Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Choosing the Right Way to find and make Money

1. Every one has the right to study to prepare for the better future to find real and decent job.

2. Farming job is stressful but when it is time to harvest your goods or products, your stress is gone.

3.  To be professionals like doctor, lawyer, nurse, dentist, teacher, police and engineer is the best way to find money easily.
4. To be a businessman is the most difficult way to do but if you have the guts to make business you'll earn lots of money than with professionals. And to be a businessman is so interesting.

5. To be a housemaids, sales clerk and drivers must be physically fit as your capital to make more money.

6. To be an entertainer is quite a cool. But first, you must develop your skills before going to do this kind of job. Skills to play the instruments and have the talent to sing well and knows how to entertain the crowd. Yu make more money from this.


Tips and Advices;

You can choose good or bad and right or wrong methods to find money. There are ways to find money in illegal methods like gambling, illegal drugs, stealing and etc.

We all know that we have freedom in choosing and doing all things. If you choose these illegal methods, you have miserable life forever.

God provides you for all your needs

Do not worry. Money only measures your materials satisfaction and not true happiness.

The important is whatever your job likes servant, janitor, construction worker, salesclerk, farmer, gardener, dish washer, vendor, fisherman, barber, and etc these are simple but respectful and honest jobs.

If you belong with these types of jobs you must be proud, enjoy and keep working in Gods will. There are times trials will come to you but keep on doing right and be happy of what you have and what you have done.

Some people define that money can buy everything even life of a human. But the fact is money can not give you true meaning of success and happiness. It is better to live in simple life, be healthy, have great relationship with your family and work with balance of time.

To become rich is not a sin but do not love money anymore, because money can cause a lot of troubles. It is better to give more than to have and get more. Enough is enough it means contentment.

God Bless Every one!

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