Friday, July 1, 2011

How to Stay Motivated in Accomplishing Your Goal

There can be times when you feel bored pursuing any goals in life. This is where it's hard to get motivated to get things going. Below are useful tips that you can re-ignite your motivational energy so that you will not get lost on your path to success:

how to stay motivated

1.) Make a plan and write it down – writing your daily task and schedule helps you keep guided and motivated because it means:

a.) You have something to do.
b.) You are responsible for those task and it should be done.
c.) Accomplishing those task gives you a sense of accomplishment that boost motivational energy.

Without a written plan, its hard to get motivated in the long run. You can easily distracted with other things in life. Your plan should be something very relevant to your goals. Do not include task which are not helpful in accomplishing your goals.

2.) Work Slowly but surely – pressure in life can add stress significantly to the point that it slowly creeps into your subconscious mind. The result is that it affects your motivation simply because you will become tired of your life. The secret is to work slowly but surely. It's more acceptable to be delayed in your work schedule than to be DE-MOTIVATED because of stress.

By working slowly in those task, it gives you a sense of freedom from pressure, time and concentration which can result to better quality work output. Jobs well done can again increase your motivational energy to keep you going. You might be working slow but adding all those little things you have done on a daily basis can mean BIG in the future.

3.) Pause for coffee break when concentration seems slow – there are times when you can work for so many hours non-stop. There are also times when you feel sluggish and slow. Its natural, you are a human not a machine. So it make sense you might stop when concentration seems so slow. You can drink coffee or tea and do anything interesting to get out of boredom. The maximum time depends on how you feel about your concentration, sometimes one hour break is enough.

4.) Reward yourself – this depends on the individual but the key is to reward yourself for getting the job done. A good strategy is to look at your task list. Supposing there are 30 tasks to be done, now you need a lot of motivational energy to complete those tasks. A good technique is to reward yourself for every 5 accomplished tasks. After completing five tasks; you can take a day off, watch a movie, drink at a bar or anything that can re-charge your motivational energy. Then get back to work, you will continually feel a sense of motivation.

5.) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day- this is one of the biggest secrets in motivation. Exercising can increase your heart beat, release those endorphins which keeps the bad energy (“boring” energy) out of your system. You can run, swim, bike for 30 minutes a day. Doing this can also contribute to a healthy lifestyle, burn fats and keeps you motivated.

Tip: Exercise can be tiring and most beginners will push to their limits which is not OK. The recommendation is to limit your heart rate at 75% of your maximum heart rate so that you will enjoy your exercise and never get tired.

Your maximum heart rate is 220- age. If your age is 30, then your maximum heart rate is 190. Thus do not exercise more than 75% x 190 = 143 beats per minute. You can use a heart rate monitor for this.

6.) Sleep Well – sleep can re-charge lost energy. This includes re-charging your motivational energy. If you sleep enough, you feel fresh and energetic.Six to eight hours a day is recommended for most adults.

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