Monday, May 14, 2012

Life is not perfect but needs balance

In life there’s nothing to be perfect of but doing the right duties. Rich and poor have the same experienced in sorrow and in joy though its approaches is quite different. 

Say I’m rich because I can buy all I want in life. I can eat in an expensive restaurant and buy prestigious clothes; I can go to high in universities and live in a big house. Do you think that’s all enough in life?

Besides of earthly and worldly satisfaction, there is always limitation because of the word life is proportional. Life without balance is no meaning. You can not achieve true happiness without experiencing sadness.

Is it true that problems are keys to know God?
Or do you believe that problems are God’s purpose to remind you that you are not alone?
How strong or weak are you when problems attacking you?

Here are the common problems to face real life;

Health problems

Body is the most important asset to have perfect life so it needs to take good care of. The first one is the inner parts of the body especially the brain and heart. Second are the physical parts of the body the five senses. If all these body parts are not functioning well, health problems occurs.

Every one knows that food is important for the body to functions. It is like a car with gasoline. But too much food intake creates health problem turns out to obesity. No one experience happiness to have fat body.

If you eat carelessly, your body expands, your blood is not properly circulating and it results to heart attack. Life is all about balance, too much food makes you fat and too much knowledge leads you to become crazy.


Some people define success in doing goals perfectly. You have to realize that you are God’s servant. He made you for his purpose. God knows when you can make mistakes and the right time to attain your success.

Forget your personal needs and focus on God’s purpose for you because this is the only way to get perfect through God’s will. And example for this; is a parent you might realize that they have their own dreams in life, but instead of having you as their children, their focus is to satisfy your needs. If a parent doing God’s purpose, they achieve 100% happiness and success through having peaceful family. To have a balance, as a children rules you give respect and love your parent.

Forgetting yourself is a key to happiness. To live a happy life is a means of sacrificing by forgetting yourself and to fulfill other’s needs. And yet to be a perfectionist is a way to darkness because only made 1 mistake it is a huge frustrations and it leads to suicide.
Perfectionist is a dangerous practice to all.


It is a mortal sin because it creates self centeredness and greed. All resources that we see, touch, smell, and eat are God’s creation. There is no way to be selfish. Life for instance, rich people owned a land hectare which is unfair and because of the pride they can not surrender to give their land to the poor.

This event really happen in the Philippines, majority of Filipino families only lives in a small house and in squatter’s area. They don’t have land to own because of greed to the rich Filipino people but actually they are not rich at all because those lands were from their ancestors.
There is no proportional happening of third world countries like Philippines. If all the people are willing to sacrifice by sharing their wealth in fact it is not their true wealth it’s from God, this country Philippines is more fun to live because every body is happy.

Do you believe that Philippines is more fun to live? And see many poor Filipinos dying? And kill each other for food? And fight each other for their shelter?  If you have lack of education, not enough food and no shelter, what would you do? Do you think life is fair?
The answers of these questions are taking away pride of you and start to share.

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  1. This is quite bad that people kill each other for food. God has created us not to fight with each other but to live peacefully and stay away from the devil's tricks. God punishes the animal nature human beings by dramatic climate changes and weather storms.