Monday, November 28, 2011

Listening to Music can Heal Stress

 Enya Music is Useful  for Meditation

Regular and proper meditation can heal and restore the mind from confusion.

 Enya is a soul and classical type of singer. Her music can arrange the trouble thoughts because there are times that I can not think of the rights ideas what to write.

Her music helps me a lot of constructing deep and sound words and it came from the bottom of my heart. I’m meditating through put it into writing, bunch of words that will came up in my mind.

When I hear her music because it is really soft, full of feelings and mysterious sounds of music it is unexplainable by words but it can be express through it’s emotions.
Here are the magnificent songs from Enya;

Only Time

As you listen to the intro instrumental here’s the staccato style of cello and the drop of the water and then the enya’s voice it has the combination of lots reverbs and full of blending in a form of her voices.

Imagine how arranged the song was? And while you listen to it, your mind is working that is why, you write productively.   


This is an upbeat song, if you feel the lazy days, just listen this song and you’ll awake.  Feel the percussion beat it’s like you carry a heavy metal and you walk without complaining, and the twitter of the violin and imagine you’re at the top of the mountain and breath fresh air.

On my way home

Intro it is a pipe organ then surrounded by harmonious sounds that makes your eyes circulate it is because it’s so beautiful. And then the tempo changes like you walk happily going through to your homeland.

Caribbean Blue

Wow! First sounds it is like an alarm clock. It feels like I’m going to drink my coffee and then later cook my breakfast. An inspiring melody and it does really can forget bad dreams. It refreshes to a new memory. It creates a new beginning. Just focus on listening to the Bass Sound so cool.

Orinoco Flow

The harp rules this song. Listen to the picking of the harp and hit of the percussions so wonderful try to feel it and you will dance. Then later the melody change into slow but it’s only a while its back to upbeat and you’ll to dance again.

These are top 5 songs that I can recommend but Enya has lots of songs you can listen to. To be more productive in your external work while listening of Enya songs it is better to buy speakers and hang it in the corner of your room or in your Sala so that the sound will surround more.

But if you work on your computer just use the headphone so that you can listen very well yet don’t put more volume because it can damage to your ear.

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