Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to make your Parents proud of you

Help your parent's livelihood everyday

This is one of the best parts of your experience in life especially when you are at minor ages from 6-17years old. The past cannot be changed but we call it history.

So, my advice does not ever give problems to your parents. Make them proud and happy parents.

Stay away from scary, unhealthy and dangerous vices

Like DRUG ADDICTION, SMOKING & OVER DRINK LIQUOR these will lead you to have miserable life forever. Always remember your parents are always there to support you emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Do you believe that YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF THE NATION? So, please always be a good child and make your parents proud of you no matter what happen.

Give your 100% respect and 100% love to your parents at all times

Parents are bad leaders sometimes but this is not the reason why you don't give them respect and love. Please accept their weaknesses; parents are worthy to give 100% full of respect and to give 100% full of love.
Believe in me your parents are so special a very special because only parents can give unconditional love. Parents are ready to sacrifice for the good of their children.

Give your big hug and show your big smile

Your happiness is your parent’s happiness. Parents want to see their children always happy.

I love my Mama Teresa and Tatay Isidro... I am very proud of my parents!!!

I hope I can hear someone who shares their family life experiences.

Thank you my dear readers!!!

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