Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unique ways to make money with little capital

Every body’s main objectives are to make money to pay for food, mortgage, clothing, pay bills, education and other luxuries like watching movies and vacations.

In today’s competition of expertise is high because of the increase of population. It is a big challenge for every one to make big money to support for their family, especially in the Philippines or those countries that is high in population.

How to make money in a right way?

To think practically all people need to eat 3 times a day. They find a place to buy their basic needs like rice, vegetables, fruits, meat such as pork, beef, chicken and fish.

Once you knew the people’s need, be a business minded to make a plan to sell good and services that satisfy the needs of the people and that way you will earn more money.

Where to get money as your capital?

You can borrow money from the close family members, neighbors and friends. Make sure you can pay your debt and set a monthly payment.

For example: Capital money is 10,000

Food Business entitled “Mary’s Ngohiong”

Location rental worth: 1000pesos/month
Utensils worth: 500 pesos
Food:  1000 pesos
Total costs: 2500 pesos

You still have remaining 7,500pesos keep for your other expenses. Expect to get profit during the first of selling your food but if it doesn’t because you’re still new, just be patient and keep on innovating your taste if it is needed.
Or you can make promotions, to gather many people to eat your food like, free Ice tea for every 50.00 worth of food. Your purpose is to experiment your food if it’s really clicks to the customers.

If it is successful make it every day and do not change the taste because the customers are aware and the tendency they will not come back.

When you closed, you must make inventory to know if you gain profit or not and make sure that you keep amount of money for your monthly debt. And the rest is for another investment for the next day selling.  

And always remember that every customer is money. So, take good care of your customer no matter what happen.

Tips on how to give excellent customer services

1. You store must be clean no more flies at all. To prevent flies after the customer eat, you must wipe with soap.

2. You must wear clean dress. And always wear a smile every second of your life.

3. be respectful to your customers, say good day sir/mam what is your order? Introduce your recipe and always listen to customers and answer all their questions.

4. There are customers who want to complain, like the taste of food. Take a deep breath to keep calm and say I will make it more delicious when come back sir with a smile.

5.  When the customers are leaving, you always say thank you for coming please come again sir.

6.  Always wear a smile!!!

Good luck every one!

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