Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Find True Happiness in Many Ways

There is no such thing poor or rich in this world if we care and think of other’s need. God commands us to love one another and share blessings. 

It is he who makes and provides every thing for our daily needs and there are no excuses for us to reason out, that each one of us has no responsibility to help others.

It is quite difficult to give other’s food even to feed with your dogs; it is conflict to your decisions to give. Yet, the more you give the more happiness will come into your life. 

It is the bad side of your mind and feelings to affirm not to give, those negative wants to fight the positive attitude. And so, to achieve true happiness you must do the right thing.

Here are do’s and don’ts tips and ways on how to find true happiness;


Always think of your own needs. If you experience financial problems you blame others for your own advantages. 
Example; You work in a company crisis comes then the company need to implement costs cutting and need to terminate some of the employees. And the cause of the costs cutting is because of your scam. You stole money from the company. Do you think it is equal?

Pessimistic mind
Always expect worst and hopeless in every thing he/she do. Example; you are looking for a job hunting. Unfortunately many times you tried but you still didn’t find a job, in your situation you feel disappointed and failure and in that negative affirmation in your mind can cause stress and therefore you surrender. Do you think this choice of yours is the best answer?

Jealousy| Envy
Comparing the way of living to your neighbors, friends and family is the worst decision ever made. Discontented can cause all the troubles. It is because no matter what happen you do every thing to level up yourself from others. 

Example; One of your sister bought a motorcycle, and because of envy you want to buy also even though you can not afford. And so, you do your best as you can to have like what your sister has. You are going to lend money, but the problem is how can you pay the money back? Your income is still not enough for your children’s basic needs. Is it fair to run away your debt?

Doing something that can hurt a person’s feelings especially when can him/her cry. You are laughing when you bully, but the truth is your heart is full of anger and hatred. If somebody tells you that you are so fat and black? Are you hurt?

Losing of trust in one’s self and to others is a sign of worry.


Allow your neighbors and the rest of your family members to borrow and use your things.

Offer your extra blessings to someone’s in need especially the basic needs the food, clothing and shelter.

Express concerns of other’s need. Understand the needs of others and help to solve their problems.

Give smile
Always do things that can make people happy just to give your smile.

Give love and respect to your parents
Spend your time with them. Cook for them and eat your meals with your parents.

Love your husband and wife
Marriage is divine and it needs to give value. For better or worse till death do they part and though there are times couple fights each others decisions and rights but that doesn’t mean they have no love at all.

Fear God
He is the only over all master. Every event that will happen in our lives is God’s purpose. And so, you must spend time to report what is going to do and ask for forgiveness for the job you missed.

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