Sunday, June 20, 2010

Positive Mindset Quotes that can change your life

Here are my own positive quotes that I would like to share with you. Maybe this might change how you look at your own life:

1.) There is no such thing as “difficult” when you THINK and re-THINK and then write all possible actions.

Example: If you are working on a very difficult project that is limited with your own sets of skills. You then say it was difficult. But have you really think, how you can accomplish it by writing all possible solutions?

If you hired me to construct a building and I am not an civil engineer, then I will just say NO and it solves the problem. Sometimes NO is a possible solution. Watch the movie “Yes Man” and you will learn why.

2.) Happy face always starts with a happy mind.

How many times someone needs to pretend they are happy when their mind is NOT. How many times someone needs to buy lots of luxurious to stay happy? I think if you can be able to control your mind and control what you will need to “picture” out in there; then you can be happy by just thinking you will be happy.

3.) Intelligence may distinguish a person from each other BUT all of them can work HARD

You might feel de-motivated if you feel you are not intelligent enough to do the tasks and you will never succeed. WRONG - in reality; everyone can work HARD. And by working hard everything can be accomplished with patience.

An average minded person that will dedicate his life to a certain work SHOULD appear successful in the long run than an intelligent person with no dedication in life.

4.) A failure is the best opportunity for improvement

Be happy with failures and upsets in life, you are just very LUCKY to know how you will be able to do something else better next time soon without even receiving bias feedbacks from friends, co-employees or even your boss!

5.) To accomplish a lot of work is to think that time is LIMITED

How many persons might say, “Yeah I will just postpone this work tomorrow”? Then after the end of the month, just accomplished a few sets of tasks.

What if someone thinks time is limited? Then you can do many. It is why a common boss technique in employment is to “pressure” their employees to work fast and hard because they KNOW that they can accomplish a lot of tasks in a limited amount of time.

If you are a working in your own, then you can do this without getting harmed (as opposed to boss yelling at you in the office asking for urgent work outputs).

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