Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Save Time and why people waste time

 Life is useless if you waste time!

Are you aware of your time each day?

Life is like yourself! And time is like your brain!
Life and time is a perfect partner because life always depends on time because you don't know when to die and what time God take away our spirit from your body.

Since, we are still breathing it means there’s more chance to make things right and organize. Never waste time! Do something that everyone is happy! To be a self centered is the most distraction and controls of your   success. In fact, it is your attitude that drives you to do things right or wrong.

How do you spend your time?
How do you feel after you spend time of the things that you chose to do in a particular time?
Is it worthy?

Everyday right then when you wake up in the morning you already spending your time. And to have a very effective to consume time, and ask questions to yourself before you begin your works.
These are examples of people who use their time in different approach;

In a situation of being a college student, the most critical and important to have focus with is the time for studies and to make assignments. Lazy students can't get high scores during exam because they don't have time to open their notes to study instead they spend their time in television, internet games, chatting with friends and hanging out with friends.

That is why, out of 50 students only 5 of them who got high scores and it is reality. So, what happened to the 45 students? It is because all of them have poor time management.

Whatever happens either good or bad result, you can only blame yourself. Make a change now, so that you can contribute for the better future of your community someday!

To be a full time wife and a mother this rule is complicated because it has lots of temptations like; at home you can talk to your neighbor the whole day, you can do your hobbies anytime you want, you can go to the mall as long as you have money.

But the facts that, the most important job you need to do is to take good care of your husband and children, cook for meal, from breakfast, lunch until dinner, clean your house and wash clothes.

Like for instance, if you miss to wash clothes there will be more clothes to wash. And by time will come you’ll feel lazy and tired.

So, all your household chores are affected and in the end you have nothing to do and wait until the next day for you to make up those works that you left behind. You always have to expect that tomorrow there will be another task to do like, buying groceries instead of washing clothes.

And this is really a huge problem because every day your task is increasing, as a result if you are trying to finish all the work in one day, you're over fatigue. And you must realize for your children’s care and your husband’s needs. They are paralyze without you in fact every one in the family is affected.

Bad condition is equivalent to bad results of work. So, to stay away those useless distractions and to make all the duties are done, make plans for the entire day and write everything in a piece of paper and each work must have time schedule that when to do it and how much time it needs to finish the work. And at the end of the day, all things are perfectly smooth if time is well managed.

To have an online day job, your employer cannot see you working in physical or in actual. You know that you can do all things as you like because nobody supervising you.

You can do like playing online games, or watching television anytime you want, but ask yourself if you do nothing, are you still responsible and trust worthy person?
Your answer depends how you perform your work is it either sucks or excellent.

Think thrice that your employer pays you the exact amount of your salary but you didn’t put your best into your work!
You must meditate and always ask question to yourself how to be an effective worker. And that problem is the key to time management.

When you plan your day, give priority to the most difficult and a very important work so that your time is not wasted.

To be an athlete, you are not elite if you don’t spend time to practice. On the other side, some athletes underestimate the academic aspects because they only focus on their sports. In reality not at all times we play our roles as an athlete but, we have to learn and get some information about other things.

What can you do with yourself if you’re not capable to handle some other problems? 

Not all times, you face on your sports but there are many things to look for that would benefit your life.
Over practice is a waste of time so, there must have proper time management. Always have control of your time.

Finally, no matter how busy you are during the day but if you are still lazy to monitor your working hours and the status of your work, you still miss something that you want to do today. Most importantly, practice to write your plans to do and make a schedule.

Focus is an attitude of a success person yet, in life, there are lots of things to be focus of. So, be very smart and flexible at all times.

If you master this technique, your goals and your dreams will always be in a right direction and while you’re doing it that signifies closer to success.

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