Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to recover from failure all the way to real success?

I once felt that everything is over and there is no way to recover back and attain success. But something wakes me up to become a stronger person; not the person I used to be before. This “strength” in me helps to attain success for the rest of this life. Here is how I do it:

1.) Reflect what you have done wrong – an honest evaluation about the mistakes you have made is very important. It is because a problem well defined is a problem half solved.

You need to verify that the problem is the exactly causing your failures, below are some ways you can verify it:

a.) Feedbacks from your parents, brother/sisters as well as other relatives.
b.) Feedbacks from your friends, teachers and mentors.

If only one person is always complaining the mistake you have done; this is not verifiable cause. But if two or more persons are suggesting to change your attitude, then you have is a problem. Take note of their comments very carefully.

2.) Plan what you are going to do with your mistakes – for example if you failed your studies miserably then it is a sign that something is causing it such as:

a. No or poor study habits.
b. Lack of determination.
c. Lack of discipline in implementing strict study habits.

If you have verified the causes above as the one causing you to fail as a student, then, just reverse the problem and it will become a solution:

a.) Implement daily study habits.
b.) Be determined to succeed in your studies. It is best you set a goal which you can achieve, in order to create some challenges in your life. These challenges can keep you busy and lets you have a fulfilling life.
c. Be rigid in disciplining yourself to follow through your study habits. This is the hardest part as self-discipline is almost everybody weakness.

3.) Challenge yourself to be the WINNER – if you see yourself positively as a “WINNER” then you will. Aspect #1 and #2 above will not work if you do not have positive attitude when it comes to winning. The truth is that if you:

a.) Know what is your mistake.
b.) Know what to with your mistake
c.) Believe that you can win in your way to success.

Then you have 80% chances of becoming successful. The rest of the 20% will be:

4.) To closely monitor your performance and apply real time tweaks for improvement.

This is another important aspect, the “monitoring” aspect helps you aware if you are making any progress in your life at solving your problems. As simple as a “task to do” list can be a very powerful monitoring tool.

Final tip: The above comprises 100% of the tips to recover from failures and turn it to a success. If you need to achieve 200% of your success level, then the best way you can do this is to further “pray” and “believe in God”.

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