Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pollution can Kill the Planet Earth

Bottles, plastic, old batteries, dead mobiles computers television radio, junk cars and etc. where are these things to be place on earth that no one else are affected. Factories in the world are uncontrollable. 

Abortion is everywhere. Abandoned children are homeless they live in the streets no food to eat. Corruption is in the blood of the people who are in the position but not all. 

Low minimum wages of salaries like production worker, sales clerk, baker, construction worker and maid or servant. Lack of jobs opportunities to all High School graduates. High tuition fees in College Education.
What is really important in life is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Neighbor can also possibly mean by loving our mother earth. 

Where is the love of the people that the place where we live in now is not safe? 

The mind and heart of the people has polluted feeling of self-centered and selfish. Everyone knows to change is constant and it is almost the end of the year 2010 and still there are no changes of attitudes of the people. Every non living and living things are temporary in this world and that make the people stubborn by loving their useless things. The most dangerous pollution of the world is the greedy mind of the people. 

There are many rich people are riding their fancy cars that they know nothing how polluted the world. It is better to be a wise man than a rich man. Money will kill your soul if you don’t know how to use it in a right way. All the poor will suffer the natural and human disasters of the world but their souls will last forever.
Try to listen to the song“Heal The World” by Michael Jackson listen to every word he sung and analyze how he really meant to heal the world and try to compare how to heal the polluted world. 

Through giving and sharing is one of the best solutions how to fight pollution. Pollution is like hunger, lack of opportunities and no proper give fairly treatment to the poor. 

 What is the image the world be look like if all the people are selfish and unfaithful of themselves?
It is really true that curiosity makes to be a wise person and to learn many things and it has possibly to change a better world?
Try to ask yourself are you happy if you hurt someone? 
Is like are you happy if you throw a candy wrapper in the streets? 

Are you happy that you sit in an expensive chair and you’ll see many homeless families? 

Are you happy watching your different kinds of expensive cars parked at your garage and you know nothing that all the poor can not afford to buy slippers?

All these questions, make sense especially to greed rich people don't have the love to their neighbors. Who suffers disease and hunger.

If we all care our nature every one is happy and there will be crime that could ever happen.
The world is a place to live freely, take good care of natural resources, sharing and giving of material wealth.

Let us all save the world for the a better place to live for the future generation.

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