Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Overcome Challenges In Life

True Colors of Personality Prevails when Challenges Comes

What do you think what is the meaning of colors?

True Colors of Personality Prevail when Challenges will Come If your answer is your favorite color, then you are exactly right because colors has its own personality, like for instance you chose the color red, as you knew it the red symbolizes bravery, aggressive and love so what colors of personality do you belong?

Every individual has its own personality, that is why it is very important to develop excellent personality traits because our personality will affects our everyday life decisions that it will guides us to do the right and to choose the good nor bad.

As a good example to measure true colors of your personality is when you encounter challenges in your life. Every time you face the challenges, you have to be thankful because this is the only way to develop your personality into a better one.

This is the moment that you can measure and know your weaknesses and strength just to face the challenges and solve it without fear.

There a lots of lessons you get once you’re in trouble or in challenge; first is you are being able to force yourself to think the way so you develop your Intelligent quotient, second is you know how to control the anger inside and to be cool and relax you develop here the emotional Intelligence, third you practice how to do the way in step by step and fourth, you realize that challenges makes you more stronger than before so you had mold better personality.

Do you think to have lots of wealth; being professionals or highly educated people with regards to their expertise had already attained better personality?

A lot of people confirmed that money and gaining master’s degree is not the way of attaining to develop better personality because as you all knew that money without getting it by hard work is evil. Except if you work hard and have a lots of money and you give love of what you are doing, you have passion and you have freedom to do all your works and that’s good personality is. In fact, you can not buy reputation, love, respect, wisdom and freedom in money.

Why is it that when a rich family will go to the house of a poor family, it is very welcome to come inside without hesitation and the poor will offer to their best food for the rich while, the poor will go into the house of the rich is not treated well? 

In fact, the rich are very capable to give to the poor the high quality food or everything they can give. This is very wrong practiced of personality for the rich family because this means of being unfair and if you treat unequally to each individual, you are about to lose your dignity as a result to have low personality. True colors of personality prevail when challenges will come.

Do you ever feel that a challenge makes you more become mature? 

Mature means of thinking of others not of yourself. Can you possibly change your bad personality into good? 
Do you know what colors of personality you have? 

This is your time to think and analyze well if you are did aware of your personality. So, whatever challenge will come to you, face it, fight for it, solve it, feel it and learn from it. Always remember that God never wanted your material success indeed he wants you to be more mature in achieving to have good behavior because this is the only thing you can bring to his kingdom! 

That is why, you are very thankful to him for every challenge you are facing because God wants you to be with him forever! “Many are invited, but only a few are chosen”. Once you pass the challenge so, you are one the chosen.

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