Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Get Self Confidence

 What is the difference between confident and shy and how does it affects to you?
 What makes you confident?

 Read more books to gather information is a way to gain confidence because the more knowledgeable you are the better you interact with so many people.

Assertive means to be confident, certain, assured and positive while shy means no confidence, pessimistic, self-doubt and uncertainty. The value of being assertive is vital to all people because to have confident you can acquire highest gratitude, fulfillment, enjoyment and success.

 In order to attain confidence it starts through socialization by practicing interacting people. Parents are number one instruments that they are responsible to teach their children how to socialize with the other children.

 In today’s generation most of the kids are relying on television in fact, it is good influence though because some shows in television are educational like Dora, Diego, artzooka and etc. kids can acquire creativity regarding the contents of the show. However, the confidence of a kid is not well attained because television shows belongs to intrapersonal that has no interaction between you and the characters although television influence your personality, values and beliefs system. 

Like for instance, I have a nephew who always enjoys watching television shows because her mother don’t let him go outside to play with our neighbor’s kid due to his own safety. Based of my observation from my nephew’s behavior or actions at home, he is talkative but in school, he is quite and polite.

In other words he is careful of his actions in school because he is not often socializing with people. In relations to have confident, the more you interact with different kinds of people, the better your confident will boost. 

The tips to boost confidence are as follows;

1. A proper manner is vital to confidence. Practice to learn good moral character or good manners and right conduct. You will feel comfort if you are in a good and proper way as a child or a person. It all starts at home. 

2. Interaction is vital to confidence. Try to socialize and interact with many people either in school, neighbors, church and company. If you are a student, find ways to interact with your classmates, teachers and friends. On the other way, being alone is good when you study but it is better to give time to be with everybody. 

3. Expertise is vital to confidence. Talking about professions and careers like musicians, teachers, lawyer, priests and sales manager and etc. it is very important that you have 100% percent confidence because you are facing with many people. You can not deliver the message well if you are uncertain, right there you will feel nervous your body will shake and you can’t control your gestures so, your performance will low. You will gain confidence only if you master your skills with regards to your profession or careers. 

4. Positive is vital to confidence.
Once you have the skills you are automatic positive thinker. To always think positive, imagine that you are at the top of the Mount Everest. This mountain is the most high so you set your mind always in high mode.
It is necessary with kids to start build confidence because when you get old you will find never find it difficult.

 Confident is what makes you stand in a good posture!

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