Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Control Anger and transform into Peace

Do you feel angry everyday?
To get angry is a good sign as a normal person because you know how to react the things or an event that you don’t really like. However, if you can’t control this feeling, there is an enormous problem ahead of you. To over express your anger it will make you stressful person, you can make trouble, and you will hurt the people around you, and lost a lot of good friends.

Can you bear the bad effects of extremely getting anger?
These tips are so simple but are difficult to follow in the middle of the fire of emotion;

1. Take a deep breath through the nose. It is a way of relaxing and to be calm technique, if when somebody says bad words you can reply in a positive response. So, the person who hates you will realize how awful her words and then she regrets of being high tempered person. So, because of breathing technique you change it in a better way.

2. Low tone your voice. Most mothers have strong and loud voice because they thought that the children will have discipline through their voice command. It is really a wrong ways to let your children hear the scary voices. Parents, you made your children more rebellious.

So, please stop using your voice always in angry style because when times you’re really angry the children will not believe in you because they thought that it is your style. Practice the soft voice with harmony in the house so that you will live in a peaceful and friendly family.

3. Stay away from useless fight. It is all started from comparing personalities, family class, job and career. This is not important and is not helpful to the situation in a family because if you always compare yourself to others achievement, it means you envy and get jealous and once you have the bad behavior you will try to level up to the one you compare with.

So, when your partner doesn’t approve your ridiculous decision, you will create a big trouble. Prevention is better than cure. So, if you want to stop the topic then try to say excuse me may I go to the comfort room and don’t go back quickly until your partner will forget it.

4. Say Sorry. One of the reasons why anger will always prevail because of the lack of being humble. It is really hard to say the word sorry, but if you do it for the betterment of all then you save your day.

5. Keep smiling always make the negative thoughts into positive. Like for example, in school you got low score, instead of looking yourself down that makes your day lousy, how about ask yourself a question, How to get a high score? If your mind can’t answer it, then search in google.com you’ll know everything.
Don’t ever get angry because it is like you destroys your body or kill yourself. Everyone knows this, HAPPINESS IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

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