Friday, July 16, 2010

Machine, Material & Environment can cause stress

 How to manage this?
3.) Machine – Do you know what is the “machine” that relates to stress? It is your own body. Your body needs exercise and substantial amount of physical activity in a daily basis in order to stay active.

It is why if you are always in the bed the whole day or sitting in front of the television the whole day. Your body feels inactive/unresponsive and then can cause a lot of stress.

Try to take care of your body. You might be surprised that if you fail to take care of this body, it can either result you to:

a. Overweight
b. Sluggish type of person
c. Slow type of person
d. Unattractive to look at.

The problems above can result to a more severe form of “machine” related stress known as “mental stress”, which is a problem deeply rooted in your mind and subconscious.

Overall recommendation: You simply need to exercise. This is not actually going to the gym, but at least either (you can select any of these depending on the applicability to your own scenario):

1.) 30 minutes daily walking (speed walking)
2.) 30 minutes of biking/cycling (high speed)
3.) 30 minutes of strenuous in-house activity like cleaning

As long as you sweat too much, it is now OK. If you do not sweat anything at all, it is a bad exercise.

4.) Material – what is this material? It is your food. If you are not wise enough in selecting appropriate foods for your body, then it can surely contribute to stress.

Why? It is because:
a. If you consistently eat high cholesterol. This can have side effects which slow down your body and increases risk of heart disease. If you reach in this stage, I am sure you are pretty stressed out.

b. If you always drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. It might feel good and advertised as stressed reliever. NO- because if you reach at the old age, you are still the same person but you might be suffering from lung related ailments that can surely be so stressing to think.

Overall recommendation: Eat a balance diet. Eat well but not eating too much. Eat as what is required for your body. You need to drink water, eat some vegetables, and drink some milk. As long as it is healthy, it is good for your body and won’t contribute to stress.

5.) Environment – this is self-explanatory. It is why a lot of persons will go on a vacation far away from their noisy, polluted and dirty work environment.

If you are living in peaceful, clean and calm surroundings, your mind is relaxed and stress free. This is very different with polluted, traffic and dirty surroundings, even as going outside for 1 hour; you feel you are getting stressed too much.

Overall Recommendations: Select your ideal home and working environment. Something which can relax you for quite a long time even you are working.

Remember this equation: Stress free = happiness.


  1. Hello Jeanine,

    I say yes, to exercise, taking time to chill out and feeding my mind positive input. Environment does play a big factor. As much as my husband Larry and I loved Seattle,the traffic and congestion plus pollution plus the rain finally got to us. We moved to Sedona AZ two and half years ago. Are we glad we did. Beauty, sunshine and small town. Just love it.


  2. Hi Faith,
    I've also read that exposure to pollution can speed up aging because of some chemicals that will have side effects with the body.
    Luckily for persons that will be always be living in a busy urban area, they can drink black or green tea everyday as these contains antioxidants that will get rid of pollution damage.