Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Words of Inspirations and Affirmations

1. I am not afraid when I feel alone; God is always with me in every ticking of a clock.

2. I will not worry of today and tomorrow because God will provide everything I need.

3. Talk to God and he will listen, Ask God and he will answer, Seek God and you will find him in your heart, mind and soul.

4. There is no impossible with God if you surrender everything with him.

5. God knows everything about you and whatever happens to you either you feel it difficult, you have to be happy because in times of suffering the more he is at your side.

6. Try to say thank you to God about the little things to big things in your life.

 7. Always be proud of what you're doing because he is proud of you too and happy for you. God is like your parents or loved ones. He needs your love and care.

8. God don't like secrets. He always wants to listen of everything about you stories. And every word that you write and say are all words of God.

9. I am empty without God. He owns everything in me. My body is temporary but my soul is forever.

10. Happiness can't reciprocate money but if you work with full of love you will have both money and happiness.

11. Success only measures on how you are close to God.

12. The reasons of always getting into trouble and have no confident is the lack of trust of God.

13. Every man has weakness and strength God designed us like this because he wanted us to understand each other in this world.

14. Word of rejection is a word of man. Remember God will always appreciate of being humble person.

15. God never ever reject you. He loves you forever and eternally.

16. God will control you mind and heart to do what he is intended you to do. Life is like all types of flowers because of its wonderful colors.

17. God always want your consistent communication 

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