Friday, June 8, 2012

My amazing experienced at El Nido Palawan and Puerto Princesa City

It is more fun in the Philippines if you choose to go for a vacation at El Nido and Puerto Princesa City. You see many beautiful spots, since it starts from Puerto Princesa. 

And when you ride a van, within 20minutes you can see the view of live rocks and it is called limestone. I did not expect that form of rocks still exist in Philippines I thought it is only in other countries.

That was my first time in my entire 26 years of my life, to go that far in that Island of Palawan. And that experienced encourage me to go more far and explore the beauty of nature in my own country Philippines

Puerto Princesa is so Clean City. It is called simply the best. I am so happy and proud to say that there is still hope of cleanliness in Philippines. And it starts with you.

I was born in remote province of Cebu City, and almost every day I see garbage any where and when I ride a jeepney to go to school, I always smell stinky when I pass the bridge where water flows so dirty. In my mind, I thought the entire Island of the Philippines is polluted.

And that changed my negative point of view when I went to El Nido Palawan. And the reason why I don’t usually agree to spend money for vacation it is because I thought it was a waste of time, stressful and a waste of money. Nevertheless, it is so not true because my mind transform into a positive one.

I affirmed myself before I sleep that I have great vacation here at El Nido. I am so lucky to come here because I see new views and I met new people. 

All of my affirmations granted because I made friends where we stayed and we met new people during our Island tours. And it is so blessed even I talk to strangers but it was fun.

During Island tours I went to 10 Islands these took for two days tours. The first one called Tour A and the next day was tour C.

I enjoyed a lot and the money I paid for the Island tour deserved. In tour A I paid 700 pesos including food while tour C 900pesos including food it was more expensive because the Islands were far away to go.

And I am very thankful to God, for giving my husband as an instrument to make me happy by sharing his blessings and planning well to come at El Nido and Puerto Princesa Palawan very successful. We are all having happy vacation experienced.

El Nido Island

El Nido Island

El Nido Island

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