Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple ways for managing stress in your life- Man and Method

"Stress" is an undesirable result of working too hard or worrying too much. Even more surprising is that; even you do not work or worry too much, you still get stressed. Stress is also a result of having no work at all, as boredom might worry you much as well as periods of inactivity can make your body feel very sluggish.

So how can we manage stress? For around 5 years, I have experimented deeply on the topics of stress in actual, personal and home life. I found that stress is a result of the 4M’s and one E known as:

1.) Man
2.) Method
3.) Machine
4.) Material
5.) Environment

In each of those five factors above causing stress, also needs some sort of different approach in managing stress. Ok let’s get started:

1.) Man – your interaction with normal people can cause stress because of:

a.) Severe mismatch in personality – you might wonder why there are just some people who will simply argue or disapproved the way you handle things. This is normal because there is a severe personality mismatch. One good for another, may not be good for anyone else.

b.) Different backgrounds/work status – it is why it is hard to get along with bosses. It is because of different work status, if you hang-out or talks to your boss, every instructions or disapproval from him/her can cause a lot of stress.

c.) Different marital status – a married person behaves differently from a single. So if a married person hangs-out with a single, like in bars. Things can be difficult to handle and if forced; can cause a lot of stress.

d.) Different cultures – if it is OK for an American to just watch anything in the television. Things are different for a Muslim. So if you hang-out with persons with different cultures, it can cause a lot of stress.

Overall recommendation: You need to limit your exposure to people, it seems that in my 5 year observation, those people who are used to hangout with everyone else are often more stressed/unhappy than those persons that are simply selective in interacting with people and focusing more on quality relationships rather than “forced” relationships. You define that “relationship” not anyone else.

2.) Method – your interaction with the processes in your life

This is very complex; even as simple as how you are sitting in a chair can contribute to stress. In this case, you might change your method on how you are sitting right now, or else strain can accumulate on your backs can cause some stress.

If you are used to wash a massive amount of clothes manually, then this is stressful. So in this case, you might save some cash to buy a washing machine.

Overall recommendation: Do not just ignore of what makes you uncomfortable. What makes you uncomfortable are already causing you stress. You need to find a way to change it as early as possible before it can cause a lot of damage.

The rest of the causes and recommendations will be discussed on the next essay.

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