Friday, June 25, 2010

Life Checklist: How healthy, happy and fulfilling is your life?

Life is a process, and like other processes ; the quality needs to be checked. If you have experienced working in a manufacturing environment, IT sector, financial and most high demand sectors, they do audit their process through a checklist to make sure everthing is right and the business will continue to be more profitable.

Life is like that. It can be audited also, with this; it is highly possible to know what is wrong with your existing life and how can you improve it further to lived in a more enjoyable, healthy and fulfilling life. This checklist only applies to married couples although if you are still not married you can still answer provided that is your honest answer if you are married person.

Let's start the checklist (answer honestly only “Yes” or “No”):

1.) Does accomplishing tasks that you plan defines success to you?
2.) Do you ever consider your wife or husband as your “best friend”?
3.) Do you believe that failure is normal?
4.) Do you think that accomplishing tasks in the office is more important than establishing connections in the office?
5.) Do you congratulate yourself or you congratulate your team?
6.) Do you exercise at least one to two hours per week?
7.) Are you still learning on a daily basis by reading tutorials on the internet?
8.) Are you not used to be working very far from your husband or wife (such as seeing only one a year or months)?
9.) Do you save at least 20 to 25% of your income?
10.)Do you think your office mates are not important to your success and happiness?
11.)Do you believe in God and go to church at least twice a month?
12.)Do you set 5 year goals? Or leave everything to God.


1.) If you answered those 12 questions all “YES”. Then you are on your way to eternal happiness. You have correctly set priorities in your life according to what is right , moral and good.

2.) If you have 1 to 3 NO answers, then there are chances that your life may mislead a LITTLE into a wrong direction by putting unimportant priorities to work. This unimportant priorities can collide with a more important one.

In this case, you have one unhappy year for every 5 years that comes to your life. However, you can start to be more happy if you change that answer to YES .

3.) If you answered more than 3 NO answers, then you will be lucky to be happy for only once in every 10 yers, and most of those years will be a struggle to you. It is because you are putting wrong priorities in your life and that takes you all the energy, pleasure and fulfillment that you need to experience.

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