Friday, August 21, 2009

How do you Define True Success in Life

To be contented with what you have is the end measurement of success in life. Even if you are poor you must be happy, life must go on and dream.

You must count on your blessings and never count all the insecurities. To feel insecure is a weakness and if you use it, life will become miserable.

To prevent this bad feeling, you must not compare yourself to others, not get jealous and don’t fight. Some others say that, to have a lot of money and power is what you will become successful; well it is 50% true and 50% lie it means that there must a balance.

If you want to have the 100% true success with your money, you must share your blessings to those who are in need.

If you’re just hiding your wealth in the bank, this is not at all good instead giving it to your family and buys some important things for your own that makes you happy. And remember, Contentment, Sharing and Happiness is how you define true success in life.

However keep in mind that success is relative. Success for a specific person does not translate to success to another.

It is why to be contented with what you have is essential if you want attaining success to be as easy as breathing.

Some persons are defining success as different from happiness. While this is true, the ultimate goal is to associate your happiness with success.

Success is nothing if you are not happy, or happiness is nothing without success. These two should go together. How to do this is very simple:

Plan your life

Make you want to accomplish things that will make you happy. Do not include in your goals those things that won't make you happy.

Start working for these plans

You noticed that once you have accomplished something in your goal, you have an intense feeling of success and happiness.

Once all your objectives are accomplished, repeat the planning phase

And then you have unlimited supply of happiness and success, accomplishing these things will give you a strong sense of purpose in your life.

Lastly sharing is the most important element in success and happiness. If you have seen the movie "Into the Wild" which is true story of a loner man that lives in the deep jungle away from all distractions and people.

Before he died due to accidental food poisoning from eating a wild vegetable, he wrote something in his notes: "Happiness is not real unless it is shared.." It is why you need to share your blessings, then you have real success and happiness.

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