Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tips on How to Stay Away from Major Destructions

 Steps to Solve a Problem Solving and make Decisions About Earthquake 

Problem: Earthquakes

1. Lack of high quality technology that can also affect of giving exact information about the disaster when it will occur.

2. Buildings are not standards in terms of materials used. Especially those school buildings in public elementary and high school.

3. People are not properly well informed to drill and prepare of what to do when earthquakes occurs.

4. Lack of evacuation centers for the Filipinos who are homeless and lack of giving proper food nutrition.

Solutions: Earthquakes

1. The government must give priorities to invest the high quality of technology for the sake of the Filipino people to avoid the natural disaster and to minimize the calamities.
2. The government is responsible to review in details and be honest to
buy standard materials when constructing a building and they have to check up the buildings regularly and if they detect weak buildings so, the government is always prepare and alert to order for evacuation.

3. To be able to attain and well informed community, it must have a consistency of regular drill so that it will always be remembered of the people.

4. The government will design an evacuation center for each barangays just in case the natural disaster arises. There should always have enough money for food and for the basic needs of the people on time.

E. Decision Making (Do’s and Don’ts): About when earthquakes occur.

1. If indoors, stay inside and hide below on your study table.

2. Be careful of aftershocks it will probably the strongest quake.

3. If you live in a sea area, leave your place because there’s probably tsunami will follow go to the mountain place, but make it sure to care while you’re on your way.

4. If you are on the road stop and park in a safety place.

5. If you’re in school go out from your room and stay in your playground.

6. Watch out of falling trees, electricity wiring, and landslide.


1. Don’t shout just stay inside your house.

2. Don’t go outside if the quake will stop because aftershock is the worst scenario.

3. Don’t bring heavy things when you leave the house, bring with you yourself confidence and faith.

4. Don’t try to run fast because your safety is in danger.

5. Don’t be panic when you got out.

6. Don’t make careless moves be watchful and alert.

My Insight: About Problem Solving and Decision Making.

I know how to solve problem by this technique, the problem is very easy for me to solve because the solutions are in step by step. It is very effective way. And while in decision making I can decide right because I always follow what I write. This is very important tips in everyday life because when times of difficulties I use this technique to be able for me to decide well.

I think if you follow what you are planning, it leads you to the right path in your life and you are in always in a safety place. I think there’s always solution to every problem and this problem will make you stronger person. I think I am not here to be happy I am here to be strong.

I feel the fear, tension and pressure when I saw the news in Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. But, I learned that there’s hope after the disaster. I appreciate their techniques of solving problem and decision making that they are fearless, confident and teamwork. Even though Japanese people, are not religious they have the values of being honest and thoughtful. I don’t know what and whom they believe, God knows everything. I pray that they will survive in this calamity.

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