Saturday, April 21, 2012

Failures give meaning to success: Failures and success is the product of the same process

Are you afraid to fail? 

Only few people want to accept failures because they believe that it is the end of their dreams. In reality, every one whether like it or not will experience to fail. God formulate failures in every life because it is failures that give meaning to success.

You must be happy if you encounter failures in your life because you can make other plans to make it better. Do not counts on failures instead count the knowledge you earn. With your positive thinking, your impossible dreams will transform into possible.

Practice to say; I can do more great things now than before. Failures it is a symbol of new beginning and new hope because new ideas will form. The secret to success is to have acceptance and learn to make another way through success. Start walking today and sometimes you stumble and fall, always keep in mind to stand and go.

Do you believe that failure and success are opposite?

In the little book of success it was Roger Von Oech said; that failure and success is product of the same process. It is not opposite.
Here is an example; A 4 years old kid who doesn’t have any idea to write lines or circle. At first work he will make countless erasures of his mistakes. The luckiest part of being a kid it is because of his positive behavior to have always the courage to learn.

The problem, when a kid is getting older he had many bad influence of other people it is especially his parents who controlled him and get punish if he made mistakes. Until he learned to get angry and feel disappointed and turn failure into negative and so it is the beginning of forgetting the importance of failures in life.

Is failure and success permanent or final?

A failure is permanent if you tell to yourself that it is final. And also to success, right now if you decide that you are already successful then it is final. But the thing is you thought yourself to be irrational and stubborn. Failures and success is not permanent and is not final. Failure and success will finally end if you are dead.

Since, you are still alive don’t stop working don’t stop learning and don’t stop dreaming. Be happy to live your life. Don’t be affected on bad influences instead of live your life to the fullest and make more friends and share them what you learned and experienced.

Love your family by means of communicating them with inspiring words. Help them to keep going on to live life happily beside of bitterness and give time especially with your parents; they need your liveliness and big smile.

Who make your failure and your success?

It is you who made every thing what your life would be. Failure is part of its form. Failure is an important ingredient to make your food become delicious. Don’t make your life miserable for the reason of failure; you must be thankful that you experienced failure because after that you get the success.   

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