Sunday, July 31, 2011

My personal success and motivation quotations that I would like to share

Most of us rely on quotes from legends and great persons just to get inspired. But the most inspiring quotations come actually from you. Below are my personal quotes that I have formulated, feel free to share it to anyone but attribute my name:

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A successful person knows how it feels to become a person of success because he already knows what it feels like to be a person of failure”.

-This quotation is related to happiness. This is actually a secret to become a truly successful person. The secret is to try failing. It is because failure is always associated with sadness and disappointments but by growing strong and learning from these failures can actually transform you into a successful person. Not only successful but happy as well.

The hardest solution to a problem is doing nothing at all

-It is why the moment you bravely took the steps to eliminate the problem and solve it, you are actually making it easier because the moment it does not work; you actually learn something from it. So if you are not doing anything at all to solve your problems, the solution will remain to be very difficult.

Do not complain why you are feeling bored and not motivated if you did not bother creating a plan

Plan is what keeps you motivated. It is the day to day basis of your work. If you are not creating a plan in the first place, expect your work routine to be very boring. The primary reason is that doing work without a plan is like shooting your gun in all directions, you cannot hit your target – hence you accomplish nothing. Without a feeling of accomplishment, you will feel bored and de-motivated.

The race to success in life is like racing in a marathon- those who are slow and consistent will always beat the fast and the lazy."

The lazy persons in this world attempts to do as many shortcuts as they can think to become successful. Only to know that this will lead to frustration, suffering, disappointments and even crime! But those who are patient, no matter how slow is their progress in life as long as they are consistent - will have its place in the throne of success.

It’s hard to get motivated if you have a lack of sleep

Do you feel de-motivated? It maybe because you do not have rest; try sleeping and then you feel more refreshed and more active to work.

"In a contest, true winners figure out how to win and how they can do better next time while losers are always complaining that they have been cheated."

Do you know that in a contest, there are always winners and losers? Yet the true winners are busy figuring out how to win next time. But true losers are never satisfied with anything and always complaining about how the weaknesses of the contest and even complaining that they have been cheated.

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