Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Overcome Challenges In Life

True Colors of Personality Prevails when Challenges Comes

What do you think what is the meaning of colors?

True Colors of Personality Prevail when Challenges will Come If your answer is your favorite color, then you are exactly right because colors has its own personality, like for instance you chose the color red, as you knew it the red symbolizes bravery, aggressive and love so what colors of personality do you belong?

Every individual has its own personality, that is why it is very important to develop excellent personality traits because our personality will affects our everyday life decisions that it will guides us to do the right and to choose the good nor bad.

As a good example to measure true colors of your personality is when you encounter challenges in your life. Every time you face the challenges, you have to be thankful because this is the only way to develop your personality into a better one.

This is the moment that you can measure and know your weaknesses and strength just to face the challenges and solve it without fear.

There a lots of lessons you get once you’re in trouble or in challenge; first is you are being able to force yourself to think the way so you develop your Intelligent quotient, second is you know how to control the anger inside and to be cool and relax you develop here the emotional Intelligence, third you practice how to do the way in step by step and fourth, you realize that challenges makes you more stronger than before so you had mold better personality.

Do you think to have lots of wealth; being professionals or highly educated people with regards to their expertise had already attained better personality?

A lot of people confirmed that money and gaining master’s degree is not the way of attaining to develop better personality because as you all knew that money without getting it by hard work is evil. Except if you work hard and have a lots of money and you give love of what you are doing, you have passion and you have freedom to do all your works and that’s good personality is. In fact, you can not buy reputation, love, respect, wisdom and freedom in money.

Why is it that when a rich family will go to the house of a poor family, it is very welcome to come inside without hesitation and the poor will offer to their best food for the rich while, the poor will go into the house of the rich is not treated well? 

In fact, the rich are very capable to give to the poor the high quality food or everything they can give. This is very wrong practiced of personality for the rich family because this means of being unfair and if you treat unequally to each individual, you are about to lose your dignity as a result to have low personality. True colors of personality prevail when challenges will come.

Do you ever feel that a challenge makes you more become mature? 

Mature means of thinking of others not of yourself. Can you possibly change your bad personality into good? 
Do you know what colors of personality you have? 

This is your time to think and analyze well if you are did aware of your personality. So, whatever challenge will come to you, face it, fight for it, solve it, feel it and learn from it. Always remember that God never wanted your material success indeed he wants you to be more mature in achieving to have good behavior because this is the only thing you can bring to his kingdom! 

That is why, you are very thankful to him for every challenge you are facing because God wants you to be with him forever! “Many are invited, but only a few are chosen”. Once you pass the challenge so, you are one the chosen.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Importance to have a Goals In a Family

Family: Kinds of Family; Objectives of a Family; Different Problems and the solution of family problems.

1. What is the meaning of family?

A family is a basic unit of a society. And it contains a Father, Mother, Children, Grandparents and relatives.

2. Identify the different kinds of family.

a. The nuclear family that consist of both parents and children.
b. The extended family that consists of parents, children, and other relatives of the parents, for example grand parents, aunts and uncles.
c. The single parent family that consists of only one parent and children.
d. The sibling family that consist of an older or older siblings and smaller siblings.

3. Explain the nature of objectives of a family.

The nature of objectives of a family is to help each other to provide the basic needs which are the food, clothing and shelter. The father and mother are the one who initiate how to make money to buy all the needs. While the children support the parents to do household chores.

Furthermore, a family must also need love and time because it is the root to have a successful and peaceful family and also there must have a strong foundation about religion like to know God because he is the only one who protects the family from all temptations and obstacles. A family is the most important to all human beings.

4. Identify the different problems of Filipino family.

For me the number problem that I know is that being over dependent to a family. Like for example, you have a son and is married, he is still living with you because he depends on you. Second, no family planning a lot of Filipinos has 6 children but their income is only 1000 per month.

How can they provide enough food?
Third, don't know how to save if the Filipinos realize the importance of money saving their situation might be good. If you start save 1.00 per day and your age now is 25 until you get 70 years old, your money will be 16,200.00.  
How much more if you save early and you save more than 1.00? 
Fourth, Filipino family are materialistic even if you cant afford to buy a car in order to have it you loan from a bank, sss or any agency and you knew how much interest they get from you until your car will disappear you still pay your debt forever. I do really hope God bless me and guide to have a happy family.

5. Give five suggestions on how to solve the problems.

My five suggestions on how to solve the problems is first, being an independent is a key to have a progressive nation. Second, to have a family planning will make a family organized and have an enough food to eat. Third, Filipinos must be able to know how to save for the preparations of tomorrow. 

Fourth, being practical like for example in our country you don't have to buy car for your go come to the other place, there are jeepneys you can ride and it has affordable fares. Fifth, a family must have constant communication in order to make their goals achieve.

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Tips on How to Stay Away from Major Destructions

 Steps to Solve a Problem Solving and make Decisions About Earthquake 

Problem: Earthquakes

1. Lack of high quality technology that can also affect of giving exact information about the disaster when it will occur.

2. Buildings are not standards in terms of materials used. Especially those school buildings in public elementary and high school.

3. People are not properly well informed to drill and prepare of what to do when earthquakes occurs.

4. Lack of evacuation centers for the Filipinos who are homeless and lack of giving proper food nutrition.

Solutions: Earthquakes

1. The government must give priorities to invest the high quality of technology for the sake of the Filipino people to avoid the natural disaster and to minimize the calamities.
2. The government is responsible to review in details and be honest to
buy standard materials when constructing a building and they have to check up the buildings regularly and if they detect weak buildings so, the government is always prepare and alert to order for evacuation.

3. To be able to attain and well informed community, it must have a consistency of regular drill so that it will always be remembered of the people.

4. The government will design an evacuation center for each barangays just in case the natural disaster arises. There should always have enough money for food and for the basic needs of the people on time.

E. Decision Making (Do’s and Don’ts): About when earthquakes occur.

1. If indoors, stay inside and hide below on your study table.

2. Be careful of aftershocks it will probably the strongest quake.

3. If you live in a sea area, leave your place because there’s probably tsunami will follow go to the mountain place, but make it sure to care while you’re on your way.

4. If you are on the road stop and park in a safety place.

5. If you’re in school go out from your room and stay in your playground.

6. Watch out of falling trees, electricity wiring, and landslide.


1. Don’t shout just stay inside your house.

2. Don’t go outside if the quake will stop because aftershock is the worst scenario.

3. Don’t bring heavy things when you leave the house, bring with you yourself confidence and faith.

4. Don’t try to run fast because your safety is in danger.

5. Don’t be panic when you got out.

6. Don’t make careless moves be watchful and alert.

My Insight: About Problem Solving and Decision Making.

I know how to solve problem by this technique, the problem is very easy for me to solve because the solutions are in step by step. It is very effective way. And while in decision making I can decide right because I always follow what I write. This is very important tips in everyday life because when times of difficulties I use this technique to be able for me to decide well.

I think if you follow what you are planning, it leads you to the right path in your life and you are in always in a safety place. I think there’s always solution to every problem and this problem will make you stronger person. I think I am not here to be happy I am here to be strong.

I feel the fear, tension and pressure when I saw the news in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. But, I learned that there’s hope after the disaster. I appreciate their techniques of solving problem and decision making that they are fearless, confident and teamwork. Even though Japanese people, are not religious they have the values of being honest and thoughtful. I don’t know what and whom they believe, God knows everything. I pray that they will survive in this calamity.

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Why Is Communication Important Skills to Develop

My Insight: About Effective Communication (Verbal and Nonverbal)

I know that to have an effective communication it makes an interaction more interesting. And it is important to be aware when doing of nonverbal communication because some forms of nonverbal have negative symbolic interaction while verbal communication it has to be aware of controlling the voice because sometimes I am not aware that I talked very loud and with anger tone.

I think I prefer to use and appreciate more in nonverbal communication because it’s easy to understand and it’s more meaningful when I see someone use to communicate to me non verbally. I feel so over informative in effective communication because it feels like I repeatedly write what I knew. As a matter of fact, it is an advantage to keep on reading and writing the same words because it will stay forever in my mind.

My Insight: About Effective Listening (Emphatic and Active)

I know how easy on how to be an effective listener. By the use of emphatic listening which is when a speaker talks, I form and always create a question in my mind because for me it is a way to develop and improve my understanding from what the speaker’s trying to say. Through asking question, it also develops my intelligent quotient and emotional intelligence.

And while in active listening it helps me to give much importance to have focused when somebody is talking. To be able to more effective in active listening, I have to repeat by my own words to what is the speaker’s said. I think it is the time to realize and change my bad techniques in listening because some instructors discussed the topic and I pretend to understand what is being said but the fact that my mind is empty I don’t understand.

As a result, my grade is low and that’s make me sad of having low grades. I hope I can be an emphatic and active listener. I feel thankful because the truth is I learn new things from this topic. On the other hand, I sometimes denying and keep telling myself that it is boring to search these thing on the net and it is always copy and paste, but my prediction was wrong because even if I copy and paste from others opinions at the same time I learned. And with this insight, it is helpful for the student to enhance our writing skills.

My Insight: About Family Relations (Filipino families and Filipino Family Values)

I know how important my presence when my family needs me. And I now realized that it is better to start the close family ties at early age of the children and to have a strong and memorable family relations, I should have build customs and tradition of my family that enable us to enjoy our family bonding that with this tradition, it will inherit from generations to generations. Like for instance, fiesta celebration if my parents didn’t introduced us this customs how can we appreciate fiesta today?

I think the most powerful values that makes to have a consistent and strong relationship within a family are the family bonding like going to church together, eat together every meals and treat to eat outside during special occasions, have keep in touch and cooperate each others needs at the same time be an independent.

I feel so sad if I observed families are having quarrels in front of their children. I feel hurt because they are not giving value of the importance of a family in a society. Even if they already knew that it is a bad influence for their children but they’re still doing it so stupidly bad values.

My Insight: About The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.

I know that if I practice the 7 habits of Highly Effective people I attain the satisfaction, contentment and success in my life. Also the importance of having teamwork and cooperation is vital to success. I can not attain my goals if my intention is only for myself. Self centered is not number cause of failure.

I think life is empty without having good relationship with people. Being alone and solitary is worthless. But when you make goals with the involvement of the community, you belong to a highly effective people.

I feel guilty because sometimes I am not being very cooperative; I usually make decisions for the benefits of myself.


Therefore I conclude that every little thing that I encounter in everyday life, it is either a happy type, lonely type there is always a lesson that needs to learn. These lessons are vital to develop your mental, emotional and physical personality. I will always keep on reminding myself in the saying “I am not here to be happy; I am here to be strong”.

To have a strong personality it will enable us to be very flexible in handling different types of problem and being capable to decide in difficult situations.
To have an Effective communication and Effective Listening skills it is a way through life of success. Being successful to have good relationship with your family, problem solving techniques and decision making is the result of effective communication and high effective people.

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Use of Communication to Interact People

What is the use of Effective Communication Skills; Effective Listening Skills; Family Relations;

The topics which I presented here are tips to develop the ability of interpersonal skills.  

What is an interpersonal skill all about?
Why is it important and needs to have these skills?

We all know that it is an instinct to us to seek for partners, friends and family to be able to express our emotions. That’s why we are meant to practice socializing with people around us in order to achieve our own interests and needs.

So, for the people who aim to have successful partners, friends and families, each one of us needs to develop the characteristics of effective communications, effective listening, family relations, problem solving and decision making.

 These are all the preparations to achieve high skills in an interpersonal skill. To gain an effective communication you must be very good speaker and a good listener. Through effective communication both of the parties can form nice ideas from which what topics they are talking about because the interaction is consistent and is always in a right direction.

 It is also that when you communicate you have to use gestures like for instance; raising a right hand for proper salute so, you are telling to the listeners that it is military sign of respect to high rank in position. You don’t need explain to them because they all understand by the way you act.

Second, the Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans cultures if they meet Filipino friends before they leave it has a customs to bow to a person whom they meet. And it is symbolized for them a sign of respect and be thankful, they don’t need to say Thank you. And that’s how important non verbal communication is.
In effective listening you must know what the speaker feels about the message that is being shared to you because that person is expecting your opinion and feedback.

Why do people share their problems with you?

You are blessed when there’s some of your friend tells about his/her problems because it is a sign that you are an honest person and you are a good listener. So try to be a good listener, always think about his/her problem and feel that you are the one had that problem before because to be able to have consistent conversation.

You can’t feel bored if you are trying to imagine you had already experienced those problems and is easy for you to give back your opinions and advices.

 About the family relations, problem solving, decision making and habits of highly effective people as long as you learn effective communications and listening skills it is not a big struggle for you to solve problems because you already have the skills on how to fight.

In this topic you are developing your EQ. Your Emotional Intelligence/Quotient is high because your personal characteristics are so strong. EQ is more powerful and IQ.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Get Self Confidence

 What is the difference between confident and shy and how does it affects to you?
 What makes you confident?

 Read more books to gather information is a way to gain confidence because the more knowledgeable you are the better you interact with so many people.

Assertive means to be confident, certain, assured and positive while shy means no confidence, pessimistic, self-doubt and uncertainty. The value of being assertive is vital to all people because to have confident you can acquire highest gratitude, fulfillment, enjoyment and success.

 In order to attain confidence it starts through socialization by practicing interacting people. Parents are number one instruments that they are responsible to teach their children how to socialize with the other children.

 In today’s generation most of the kids are relying on television in fact, it is good influence though because some shows in television are educational like Dora, Diego, artzooka and etc. kids can acquire creativity regarding the contents of the show. However, the confidence of a kid is not well attained because television shows belongs to intrapersonal that has no interaction between you and the characters although television influence your personality, values and beliefs system. 

Like for instance, I have a nephew who always enjoys watching television shows because her mother don’t let him go outside to play with our neighbor’s kid due to his own safety. Based of my observation from my nephew’s behavior or actions at home, he is talkative but in school, he is quite and polite.

In other words he is careful of his actions in school because he is not often socializing with people. In relations to have confident, the more you interact with different kinds of people, the better your confident will boost. 

The tips to boost confidence are as follows;

1. A proper manner is vital to confidence. Practice to learn good moral character or good manners and right conduct. You will feel comfort if you are in a good and proper way as a child or a person. It all starts at home. 

2. Interaction is vital to confidence. Try to socialize and interact with many people either in school, neighbors, church and company. If you are a student, find ways to interact with your classmates, teachers and friends. On the other way, being alone is good when you study but it is better to give time to be with everybody. 

3. Expertise is vital to confidence. Talking about professions and careers like musicians, teachers, lawyer, priests and sales manager and etc. it is very important that you have 100% percent confidence because you are facing with many people. You can not deliver the message well if you are uncertain, right there you will feel nervous your body will shake and you can’t control your gestures so, your performance will low. You will gain confidence only if you master your skills with regards to your profession or careers. 

4. Positive is vital to confidence.
Once you have the skills you are automatic positive thinker. To always think positive, imagine that you are at the top of the Mount Everest. This mountain is the most high so you set your mind always in high mode.
It is necessary with kids to start build confidence because when you get old you will find never find it difficult.

 Confident is what makes you stand in a good posture!
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