Sunday, December 27, 2009

How Do You Spend and Celebrate Christmas Day

Is Christmas a costs?

Christmas traditions are very costly. But happiness is unmeasurable especially to children.

To expects Christmas Gifts from their parents, sisters, brothers and grand parents.

For me, this is the most lucky day of all the people rich or poor. Once every year, I watched Christmas movies as for my own traditions.

And I always dream to go to the place in the movie, that there is snow lots of gifts around the Christmas tree, all families eat together during noche buena.
All people must require buying gifts for their families.

Christmas is not complete without exchanging gifts and parties. Christmas tree, lights and lantern must be decorated at home and anywhere.

Are you happy and contented if you have all the gifts, parties and decorations?

Well, the most important thing for you to know is that peaceful in mind. Do not worry if you have no gift to give or you can not attend parties because all of that is non-sense or a waste of time if only the trouble in mind will prevail and you have enemy.

Celebrate Christmas simply by saying greetings to your loved ones, husband, parents, brother, sisters, relatives and friends. Eat together with your family.

Do not spend too much money because it is not the real meaning of Christmas. Give love on Christmas day it is not all about gift giving, spending your entire bonus however, it is all about how you spend time with your family.

On the other hand, sometimes some of your family is not coming home at Christmas day, all you have to do is pray for them that they have wonderful Christmas like yours and spend the rest of your time of who are presents with you now.
Everybody is affected if you are lonely or sad if you wish to celebrate a wonderful Christmas day, be happy  to

say MERRY CHRISTMAS! The spirit of Christmas is in your good heart!



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