Friday, March 30, 2012

The Importance of Trees in Life and Benefits of Trees in Nature

Trees in relations to People and Nature;

There’s a company that advertise every year billion of trees are cut for paper production. Like, newspaper that you buy the paper bills every month, receipts, notebooks and books, bond papers, package cartons and etc. these are all made of trees.

Another thing, there are countries are prone of land slides due to the rains. And this tragedy is one of the most scared to happen because people can be buried while still alive.

And there’s solution to prevent this problem, just simply to plant more trees in a land slide area. And the quality of trees to plant must be very strong and it has the capability to hold the soft weak soils. Big trees like, Mango, Jack fruits, Narra, Acacia, Sampalok, Star apple, Chicos trees, Mahogany, Gemilina trees and etc.

 There are also fruit bearing trees like, Guava, Mango, Sampalok, Star Apple, Chicos, Jack fruits, Camachile, Tambis, Guyabano,  Avocado, Lanzones, Lomboy, Pomelo, Santol, Orange, Coconut, Longan, Garnet , Tisa,  Star fruit, Cacao, Sineguelas and etc. it has double purpose first is you can eat and sell the fruits and second aside for its fruits  it also helps prevent landslide.

Every one must be aware that all natural resources are the most important to treasure in life and one of this is the trees. Trees are part of the lives of everybody if it has no care, there will be no balance of life at all.  Life would be no meaning without the balance of nature. 

So, each of every individual must have the responsibility to plant trees all the time so that, the quantity of trees have balance in nature and those to billions of trees that are being cut every year for paper production are being substituted.

 Let’s help our nature keep on green and while birds are free to fly and eat the fruits of the tree. People can walk and breath fresh air while leaves of the trees protecting from the heat of the sun. Cows, Carabao, and Goat eat the leaves of the trees and sleep under a big Acasia tree. Let’s go to plant trees and save our nature.

                                                                       Acacia Tree
 Narra tree

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