Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to Divide and Conquer Strategy to Solve a Difficult Problem Technique

“Divide and conquer” strategy is a great and proven technique in solving problems and completing a difficult project. The following are the five essential tips you can apply the divide and conquer strategy to turn life obstacles into a pathway to success.

1. Define the problem with details

The first step is clearly defining the problem. For example, you are having financial problems in your marriage that results to unpaid debt, etc.

You can address the problem with setting a goal to solve it. You might say as a new year resolution, “I hope next year, I will pay all debts and save 60%of my income.”.

2. Break the giant problem into small manageable pieces

Of course, it may sound so difficult and impossible if you hear someone saying “In the next 5 years, I will become a millionaire”. If you do that, you find yourself lost in the process and more likely you will never be able to attain your goal.

This is where the divide and conquer strategy comes to play. The key is to break down the major goals into small manageable goals. Supposing you plan to become a millionaire in the next 5 years; a realistic goal breakdown would be in terms of yearly goals. An even more manageable approach is to even break it down into monthly goals, for example:

a.) Save x% from your income each month.
b.) Control the overall %cost to x percent per month.
c.) Contribute x amount of dollars to stocks portfolio per month.

Saving, controlling cost and investing a little each month seems to be easy and manageable goals. This little step you are doing each month is what it takes to be a millionaire within years to come.

3.) Persistence, Discipline, Hard work and Focus

Now you have successfully broken down the difficult goal into small manageable goals, the next thing you will do is to work on it. Nothing will be accomplished with your goal if you are not willing to exert an effort.

Not only hard work but a combination of persistence discipline and focus. Let’s go back to the million dollar goal example. To be persistent means you should be able to continue your contributions to your stock portfolio investment each month or doing things to reduce cost per month as well as saving money.

“Focus” is important to keep you track with your goals on a daily basis. This focus gives you the reason to live for the day and work. Take small steps daily, you will be amazed how these small steps can become an integral part of success in the future to come.

Final Lesson: When you encounter a big problem, define the problem into small pieces by breaking it down into small manageable goals. You can then act on these small manageable goals that will slowly solve the big problem in the long run.

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