Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Importance to have a Goals In a Family

Family: Kinds of Family; Objectives of a Family; Different Problems and the solution of family problems.

1. What is the meaning of family?

A family is a basic unit of a society. And it contains a Father, Mother, Children, Grandparents and relatives.

2. Identify the different kinds of family.

a. The nuclear family that consist of both parents and children.
b. The extended family that consists of parents, children, and other relatives of the parents, for example grand parents, aunts and uncles.
c. The single parent family that consists of only one parent and children.
d. The sibling family that consist of an older or older siblings and smaller siblings.

3. Explain the nature of objectives of a family.

The nature of objectives of a family is to help each other to provide the basic needs which are the food, clothing and shelter. The father and mother are the one who initiate how to make money to buy all the needs. While the children support the parents to do household chores.

Furthermore, a family must also need love and time because it is the root to have a successful and peaceful family and also there must have a strong foundation about religion like to know God because he is the only one who protects the family from all temptations and obstacles. A family is the most important to all human beings.

4. Identify the different problems of Filipino family.

For me the number problem that I know is that being over dependent to a family. Like for example, you have a son and is married, he is still living with you because he depends on you. Second, no family planning a lot of Filipinos has 6 children but their income is only 1000 per month.

How can they provide enough food?
Third, don't know how to save if the Filipinos realize the importance of money saving their situation might be good. If you start save 1.00 per day and your age now is 25 until you get 70 years old, your money will be 16,200.00.  
How much more if you save early and you save more than 1.00? 
Fourth, Filipino family are materialistic even if you cant afford to buy a car in order to have it you loan from a bank, sss or any agency and you knew how much interest they get from you until your car will disappear you still pay your debt forever. I do really hope God bless me and guide to have a happy family.

5. Give five suggestions on how to solve the problems.

My five suggestions on how to solve the problems is first, being an independent is a key to have a progressive nation. Second, to have a family planning will make a family organized and have an enough food to eat. Third, Filipinos must be able to know how to save for the preparations of tomorrow. 

Fourth, being practical like for example in our country you don't have to buy car for your go come to the other place, there are jeepneys you can ride and it has affordable fares. Fifth, a family must have constant communication in order to make their goals achieve.

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