Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is a Role of the Husband in the Family

Why do people get married? Because they need a partner when get old, and have children. What about yours?
If a person finds a partner, how about he/she choose the parents to live forever?
Are you a type of this person to be happy, live and serve with parents?
What are the reasons why some of the married couple love quarrel and get divorced?

Because of lack of communications through the busy days, and forced marriage.
Some other said don’t get married because if you enter the marriage life it is like struggling a problem without a solution.

Do you believe with this?
If you say yes, you are fearful and lack of confidence. Don’t be afraid to accept the challenge if you think that marriage is a test. “Marriage is a game that if you put the hard work, commitment, determination, passion and hope in it, during at the final day you will take the trophy of success”.

 So, for those who are planning to get marry someday, you must be knowledgeable to know the role of the husband’s and wives in the family which enables to achieve the trophy of success.  

If an interviewer ask a wife what is your husband’s work?
The wife replies he is at home taking good care of our children; he works in the company, public teacher and a business man.  

What’s your husband’s job? Is he working or not?
Wherever and whatever is your husband’s position, the wife must be proud of it. Because the real role of the husband in the family is giving the unconditional love of his wife and children, and that is why he is responsible of all the financial and moral needs of the family. 

The husband is always meant through actions not to express by words. Wives must think twice and understand your husbands if they are not good in household chores like gardening, washing plates, cooking and cleaning the house

These duties are so easy for them; they don’t like to do a work that is so easy and light. Most of the wives will feel disappoint of their husband because wives think their husband are not cooperating the wives. We all know that we can not serve two jobs at a time. So, wives try to do your responsibility and don’t blame to your husband of the job that is meant for you.

Wives, are you happy that you will let your husband to take good care of your children because you think you have the capability to earn more money than your husband? 
Don’t you know that you underestimated and feel like you step and take his rights? 
What happen to a person if he/she feels no freedom? 
It might be a huge trouble coming. There’s a big mistakes if you let your husband stays at home and you will find money for the family. Except if he is paralyzed or he is a disable and that is considerable.

Put all the trust to your husband if you think that you are more skillful wife, try to help your husband in another way and don’t ever forget your responsibility as a wife so that your husband will always be inspire to do everything for his family. 

This is very important for husband’s role; 

1. Don’t work overtime get back home early.

2. Always express your love to your wife through eating together during meals. 

3. Hug your wife and smile, you must be happy.

4. And say thank you for the food she prepares and for taking care of the children.

5. Put all the trust to let your wife make all the money budgeting.

6. Constant communications in everyday life is as important as millions that you have. 

7. Constant communications=Forever relationship.

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