Friday, October 21, 2011

What is perseverance? Stories and Examples

In life there is what we called change and it is the only constant in this universe. Not all things that can be control but still it has the considerations of others that surround you.

You are the only one compare to billions of populations that influence with any kinds of controls and directions of others.

And all I wanted to express is that even if you choose to live in peaceful and happy life, there are human beings who are actually destroying and want to stop your beautiful desires and here this is the time, your perseverance will measure your dreams where it goes.

Here is an inspiring story of a mother with two healthy children; she is really responsible wife and a mother as functions in the family, but she was frustrated with her husband.

Her husband is drunkard, abusive and irresponsible father yet, she is still persists despite of bitterness of the relationship with his husband and she did it because of their children and she protect the sacred of marriage in the church an in God and she is in loved with her husband and promised not to leave him for better or for worse.

She keeps on praying for her husband’s change, until their marriage reached at 70 years, to estimate if this couple got married at 20’s to calculate the difference between 20 and 70 is equal to 50 years of sacrificing the husband’s bad character.
And their age is in 70’s and their children are already married too. It is really incredible and mysterious love story of married couple.

If I ask you what comes in your mind if this happen in your married life?

Can you survive to live in 50 years of marriage with thorns?

Or you will give up and married again and find someone to whom will love you back?

And whatever decisions you have made there is always consequences. If you want to get married again, there will be chance that your new partner is different as your former one, but he/she has weaknesses also that sometimes you don’t like it to happen.

And if you choose to stick to your old marriage life, at first you encounter misery but if you expect and believe in change someday, there’s miracle happen to you and that is a big reward of your sorrows.
The story that I shared above, measures the true power of perseverance.

 If you can still persists, just hold and use that strength to move unto another step of your life to go for a great true happiness that awaits for you. And that is PERSEVERANCE.

Here is an example: You start to make your own business; you risk your life and money, 1 year of your business you stop operating it because you think you’re not gaining profit.

But before you quit on the important things, ask yourself many times and write every problem you feel that you encountered within that year.

And make some countermeasure to overcome and eliminate those problem. Identify the problem first then take actions.

There are trials that can not be solved alone, rather with many heads. If  you start a thing, you may better finish it until the end of your time because true happiness is always at the end of the game.

And what you get in the middle are those wonderful experiences and amazing lessons in life to keep your more stronger ever. 
God Bless everyone!

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