Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to be a Good Person

To be a good person can save you in the coming of end of the world?

To be a good person needs more work to do. Self satisfaction with a little things is a sign of being a good person.

If you hate someone with purpose, that is also bad but if you have the ego to face that person and tell him the cause of your hatred and give that person an advice not to do unto others, that could be a sign to be a good person. 

High Tempered is equal to Fire. Fire symbolize bravery, learn how to control your emotions and let the good side be on the top.

Do you remember the 2012 movie?

Do you believe that is really happening in our Planet?

When will be the end of the World? 

Here is my Insight about the 2012 movie and there are some information that could be change you to be a good person;

When I finished saw a movie “2012” I learned a lot about behavior in life. We all know that we love materials things and we all know that when we die we can not bring these all to heaven. Only our souls fly and live forever in heaven.

But the question says how can you enter the kingdom of God? To be a good person is enough but how can you do to be a good follower of God. Now I realized that why God made us rich and poor it is because of purpose.

 If you have all the materials things like money, house, lot and big farm what should you do? And you know that there are many people who are suffering in poverty like no shelter, no food because they don’t have farm to plants crops, fruits and vegetables. You start to help now!  

There are people who dream to become successful of their ambitions, are you doing something to help them fulfill their dream?

Poor people always thinking they are below than rich and rich abuse them.

Do you think that is good?

You have wake up now bad people it is now time to change. Let your heart feel with love to each other by sharing your blessings and helping to those who are in needs.
Finally, not necessarily you help by your money; you can also help by sharing your talent to everyone and serve the people who need it without expecting any return.


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