Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Encourage Yourself to be a Better Person

 Encourage yourself when your Alone.
 Can you make yourself alone sometimes?
Do it and you'll found answers of your problems.

When you feel depress it seems you lose everything, out of your mind, high temper, feel laziness, no interest to talk to everyone else and feels nothing. These are all causes of having negative mind. To stay away with all these it all started by you;

1. Talk. Go out to your room and talk someone to whom you trust. Express your entire problem and listen to their response. Remember that we are responsible for each one of us that is why God made a man and woman, to help each other, know their weaknesses and accept with all their heart.

2. Learn from your mistakes. Accept your faults and examine why did it happen to you and why did you do that? Don’t blame it to others because it makes you worst than ever. You’ll have to laugh it and tell yourself of not doing it again.

3. Do your favorite activities, interest and likes. What do you like to do everyday that makes you happy is it ( playing with kids, cooking, drawing, jamming with friends, read books, singing, dancing, playing instruments, swimming and etc… you should make yourself active when you’re at times of trouble.

4. Pray to God. These are step by step prayer techniques it is called “ACTSM” means A-adore, C- contrition, T- thanksgiving, S-supplication, M- meditation.

Quotes: Don’t hate someone to whom you couldn’t give what you need instead of loving them with all of your heart and accept their weaknesses because they are the number one beings who are always ready to talk in times of troubles. Everyone is made for a purpose.

Remember try not to abuse those people and learn to care of them. In the future, you may gain more courage and happiness because of what you have done from the past and many people wants to be thankful to you. And when you hear somebody who says thank you, your heart is beating so fast because of unconditional happiness. Change, is the only thing to make you a better person.

What are you today is not the same for tomorrow. Keep on make life interesting and enjoy through of what is good for every body.

More tips be a better person, is that be willing to share your talents to others. Teach them what you have learn because there are many people, who wants wise information especially tips about their fields.

Like for instance, tips on how to make a dress, how to cook delicious, how to be beautiful and etc. If you can offer help to others, that means you achieve not only a better person but rather a Great person.

I hope God will give more hope, to be happy all the time!

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