Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A True Measure of Family Success- Stays Together both in Happy and Sad Times

Filipina in a family

There are occasions that families, relatives and friends are having reunited again like birthdays, weddings, an and fiesta.

 It is called “happy moments”. Being reunited with families allows you to share your feelings with them, to say “you are not alone”.

Here are the examples of a true measure of family that stays together;

 I am 100% Filipino and I love my country Philippines I am proud to be Pinoy because no matter how poor the Filipinos are; we are always being together both in happy and sad times.

Not at all occasions can make you feel happy because there are times when sadness comes to you. A good current example is when we are hit by a typhoon called ONDOY “Ketsana”. Filipinos are helping one another to survive the calamities.

Typhoon ketsana It is really wonderful to feel that in times of tragedy; Filipino families stay together all the times especially in difficult moments.  

This is a true meaning of family that everyone has responsibility to each one of us because in God’s eye we are all brothers and sisters.

And also I would like to say my personal thanks to all the country around the whole world for helping Philippines in times of tragedies. God speed to all of you! We are a big one family and let us make a peaceful world!

In summary, below are some strong traits that you can implement to strengthen the family ties;

Pray together

If possible all the members of the family should go to church together to make the bonding so strong because God is always as the center in the family.

Eat together

It is very nice to eat together because this is the time to share your experiences, achievements and tell your loved ones what makes them proud of.

Play to get together

If there is a vacation, bring the whole family. You can spend less on vacations by simply
going to local beaches than going to expensive places like in Palawan.

This place is one of the most wonderful spots to see in the Philippines. If you lived in Palawan then you are so lucky to have your wonderful place.

Have time to talk together Share thoughts like problems 

Ttalking and discussion is very important. It has been observed that the more time the family members are talking with each other they became close and understand their needs better.

The secret word to family success is to stay and act "TOGETHER".

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