Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Use of Communication to Interact People

What is the use of Effective Communication Skills; Effective Listening Skills; Family Relations;

The topics which I presented here are tips to develop the ability of interpersonal skills.  

What is an interpersonal skill all about?
Why is it important and needs to have these skills?

We all know that it is an instinct to us to seek for partners, friends and family to be able to express our emotions. That’s why we are meant to practice socializing with people around us in order to achieve our own interests and needs.

So, for the people who aim to have successful partners, friends and families, each one of us needs to develop the characteristics of effective communications, effective listening, family relations, problem solving and decision making.

 These are all the preparations to achieve high skills in an interpersonal skill. To gain an effective communication you must be very good speaker and a good listener. Through effective communication both of the parties can form nice ideas from which what topics they are talking about because the interaction is consistent and is always in a right direction.

 It is also that when you communicate you have to use gestures like for instance; raising a right hand for proper salute so, you are telling to the listeners that it is military sign of respect to high rank in position. You don’t need explain to them because they all understand by the way you act.

Second, the Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans cultures if they meet Filipino friends before they leave it has a customs to bow to a person whom they meet. And it is symbolized for them a sign of respect and be thankful, they don’t need to say Thank you. And that’s how important non verbal communication is.
In effective listening you must know what the speaker feels about the message that is being shared to you because that person is expecting your opinion and feedback.

Why do people share their problems with you?

You are blessed when there’s some of your friend tells about his/her problems because it is a sign that you are an honest person and you are a good listener. So try to be a good listener, always think about his/her problem and feel that you are the one had that problem before because to be able to have consistent conversation.

You can’t feel bored if you are trying to imagine you had already experienced those problems and is easy for you to give back your opinions and advices.

 About the family relations, problem solving, decision making and habits of highly effective people as long as you learn effective communications and listening skills it is not a big struggle for you to solve problems because you already have the skills on how to fight.

In this topic you are developing your EQ. Your Emotional Intelligence/Quotient is high because your personal characteristics are so strong. EQ is more powerful and IQ.

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