Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be a Full Time House Wife is a Great Honor

I am a wife but not yet a mother and planning to have children someday; for now we focus on stabilizing our financial asset to give our children a bright future and for it’s also the good of the nation.

In today’s modern generation; the responsibility of a wife is not really as important as before. Husband and wife can easily work either in private or in public company because they’re both capable to work. We have all freedom.

But if when you are married, husband and wife have different roles in the family.  

Wife as a “house wife”, takes care of husband and children while the husband is the bread winner, head of the family and role model for their children.

It’s good for a wife to help husband’s livelihood but not making a full time job...

Make your Husband proud of you:

1. Take proper good cares for your husband and children.

2. Always give your 100% full support to your husband.

3. Appreciate him of all his doings and projects either small or big.

4. Show all the respect to your husband rights how he leads as a head of the family.

5. Always tell him I love you, hug and give your sweetest smile.

6. Make him always feels that you need him all the time.

7. Show him that being a full time wife is a great honor.

8. Always remind your husband that prayer is big power to every trial encountered.

9. Always give thanks for all the blessing you have received.

10. Always reminds that God is the center of the family.

I hope I can touch one’s heart of every woman and become a proud wife in the world. I gathered all of these from my experiences to my families, relatives, friends and reading a book. See to be a housewife is a great honor. And it’s time for a challenge…

God Bless Every one!

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