Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to Leave the Past and Live for Today to have a Happy Life

How to transform the past experienced into a better life;

1. Fail in marriage relationship. Lots of married couple got divorced because of personal problem like third party relationship, overtime of hanging with friends and etc. It is really hard to move on but there is always a way to live and start a new life because CHANGE IS CONSTANT.

Here are tips to let it go of the past first, examine yourself what are the cause why marriage failed and promise you never do it again. Second, lists all the things that you make people happy and keep on doing it. Third, escape your old friends, family, and relatives much better you go to another place that is new for you and start from beginning. Fourth, always keep on energetic by doing everyday exercise like jogging and whatever as long as your thirst will flow. And finally, keep on telling yourself that there is always second chance and you are worthy to live a happy life because there is always a beginning and an ending, like morning and night and back to another day of morning.


2. No opportunity to Study College. Many countries in Asia are longing for clothes of knowledge because the only primary needs they provide are the food, clothing and shelter. With the poverty life, education is only the secondary of their needs. 

Can you help those children who have a chance to live into a better life? Yes, first, we can help through teaching for free to the kids one to two kids are good start. Second, the poor parents need knowledge too like techniques on how to make good money from their asset like farm, educate the parents the importance of saving, and teach them how to give proper hygiene and discipline of their children. Third, remember that wisdom and knowledge is always FREE all you have to do is find it and learn from what you have gain and College education is only for getting your diploma for an employment opportunity because the true fight never end after college. Finally, keep on reading lots of books that is informative and meaningful because it is will answer you on how to live a better life.


3. No chance to burn body fat. Hey wake up! Can you write all the possible work you plan to do for today? Please write it down now! Do it now. Do you work at the company? How far is that from your home? Is it walking distance? Please walk. Do you have a car? Don’t drive commute is great. If you are not working at Saturdays and Sundays, can you do exercise? Jogging is best for you and your family. Please buy tape measure, and weighing scale to monitor your weight. And you will surprise you get sexy, fit, mentally and physically healthy! 


We all know that billions of people have different pasts, the best thing todo is to make your day happy and be strong all the time! Thank you.


  1. After writing in my Blog ( and after realising i need to get happy it was great to find you blog with these tips!! I'll definitely been sharing them on my next blog . . and potentially sharing them more if they actually work!!
    Thanks in advance! = )

  2. It is my pleasure to hear a positive thoughts from you. I'd also visited your blog and I read something cool here "Life . . . Well, when you're sad you complain . . When you're happy you complain ." your message is really true! For me, why do people always complaining is because of not being contented. In short they're not yet fulfill the true happiness!
    Thank you too!