Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to Use the Time in Effective Ways

  Let us eat and Drink for Tomorrow we will Die

Have you try to waste your time?
Have you experienced to be thrifty?
Do you believe that life is so short?
Are you the one controlled your life on earth? Who made this world?
What are the things that you think you contribute to the world?
Are you satisfied of your life today? 
These questions will wake up in your mind how important is your life, in every blink and beat of your heart!

There’s nothing you can do only if you just prepare whatever happens now, later and tomorrow. Many times I’ve always repeated how valuable the time, it is because if you don’t value the time, in every tick of the clock, you miss the important thing that needs you to do.

How to avoid wasting Time;

1.Time is your competitor. Time is Free and it doesn’t ruin your life but you are taking advantage of the time. You already knew that we only have 24 hours in one day, but you’d never use it in effective way. A person can sleep 6-8 hours a day but sometimes it depends of the age. If you are in 30’s above, your sleeping hours is decreasing because it is an instinct. So, if you sleep 8 hours a day, you will have the remaining of time 24hrs.-8hrs. =16hours. It all up to you how will you use the 16hours remaining.
I have shown the sample time management as a Full Time House Wife.

2. Don’t fail to commit your Time Schedule. Especially if you are a student there are many disturbances like, invitations of friends to go to party, Watch Movie in Theater, Watch useless television shows, surfing on the Internet without purpose and chat with friends. If you have no focus and commitment of your schedule, then it is better not to plan. 

So, if you are not planning you are among of the people who waste their time. And you are loser. Do you like to hear a loser? Of course not! So, what are you thinking and waiting for, break your doubt into reality! Common do it now!

3. Review and Recheck your tasks. It is very simple to get a pen and a paper then write the task of the day but, it is quite hard to check the list of what are the things that is already done. The reason why is it vital to always look at your list is that to make it sure and to remind yourself that you are following the task.

4. Be Thankful to God of what you have finished. Try to be realistic when you make a schedule, because if you are out of control to write lists of works then at the end you will regret because you think you’ve never completed your work. Even the easiest task to do you must be proud to put it on your list because everything is important. 

5. Keep on doing the good job and keep on improving it. Tomorrow is a new day but the time is always the same 24 hours. If there are things that need to develop on how to use your time effectively, apply it on the next schedule. So, are you ready? This will make you happier to use your time very well.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is a Role of the Husband in the Family

Why do people get married? Because they need a partner when get old, and have children. What about yours?
If a person finds a partner, how about he/she choose the parents to live forever?
Are you a type of this person to be happy, live and serve with parents?
What are the reasons why some of the married couple love quarrel and get divorced?

Because of lack of communications through the busy days, and forced marriage.
Some other said don’t get married because if you enter the marriage life it is like struggling a problem without a solution.

Do you believe with this?
If you say yes, you are fearful and lack of confidence. Don’t be afraid to accept the challenge if you think that marriage is a test. “Marriage is a game that if you put the hard work, commitment, determination, passion and hope in it, during at the final day you will take the trophy of success”.

 So, for those who are planning to get marry someday, you must be knowledgeable to know the role of the husband’s and wives in the family which enables to achieve the trophy of success.  

If an interviewer ask a wife what is your husband’s work?
The wife replies he is at home taking good care of our children; he works in the company, public teacher and a business man.  

What’s your husband’s job? Is he working or not?
Wherever and whatever is your husband’s position, the wife must be proud of it. Because the real role of the husband in the family is giving the unconditional love of his wife and children, and that is why he is responsible of all the financial and moral needs of the family. 

The husband is always meant through actions not to express by words. Wives must think twice and understand your husbands if they are not good in household chores like gardening, washing plates, cooking and cleaning the house

These duties are so easy for them; they don’t like to do a work that is so easy and light. Most of the wives will feel disappoint of their husband because wives think their husband are not cooperating the wives. We all know that we can not serve two jobs at a time. So, wives try to do your responsibility and don’t blame to your husband of the job that is meant for you.

Wives, are you happy that you will let your husband to take good care of your children because you think you have the capability to earn more money than your husband? 
Don’t you know that you underestimated and feel like you step and take his rights? 
What happen to a person if he/she feels no freedom? 
It might be a huge trouble coming. There’s a big mistakes if you let your husband stays at home and you will find money for the family. Except if he is paralyzed or he is a disable and that is considerable.

Put all the trust to your husband if you think that you are more skillful wife, try to help your husband in another way and don’t ever forget your responsibility as a wife so that your husband will always be inspire to do everything for his family. 

This is very important for husband’s role; 

1. Don’t work overtime get back home early.

2. Always express your love to your wife through eating together during meals. 

3. Hug your wife and smile, you must be happy.

4. And say thank you for the food she prepares and for taking care of the children.

5. Put all the trust to let your wife make all the money budgeting.

6. Constant communications in everyday life is as important as millions that you have. 

7. Constant communications=Forever relationship.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Handle Criticism

 Don’t Judge a Person with regards to Image, of what he chose and Words he Said;

Do you have opinions?
Are you a good listener?
Why do people hate people?
What are the things you like the most and you hate the most?
Most people aim of perfection like having perfect physical personality with shiny hair, long nose, and smooth skin, tall and sexy but, is it really important to be like this?  

If you think you are one of being perfectionist you will like this, afraid to face with many people, you always encounter trouble and not contented of things that you are doing although these opinions produces a lot of problems in our lives, but there are types of people like this a perfectionist so the important things to do is accept them and try to help these people to wake up of what is right. We are all here to think about others not for your own self.

On the other way, a person made a wrong decision it is because of the influence of his/her relationship to other with the family and friends. You have to do something good for those who are misguided in their way. 
Don’t make it a habit to make gossip, make negative comments and looking down. If you do this, you are loser because you are one of that person to whom you judged, it means those words you said to others that’s defines about who you are too!

"God made us two ears the left side is for meaning and the other side is for feeling".
Be a good listener to someone who express about what they feel. Use your all senses the touch, smell, sight and taste because these will be the best way to understand well the opinions and feelings of others.  

Touch is the most powerful means of communication even though you will not speak and you just touch the person who felt sad, he/she will feel delightful. 

People hate each other because of insecurities and ranking of class. Materials things are the temptation and evil that had poisoned the minds of everyone like to wish of having their own Cars, House and Lot, Money, Television, Computers, Cell phones and etc. If you force yourself to have all these things due to jealousy, you will be suffering a lot debt in your entire life. 

However, if you have analyzed of what you only need so chose the simple life and live peacefully. That does all depend of your decision either you live with lot of debt or live simple and peaceful. We all know in the world that debt is a big problem but why do people chose to be like that? Well in fairness to those who owe money with a good purpose there’s no problem with that. But how about today there’s high percentage today that they’re happy to owe money but when it’s time to pay they escape. 

So, for those who do business in lending or any kinds of debts opportunity please be careful to lend your money with a good purpose like to use for spending of looking for job going abroad, make small and big business. The lending company or banks must be watchful, aware and thoughtful to give an important advice of what is right and wrong for the people who wish to owe money.

There are things you like the most and hate the most write down all the things that you always do in everyday life and you can’t feel bored with it. Like cooking, gardening, blogging, singing, jogging, reading, spend time with families and watch television.  

Try to ask yourself if these things that you like are important to you?
Sometimes you hate to do a thing that is actually a very important to your life like, responsibility in household chores, develop your talents to the fullest, have regular study, refuse to cooperate and help your parents. It advisable to give value to those things that you hate for because these things might be the way through your success. And it is true that it is difficult to love what you hate and also it’s not easy to forgive and forget. But if you try to change the way you think before, you will change everything inside and out. 

So, in relations to don’t judge a person with regards to image, of what he chose and the words he said the most important in life is how real are you as a person?  
Always follow and obey the truth because the truth will lead you the way for a perfect life by live simply and peaceful. Try to feel perfect in good moral values.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Give Value of Things

How to value life?

Why are you afraid to die?
What are the things that you value most and you can’t live without it?

There are two types of values the OBJECTIVES AND SUBJECTIVES;

1. The value of job. It is not simple to have a stable job. There are many things to do to achieve the job that you aim. You have a lot of sacrifices to go to the office every day from 7am-4pm or until 10pm to have overtime. There’s circumstances will come like, if you are married it is very difficult to handle the time management for your wife and children. Although, you have no problem with regards to financial needs because you chose your job as your priority and it is right that you gain that stability of your job coz you put your hard work into it.

2. The value of money. Money is an instrument to buy our basic needs and wants. It is the primary concern of all the people to find job and business to make money also you will not survive without money.

The reason why some people do illegal job just to make money because of its need. The advantage of valuing the money is that you can control your money not the money will control you like for instance, you tempt to steal in the bank, stores and in the government however, if your money will work for you, your life will be is easy, feel comfortable and peaceful.

3. The value of career. What is your career? Career is a profession or job that you are really an expert of that field. A profession to be a full time wife and a mother, this is only a career that sometimes wives are underestimated this because they don’t give more importance, improve and develop to become good rule model as a wife, this career is the most vital to give 100% focus because if you fail to become a good leader in the family, you bring forever failure. 

Therefore, if you value your career, first come to your mind must be your profession as a good rule model in a family. 

4. The value of time. There are lots of quotes about time. Time is like a diamond. Do you value your time? 
Are you a passive type of person? 
Do you believe that to wake up early is a way to value time? 
How do you use your time in effective way? 
Are you happy when you finish your work on time? 
Do you have time to be with your family most of the time?  
Do you and your family eat every meal all the time? 
Do you usually work overtime? 

Many questions to ask about time because time is the number one reason of everything, trouble and peace, good and bad, happy and sad, win and lose failure and success. The relationship of trouble and peace in time like if you follow your time schedule about your work to do everyday you will not encounter trouble.

If you sleep in a right time you will not feel bad, you are happy if you achieve your goals time by time, if you practice your career everyday you will never lose the fight lastly, you will absolutely fail if you will not give the right value of time. 

5. The value of having good moral of inside and out. You will meet a lot of good friends, having good relationship in a family, in a company, schools and or any kinds of organizations. To have a good moral values, is a key to success especially if you have the ability to have self discipline, patience, self determination, self confidence, faith, hope and love not only for yourself but most especially to others.

Note: Practice to break your thought not to worry in materials things, because these are all worthless. The most important you need to practice and have it is your relationship to others. Always say yes anybody will need your help. Volunteer to help!.
God speed to all!

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