Friday, September 16, 2011

Distinction of Civil and Church Marriage

The Benefits of Civil Marriage and the Importance of Church Marriage


Is an agreement of between the man and woman as husband and wife that requires proper commitment of each individual. 

Marriage is also a contract between persons that is distinguished by religious tradition and cultural practice.

Nowadays marriage is easy to make it happen because actually anyone with the position in the community especially in the government has the right to be engaged in civil marriage. 

Like for instance, town mayor he/she implement civil marriage. It is usual for judges to do this activity and this is really their job. It has a lot of beneficiaries or advantages in choosing civil marriage.

Costs are cheap

If you are a type of a person who has priorities instead of spending only in marriage but you divert it to much more important like buying lots for instance. 

More of the case if you engage in civil marriage only the important people can attend like the witnesses, parents of the wife and husband so costs is less. 

Whereas church or when held in crowded celebration you will pay the costs in venues or the reception where your visitors can eat, the food, drinks, wedding dress, souvenirs, cakes and many more extra costs.

 In addition to costs, like paying church fees ( priest, lights, choir and etc.), decoration at church, decorations in the reception venue, the documents that requires in the church are too many and it is very costly, Seminars too many in church wedding.

After the marriage instead of being happy the condition will be different it turns to frustration due to huge costs that you bear will pull you down. 

On the other side, before deciding to spend enormous amount it is better to plan ahead of time and save a lot of money that will not affect your income. And set percentage savings for the marriage. This will be more light way to prevent depression.

Process of paper requirements is abrupt and manageable

If both parties of the individuals are single, you get married one week before the completion of the requirements. 

Unlike, those who experienced marriage before it is a little bit complicated because it’s need to settle the previous union before entering the new marriage. Further to that complication, still civil marriage is recommended to prefer. 

No seminars at all

This is an advantage to those who engage in day job. In seminars demand time and if the event happens on working days the work will behind. Time is wasted and the income of the day will perish.

In the church marriage it is mysterious but special ceremony and a very conservative and it is cherished by old generation/creation. This way of marriage is based on formalities but it is actually depends on what is the person’s point of view. 

In other way of concept, every individual can hold formal ceremonies because they also measure their comfort zone, the special place and how it blends the style of the ceremony. 

In church marriage, some people might say there is a big blessing because the priest is the instrument of God the father’s consecration. 

Another is, Self Pride- the church is a large place to walk down the aisle so; it is in the mind and the perception of a person that church wedding is great. It satisfies the total self individual happiness and fulfillment. 

To choose in church marriage, it manifests the religion and to furnish high value to more religious people and them appreciate it because they believe from the bottom of their hearts.

Lastly, it is very important to give high gratitude of culture and tradition and of what tribe you belong to maintain the group or the members of the family’s peacefulness and satisfaction, but still it’s always have the balance in implementing to those traditions in choosing what is right and wrong. 

Marriage is an important instrument, to measure faithfulness, commitment, responsibility and leadership in building a new family in the community as a wife and a husband rule.
Good luck! Thank you.

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