels might be too expensive, consider renting an apartment in Cebu City.

b. If you are cowboy enough, you can eat at maximum 50 to 100 pesos per meal and your stomache will nearly explode (for those in tight food budgets). I suggest going to Cebu City Larsian and eat some delicious barbecues.

In Cebu City you find larsian food place in Cebu City Jones-Osmena boulevard avenue near Chong Chua Hospital.

If you are in Mandaue city, there is a also a larsian food place in AC Cortes street in front of Kaona food grill.

You can read more about Larsian in the official facebook page here.

c. Do not ride taxi, some are dishonest unfortunately. Especially if you are foreigners or not speaking native Cebu dialect, these taxi drivers will easily take advantage of you and let you spend a lot by encircling the city a lot of times. If you ride in taxi, asked for receipt! This will contain information about the taxi operator and driver which might be useful to file complaints.

The solution is to have little map of Cebu (google it). Then study it as you ride public jeepneys, you can even asked the public jeepney “conductor” to asked for some directions. I can tell you they are more honest to tell real answers to where you should be heading.

Some basic:

a. The jeepney with a tag/route code as 21B (memorize this) is the most important of all. It will pass these very important Cebu City destinations:

a.1. Ayala Center Cebu
a.2. SM City Cebu
a.3. Jones avenue ( of course passing near the larsian in osmena boulevard).
a.4. Santo Nino Basilica church
a.5. Colon area (cebu city oldest street)
a.6.) Travelling from Mandaue city to Cebu city and vice versa.

Some tips if you are coming from the airport, ride a taxi to Jollibee Mandaue city highway. Then once you are Mandaue city highway in front of Jollibee ride 21B to your destination in Cebu.

Most cheap hotels are found in the Jones avenue area. Of course, if you are carrying heavy baggages, then this tip is not applicable.

1.) Do not text or use any electronic gadgets when you are in the public jeepney (never), or wear jewelries, expensive watches, etc. It is unsafe.
2.) Do not put your wallet in the pocket. Instead put it in your bag. Better put some in your socks (really I am serious).
3.) Do not talk to strangers except to jeepney “conductor” , restaurant, foods and the hotel crew.
4.) Do not pay more than 15 pesos when riding a public jeepney. Normal jeepney fare should be 7pesos as of June 2010 with maximum around 14 pesos (from Mandaue to Cebu).

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Study methods for college students: Using assignment notebooks

Studying in college is a very difficult tasks. It is because you need to develop a lot of patience, sacrifices, careful planning (like what A-team does) and hard work in order to get things done. Not only getting things done, but getting it right also.

There are only two objectives in studying college and that is getting good grades and completing your courses.

This short guide will elaborate the methods on the use of assignment notebooks in order to develop a good study habit especially useful for college students.

I suggest you to have one notebook with around 100 or more leaves (the more leaves the better), divide it into parts. The 1st section is the “task input” list and the 2nd half for “daily organized tasks”.

To generate the “task input” , list down all tasks:

a. Instructed by your college professor (example the assignments, projects, appointments or pages/books to be studied).

b. Have in mind studying. For example, you need to study that specific subject a lot because you find it difficult. Write that subject here and as the topic details.

c. Other extra-curricular activities (such as practising schedules pertaining to your activity in university glee club for example)

d. Your daily class schedule, so you will never forget attending important classes (common in college because of irregular scheduling).

This also includes the other list such as time to meet your girl friend or boyfriend, or do some shopping.

This task input should be updated in hourly or daily basis. Marked “complete” for those tasks that are not any more relevant or important to you. For this to be very effective, you need to list down ALL possible tasks that you might think you need to do, again including all possible inputs from your teacher (such as clue where he/she might get the exam).

I have found this page to provide good tips in studying college.

Now you have a complete list of “task input”, it is now the time to organize it. You need to answer to following questions:

1.) What should I do for today? Again you will need to see it from your task input. List down relevant tasks that are needed to be done today, including any assignments, quizes, long exams, important studies, etc.
2.) What time should I need to get this done? Time management, get those difficult things done first before you get tired for the day.

So you will need to put this input in your “daily organized tasks”. An example output will be:

June 14, 2010

1.) Attend the following classes:
a. 8:30 to 10am- algebra
b. 10:00am to 11am – effective communication
c. 1-3pm – trigonometry
d. meet with husband- 3pm-4pm
e. read 3rd chapter on algebra – 4pm to 7pm
f. dine out- 7pm – 8pm
g. doing algebra exercises – 8:30pm to 10pm
h. prepare for effective comm exam -10pm to 12am

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Snorkeling and Diving Locations in Visayas island Philippines

Philippines are an archipelago of 7107 islands. It lies near the equator, it is a tropical country characterized by only two seasons: dry and wet.

If you are traveler into these islands particularly in Visayas islands; you might be interested in doing some snorkeling and diving into the Visayas island crystal clear waters.

Below is the best snorkeling and diving locations into these islands based on my experience (best during dry season: February to May).

1.) Balicasag Island Bohol

What you can do: Snorkeling and Diving
How to get there: You need to go to Cebu, Philippines. Then board a ship to Bohol islands via a ferry boat. Then board a vehicle to Panglao Bohol. Once you are in Panglao, you can rent a boat as well as diving/snorkeling equipments to Balicasag Island.

What you can see: Really stunning fish sanctuary and walls of coral reefs.

Cost of Travel:

a. Panglao accommodations are around 1000 pesos per night
b. Boat rental for diving is around 800 pesos.
c. Scuba dive master is around 1500 pesos per dive (do not go with the expensive dive shops).
d. Ferry boat from Cebu to Bohol is around 500 pesos.
e. You can save a lot in food if you do not dine in restaurants.

2.) Malapascua Island Cebu

What you can do: Snorkeling and also Scuba diving

How to get there: If you are in Cebu City, Philippines you need to ride a bus at the Cebu City North Bus Terminal to Maya Cebu. Board a bus with a signboard (Maya-Bagay).

Then, upon arriving in Maya sea port, ride a boat to Malapascua Island. The travel from Maya to Malapascua takes around 45 minutes in boat.

What you can see: If you are a certified open water sea diver, you can see Thresher Sharks in deep waters which can be best seen in the early morning. You need to rent a boat to go to Monad Shoal, a place where Thresher sharks are found. These sharks are big but they are friendly.

There are also numerous reef sharks around Gato Island (within Malapascua reach). You can also have a chance to dive a 1982 passenger shipwreck and a Japanese Naval ship destroyed during WWII.

If you are into snorkeling, you can enjoy the Malapascua sanctuary on garden corals which is one of the best I have seen in the Visayas Sea. The corals reef gardens are a collection of blue, red and a mixture of bright colors, along with numerous species of fish.

Cost of Travel:

a. Bus from Cebu City to Maya- 100 pesos
b. Boat from Maya to Malapascua – 50 pesos (high tide) but in low tide, you need an additional 10 pesos to board a small boat prior to riding the big pump boat.
c. Accommodation: There are some cottages there that charge 800 to 1000 pesos per night.
d. Boat rental for Snorkeling and diving- 800 pesos
e. You can save a lot in food cost if you do not dine in expensive restaurants.

3.) Moalboal Cebu

What you can do: Snorkeling and diving in Pescador Island.

How to get there: Ride a bus from South bus terminal Cebu City to the town of Moalboal Cebu, or alternatively you can ride either a taxi or V-hire.

What you can see: Sea turtles and reef fishes if you are doing wall diving in Pescador .Wonderful coral reefs can also be seen along the shallow waters.

Cost of Travel:
a.) Taxi- 2000 pesos
b.) Accommodation: 2000 pesos per night (not air-condition)
c.) Boat rental- may vary but 500 to 1000 pesos is ok.
d.) Diving equipment rental- similar to other diving locations mentioned previously.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Plan For a Vacation

 What to bring you plan for your vacation;
1. Know the place for a vacation to search all the information about the place.

2. Quality and rates of accommodation is important. There are cheap rates but great services.

3. Know how to get there. Bring your map to that place to ensure your safety.

4. Food to eat. If you are type of person who saves money, find some place to buy cheap food. Don't eat inside the resort restaurants because it's only burn your money. Go outside find some Karenderia. The reason why, they offer cheap food price it is because their store rental is not expensive. 

But some people, have different point of view about vacation, they don't mind about the costs as long as they are happy and contented of the services.

5. Lists all the things to bring. You must keep in mind that if you're super enjoy of your trip, you can almost forget your things. To stay away with that problem, you must write all your things in a piece of paper from smallest to biggest. Before you going home review everything if all are in tact. 

These Pictures here were taken during my Vacation;
Bohol Island. During your first vacation in a long travel or trip is not easy because it needs an adjustments in the environment but once you experienced it, you will always wanting vacation. 

Most people rich or poor likes to go to the beach during summer for a full enjoyment. Beach is great for relaxing; the air is cold, white sands and playing volleyball sport. 

There are many beauty spots all over the world I suggest Philippines is one of the best tourism in asia especially beach resorts in an Island like, Malapascua Island, Sumilon Island, Camotes Island, Bohol Island, Mactan Island and etc.

 In every Island there are several beach resorts, much better choose the best beach resorts for your accommodation by reading reviews of the people online. Inquire the rates of accommodation if it fits to your budget.

  It is advice not to pay any down payment through online by using credit cards because it is too risky and frustrated sometimes. To give cash is necessary. 

No worries if you can not find a room to stay at the moment you arrive, just keep on inquiring and the more you asks you can choose affordable accommodation.

Then, don’t forget to know how to get there; this will help you through easy long travel for a vacation. Beware of restaurants at the beach because their menus prices are too high, it is cool if you eat outside the beach resort and find affordable food eatery. 

Beach restaurant is great for drinks only during at night. Finally, lists all the important things you need to bring for a vacation like extra money, camera, snorkel, flippers, medicine, extra food or snacks and dress.

 Malapascua Island. It is located in North of Cebu this is one of the amazing tourist spot Island. You'll meet friendly people there, and is not populated place. 

The sea is so blue and clean it is the best time to go during summer. Bring lots of friends or your whole family, you're all enjoy. 

Look at the picture, and find the volleyball net over there, you can play as you want. It is nice to sleep in the sand. And don't worry about the coconut tree it's safe it has no fruits.




God speed everyone!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Encourage Yourself to be a Better Person

 Encourage yourself when your Alone.
 Can you make yourself alone sometimes?
Do it and you'll found answers of your problems.

When you feel depress it seems you lose everything, out of your mind, high temper, feel laziness, no interest to talk to everyone else and feels nothing. These are all causes of having negative mind. To stay away with all these it all started by you;

1. Talk. Go out to your room and talk someone to whom you trust. Express your entire problem and listen to their response. Remember that we are responsible for each one of us that is why God made a man and woman, to help each other, know their weaknesses and accept with all their heart.

2. Learn from your mistakes. Accept your faults and examine why did it happen to you and why did you do that? Don’t blame it to others because it makes you worst than ever. You’ll have to laugh it and tell yourself of not doing it again.

3. Do your favorite activities, interest and likes. What do you like to do everyday that makes you happy is it ( playing with kids, cooking, drawing, jamming with friends, read books, singing, dancing, playing instruments, swimming and etc… you should make yourself active when you’re at times of trouble.

4. Pray to God. These are step by step prayer techniques it is called “ACTSM” means A-adore, C- contrition, T- thanksgiving, S-supplication, M- meditation.

Quotes: Don’t hate someone to whom you couldn’t give what you need instead of loving them with all of your heart and accept their weaknesses because they are the number one beings who are always ready to talk in times of troubles. Everyone is made for a purpose.

Remember try not to abuse those people and learn to care of them. In the future, you may gain more courage and happiness because of what you have done from the past and many people wants to be thankful to you. And when you hear somebody who says thank you, your heart is beating so fast because of unconditional happiness. Change, is the only thing to make you a better person.

What are you today is not the same for tomorrow. Keep on make life interesting and enjoy through of what is good for every body.

More tips be a better person, is that be willing to share your talents to others. Teach them what you have learn because there are many people, who wants wise information especially tips about their fields.

Like for instance, tips on how to make a dress, how to cook delicious, how to be beautiful and etc. If you can offer help to others, that means you achieve not only a better person but rather a Great person.

I hope God will give more hope, to be happy all the time!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to be a Good Person

To be a good person can save you in the coming of end of the world?

To be a good person needs more work to do. Self satisfaction with a little things is a sign of being a good person.

If you hate someone with purpose, that is also bad but if you have the ego to face that person and tell him the cause of your hatred and give that person an advice not to do unto others, that could be a sign to be a good person. 

High Tempered is equal to Fire. Fire symbolize bravery, learn how to control your emotions and let the good side be on the top.

Do you remember the 2012 movie?

Do you believe that is really happening in our Planet?

When will be the end of the World? 

Here is my Insight about the 2012 movie and there are some information that could be change you to be a good person;

When I finished saw a movie “2012” I learned a lot about behavior in life. We all know that we love materials things and we all know that when we die we can not bring these all to heaven. Only our souls fly and live forever in heaven.

But the question says how can you enter the kingdom of God? To be a good person is enough but how can you do to be a good follower of God. Now I realized that why God made us rich and poor it is because of purpose.

 If you have all the materials things like money, house, lot and big farm what should you do? And you know that there are many people who are suffering in poverty like no shelter, no food because they don’t have farm to plants crops, fruits and vegetables. You start to help now!  

There are people who dream to become successful of their ambitions, are you doing something to help them fulfill their dream?

Poor people always thinking they are below than rich and rich abuse them.

Do you think that is good?

You have wake up now bad people it is now time to change. Let your heart feel with love to each other by sharing your blessings and helping to those who are in needs.
Finally, not necessarily you help by your money; you can also help by sharing your talent to everyone and serve the people who need it without expecting any return.

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