Saturday, June 9, 2012

The importance of to love one another and set example

God always reminds us with these words of saying; love your neighbors, family and friends as you love yourself. God didn’t say love your money as you love yourself. 

It is quite difficult to spend some of your time to talk with your family member because you are too busy to work and sometimes you forgot to eat meals together with your family.

Reasons why a person is hard to give love and to be love;

Live in modern world technology

In today’s generation we live in a modern technology. Unlike before people were so happy to work at their farm and helping each other to harvest the food. During at night, neighbors were playing guitars and drinking native drink from coconut tree. It is so much fun to remember an old time.

Compared today, people are too busy with their iPAD, cell phones, play online games and watch television shows. Even during, meal time iPad and cell phones is in the left or the right hand. It has negative effects especially to teenagers with those modern things. It affects and eliminates to have good relationships with the family. Spending time is an act of giving love.

Always feel Insecure and jealousy

Every one wants to be secure with financial status, education status, and family status.
If too much ambitions without knowing the right thing to do, problem rises and it is not easy to get out of the maze if you force to enter or do the things at first you don’t know where the exit is.

Here is an example; there’s a family who lives in a remote province of Philippines, they have simple way of life can eat three times a day having their healthy 4 children. In other words, as an individuals each posses strengths and weaknesses, these couple have the same ambitions like other families have and just to acquire simple materials thing like to buy motorcycle but the problem is a husband’s work is a farmer and a wife is part time vendor. In short, their income is enough for their daily needs.

And because of eagerness to have motorcycle, the wife was being forced to lend money from the lending company to install a motorcycle. Luckily but not true they were successfully get a motorcycle and they still has to pay the monthly installment with interest.  

So bad happening, when the due date comes there were no more money to give. Until the motorcycle was sent back to the company and they still have debts pending with interest per month. The company gave noticed if they can not pay the remaining amount, one of the couple will go to the prison.

Starting the time they fight and hurt each other physically and blaming each other’s mess. And that was all the source of their broke up. And their children were so affected.
Currently, the wife is leaving her children and looking for a job while the husband is staying at the province and work in a farm for the survival of his 4 children.

I hope this couple will stay together again and forgive and love each other. Do you feel insecure by your currently status? Are you not contented of what you have today? Are you jealous with your neighbor’s status? Do you compare yourself with others?

Love is accepting of who you are. My advice is to try to smile and talk to your parents or your brothers and sisters, ness and nephews. And if possible, organize small celebrations once a week for your family gatherings. And save money for your birthday or fiesta and invite your neighbors to come to your house to eat together and spend your time to talk to them on any positive thing. 


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