Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to be Proud of Yourself

Are you always alone? Does anybody appreciate of what you do?

There are two kinds of person an extrovert and an introvert;

An extrovert is a social or outgoing person while introvert is contented and happy to do his work alone. Before you find ways on how to be proud of yourself, it needs to know what type of person you are because, every individual has different qualities.

To be proud of yourself as an extrovert person;

1. Express your achievements by humbly sharing your blessings. Like for example, you are promoted as supervisor and you want to tell your friends about the news, by inviting them to eat outside or having dinner at home is a good sign that your friends ask you what the occasion is.

So, it is time for you to tell your promotion and they say to you congratulations it means that they’re proud of you and so you are proud of yourself too.

2. Always communicate the good news. Make your friend always laugh. It is hard to tell a funny story but if you try to do it and it works, your friends will always find you.

3. Be Generous and Helpful. It is very exciting and blessing for you to help others because you make them happy. You can not experience and feel that you are proud of yourself if you are always thinking of your own advantages. Don’t be selfish so that you will know and achieve the true success in your life of being proud of yourself.
As an introvert Person;
4. Keep on developing your talent. Each one of us has a gift. Yet, it really needs a development. Like for example, you really like photography, painting, farming, teaching, police, music and etc. take one step at a time to enhance your talent and the more you have focus to develop your skills it means that you are proud of yourself because you give value to your talent.

5. Always keep neat and fit. Health is very important it is priceless. Love yourself by eating nutritious food especially vegetables and fruits. If you’re over weight or fats your confidence and health is not good so, as a result you are lonely.

To be proud of yourself is Happiness and it is FREE it means is not FOR SALE! Always remember in your mind is the most important and precious here on EARTH is LIFE. So, start to define what is really the meaning of life? And then you will live free like a bird flies up to the sky.

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