Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why Is Communication Important Skills to Develop

My Insight: About Effective Communication (Verbal and Nonverbal)

I know that to have an effective communication it makes an interaction more interesting. And it is important to be aware when doing of nonverbal communication because some forms of nonverbal have negative symbolic interaction while verbal communication it has to be aware of controlling the voice because sometimes I am not aware that I talked very loud and with anger tone.

I think I prefer to use and appreciate more in nonverbal communication because it’s easy to understand and it’s more meaningful when I see someone use to communicate to me non verbally. I feel so over informative in effective communication because it feels like I repeatedly write what I knew. As a matter of fact, it is an advantage to keep on reading and writing the same words because it will stay forever in my mind.

My Insight: About Effective Listening (Emphatic and Active)

I know how easy on how to be an effective listener. By the use of emphatic listening which is when a speaker talks, I form and always create a question in my mind because for me it is a way to develop and improve my understanding from what the speaker’s trying to say. Through asking question, it also develops my intelligent quotient and emotional intelligence.

And while in active listening it helps me to give much importance to have focused when somebody is talking. To be able to more effective in active listening, I have to repeat by my own words to what is the speaker’s said. I think it is the time to realize and change my bad techniques in listening because some instructors discussed the topic and I pretend to understand what is being said but the fact that my mind is empty I don’t understand.

As a result, my grade is low and that’s make me sad of having low grades. I hope I can be an emphatic and active listener. I feel thankful because the truth is I learn new things from this topic. On the other hand, I sometimes denying and keep telling myself that it is boring to search these thing on the net and it is always copy and paste, but my prediction was wrong because even if I copy and paste from others opinions at the same time I learned. And with this insight, it is helpful for the student to enhance our writing skills.

My Insight: About Family Relations (Filipino families and Filipino Family Values)

I know how important my presence when my family needs me. And I now realized that it is better to start the close family ties at early age of the children and to have a strong and memorable family relations, I should have build customs and tradition of my family that enable us to enjoy our family bonding that with this tradition, it will inherit from generations to generations. Like for instance, fiesta celebration if my parents didn’t introduced us this customs how can we appreciate fiesta today?

I think the most powerful values that makes to have a consistent and strong relationship within a family are the family bonding like going to church together, eat together every meals and treat to eat outside during special occasions, have keep in touch and cooperate each others needs at the same time be an independent.

I feel so sad if I observed families are having quarrels in front of their children. I feel hurt because they are not giving value of the importance of a family in a society. Even if they already knew that it is a bad influence for their children but they’re still doing it so stupidly bad values.

My Insight: About The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people.

I know that if I practice the 7 habits of Highly Effective people I attain the satisfaction, contentment and success in my life. Also the importance of having teamwork and cooperation is vital to success. I can not attain my goals if my intention is only for myself. Self centered is not number cause of failure.

I think life is empty without having good relationship with people. Being alone and solitary is worthless. But when you make goals with the involvement of the community, you belong to a highly effective people.

I feel guilty because sometimes I am not being very cooperative; I usually make decisions for the benefits of myself.


Therefore I conclude that every little thing that I encounter in everyday life, it is either a happy type, lonely type there is always a lesson that needs to learn. These lessons are vital to develop your mental, emotional and physical personality. I will always keep on reminding myself in the saying “I am not here to be happy; I am here to be strong”.

To have a strong personality it will enable us to be very flexible in handling different types of problem and being capable to decide in difficult situations.
To have an Effective communication and Effective Listening skills it is a way through life of success. Being successful to have good relationship with your family, problem solving techniques and decision making is the result of effective communication and high effective people.

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