Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Plan For a Vacation

 What to bring you plan for your vacation;
1. Know the place for a vacation to search all the information about the place.

2. Quality and rates of accommodation is important. There are cheap rates but great services.

3. Know how to get there. Bring your map to that place to ensure your safety.

4. Food to eat. If you are type of person who saves money, find some place to buy cheap food. Don't eat inside the resort restaurants because it's only burn your money. Go outside find some Karenderia. The reason why, they offer cheap food price it is because their store rental is not expensive. 

But some people, have different point of view about vacation, they don't mind about the costs as long as they are happy and contented of the services.

5. Lists all the things to bring. You must keep in mind that if you're super enjoy of your trip, you can almost forget your things. To stay away with that problem, you must write all your things in a piece of paper from smallest to biggest. Before you going home review everything if all are in tact. 

These Pictures here were taken during my Vacation;
Bohol Island. During your first vacation in a long travel or trip is not easy because it needs an adjustments in the environment but once you experienced it, you will always wanting vacation. 

Most people rich or poor likes to go to the beach during summer for a full enjoyment. Beach is great for relaxing; the air is cold, white sands and playing volleyball sport. 

There are many beauty spots all over the world I suggest Philippines is one of the best tourism in asia especially beach resorts in an Island like, Malapascua Island, Sumilon Island, Camotes Island, Bohol Island, Mactan Island and etc.

 In every Island there are several beach resorts, much better choose the best beach resorts for your accommodation by reading reviews of the people online. Inquire the rates of accommodation if it fits to your budget.

  It is advice not to pay any down payment through online by using credit cards because it is too risky and frustrated sometimes. To give cash is necessary. 

No worries if you can not find a room to stay at the moment you arrive, just keep on inquiring and the more you asks you can choose affordable accommodation.

Then, don’t forget to know how to get there; this will help you through easy long travel for a vacation. Beware of restaurants at the beach because their menus prices are too high, it is cool if you eat outside the beach resort and find affordable food eatery. 

Beach restaurant is great for drinks only during at night. Finally, lists all the important things you need to bring for a vacation like extra money, camera, snorkel, flippers, medicine, extra food or snacks and dress.

 Malapascua Island. It is located in North of Cebu this is one of the amazing tourist spot Island. You'll meet friendly people there, and is not populated place. 

The sea is so blue and clean it is the best time to go during summer. Bring lots of friends or your whole family, you're all enjoy. 

Look at the picture, and find the volleyball net over there, you can play as you want. It is nice to sleep in the sand. And don't worry about the coconut tree it's safe it has no fruits.




God speed everyone!

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