Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instant Treatment of Hair Removal with Pure Coconut Milk| Oil

Coconut trees are rich to grow in tropical countries. Lots of coconut milk can be produce and there’s no worry of hair conditioners because coconut milk is the best oil and natural of hair treatment.

The causes of Hair fall or hair removal and how to prevent it;

Lack hair vitamins

If it is possible don’t always use commercial shampoos every bathe because shampoos contains lots of chemicals like for instance, the anti-dandruff shampoo it takes away dandruff from your scalp and there’s tendency vitamins and minerals are also wash away.  

And so, the best way to maintain healthy hair is to use natural way of hair treatment.
Do you believe that coconut milk can also be a dandruff removal? Yes it is definitely true because it is been proven; I treat my hair with coconut milk at least 2 times in a month. The first benefit of using coconut milk is to clear out dandruff and second is to control hair fall.

Do you know that coconut milk maintain the younger looking hair? It is 100% true my aunt is 60’s now, she lived in our province and lived simply and in general she belongs in a poor family. She doesn’t have money to buy commercial shampoos and conditioners.

What she did was every day she treat coconut milk on her hair to become smooth. And luckily she doesn’t have white hair until now. Coconut milk is super natural and effective treatment for hair. And the advantage it is so cheap to buy.

Stress can cause hair fall

Over fatigue is not an excuse for everyone if you have lots of work, especially if you like to work over time. Stress occurs if you don’t have time management at all. Every thing has its own time to do for completion. So, why not sleep at least 7-8 hours a day? The rest of 16 hours are for work.

On the other hand, if it is your habit to sleep less and you must stop thinking about hair fall, start treats your hair in coconut milk at least 2-4 times in a month. Treat your hair in weekends because sometimes coconut milk smells stinky for others.

Too much application of hair blower

There are many kinds of hair; there is wavy, naturally straight, and curly hair. There is no need to straight your hair or curl hair just accept it and find a way how to look your hair healthy. You look fantastic if your hair is healthy.

The secret to have natural hair is to treat with coconut milk. That is so simple tips. No matter how fat you are but if you have natural looks with your hair, every body admires your beauty.

Hair blower is so hot and it causes dryness to the scalp. Also, if too much apply of heat through hair it also causes split ends. Furthermore, if it is your habit to use hair blower, you must treat coconut milk before applying heat.

Combing wet hair

It is excited to comb wet hair because it feels soft and smooth but in reality every touch comb to the hair it creates damage. However, there is a solution to this before combing wet hair put coconut milk to ensure no damage hair.

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